10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy – for real pizza!

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza! About Roman pizzerias, Russian tourists almost “make up legends”: that’s really where you can really bite a real pizza! However, the inhabitants of Rome are more choosy in choosing pizzerias. In their opinion, there are not so many pizzerias in which you can enjoy a quality product and sit down sincerely – no more than 10-15 establishments.

About them, we will tell the hungry tourist to know exactly where it is tasted most delicious.


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  1. How does it work, what do they offer and where to look for a pizzeria in Rome?
  2. 10 best pizzerias in Rome

How to work, what to offer and where to look for a pizzeria in Rome

The “great-grandmother” of modern pizza appeared as far back as the 1st century BC – the recipes are collected in the book Mark Apitius. Back in those days, the dough “stacked” different meat, spices, cheese and olive oil.

In the 19th century, pizza, together with immigrants from Italy, went to America, which was widely “disintegrated” after the Second World War.


To date, pizza is made in almost all countries, but it is in Italy, it remains invariably delicious. The traditions of creating a Roman pizza have not changed.

  • Dough, elastic and very tender, insist 3 days , so that it stays up and rose.
  • Pizza baking takes place exclusively in a wood-fired oven at extremely high temperatures, so pizza is cooked very quickly, and the very special taste with the aroma of smoke from burning firewood appears. In the middle of the pizza it remains juicy, and on the edges – crispy, with an appetizing crust.
  • In a good pizzeria you can always see how you are prepared pizza . That is, the oven is right in the hall, and the cooks, who have nothing to hide, proudly display their talents.
  • The base of the Roman pizza is exceptionally thin , from the fine flour, with the addition of olive oil. No Russian “pies with stuffed”, under the guise of which we buy pizza in Russia, you will not find there.
  • Cheese for a culinary masterpiece takes only “mozzarella” , the same story with tomatoes – only special varieties (note – “Pomodoro Perino”).
  • As additives usually used garlic and oregano, as well as olive oil and basil.
  • If one rule of cooking нару is violated, then the real Italian pizza can not be called a product. There is even a law that pizza can only be considered as a product with a filling that cooks are baked in a wood stove and at a temperature of 450 degrees.
  • The cost of Roman pizza will depend on many factors – from the “cereal” institution, on the size and filling, etc. On average, pizza costs 4-8 euros. To the south of the country it will cost cheaper, to the north, respectively, more expensive. Well, it is worth remembering that 1-2 euros you will necessarily “throw in” for serving. So here it is accepted.
  • Eat pizza not with hands , but intelligently – with a fork and knife.
  • Roman pizzerias are opening, of course, not in the morning, but from lunch. And sometimes (more often) by evening.

10 best pizza restaurants in Rome – a real Italian pizza for every taste!

As for the interior in the local pizzerias, you will not find much sophistication there – everything is simple and modest. Because the main thing in such an institution is to get a cultural shock from the product itself.

The rest is secondary, and does not apply to the case.

So, the best Roman pizza parlors for your belly holiday are your attention:

La Gatta Mangiona

One of the top pizza parlors, which usually collect whole queues (not everyone can book a table there – too many people). Begin dinner here with a plate of cheeses or smoked foods, with light snacks (for example, falafel from chickpeas).Or with bruschetta with southern kachkavalom.

Well, and then – heavy artillery. That is, pizza. To her – select varieties of beer (more than 60 varieties), which you will not find on sale at retail.

Address of the institution: Via F. Ozanam, 30-32.

00100 Pizza

The name of this institution is chosen according to the grade of the best flour (00) and the postal code (100).

Here you will find about 30 kinds of pizzas with different fillings. Remember that experiments are loved here. Suddenly, you will sharply want a pizza with cuttlefish, with cutlets in sauce, with artichokes and giblets, or with a cow’s tail.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

Also in the menu there are traditional ancient dishes of Italy. For example, a young beef that is stuffed with ham and brisket with garlic, cloves and black pepper, as well as oregano.

Address of the institution: Via Giovanni Branca.

La Fucina

Every night from 8 to 11 pm, to the sounds of muffled music on the “stage” of the institution – a real culinary “theater.” A stunning dinner in a homely atmosphere will devastate your wallet on average by 30 euros.

Pizza here can be chosen from 4 categories: traditional (marinara, etc.), land (in particular, with ricotta and chicory), Fuchin classics (with gorgonzolla and potatoes, with wild salmon, etc.) or sea ( respectively, from marine products).

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

The business of the establishment is the use of only the highest grades of flour, exceptionally environmentally friendly products, as well as competent exposure of the test itself.

To the pizza you will be offered 45 brands of wines and more than 30 brands of excellent beer.

Address of the institution: Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25/31.

Antica Schiacciata Romana

This stylized pizzeria has attracted not only the attention of local gourmets and tourists, but also the press, for some 5 years.

There are dozens of pizza types of solid size, the dough for which can last for 2 days. And also light and fragrant classic snacks.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

Employees are sympathetic and polite. A nail culinary program – “Dolce” own production or 3 types of beer Menabrea.

Address of the institution: Via Folco Portinari, 38.

Il secchio e lolivaro

By Roman standards, this institution has a higher rank than just a good pizzeria. There is a parking lot for guests, there is a panoramic terrace, which in summer hide from the strong Italian heat, and even a children’s playground.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

Components for pizza use only the highest quality, and the baking of the masterpiece is carried out in special baking trays from a unique alloy (handmade!). Mozzarella is taken exclusively by Francia, tomatoes – only San Marzano, and flour – of course, Molino Alimonti.

The main emphasis in this pizzeria is not made on the diversity of varieties, but on high quality and recipe classics. The best pizzas, according to the Italians themselves – Provola, Fungi and Margarita, naturally Marinara, and Napoleon.

Address of the institution: via Portuense 962.

La pratolina

Your attention – more than 37 types of fantastic, juicy pizza.

Products – only environmentally friendly, masterpieces – appetizing and satisfying, prices are very democratic. These masterpieces are prepared in a wood stove, which is lined with a volcanic stone.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

Seats are small (about 70) – book a table in advance! The queen of the menu is la pinsa emiliana, it must be tried necessarily.

Address of the institution: Via degli Scipioni, 248 250.


The key reasons for the success of the establishment are quality control of all components and originality of dishes, Roman toppings and the finest dough. Before pizza guests are offered bruschettes and light snacks, and only then, with a control shot – pizza.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

By the way, the most delicious here are Fiori with mozzarella and Cacio e pepe, as well as Greenwich with exquisite blue Stilton cheese, as well as Testarossa and Iblea.

Well, high-end beer – where without it – more than 20 varieties.

Address of the institution: Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116.


This institution is, rather, a snack bar.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

Here they offer a portioned pizza, but unusually tasty. And the name of the author of culinary masterpieces is familiar to the whole city. Pizza here fly away instantly.

Address: Via della Meloria 43.

Est Est Est da Ricci

The place with a simple interior and a menu for sophisticated lovers of Roman cuisine is considered to be the oldest in Rome and has been working since 1888.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

There are simply stunning pizza, which you will immediately understand, noting the queue in a plain, at first glance, cafe. But, as said above, not in the sophistication of the interior of happiness, but in the taste of pizza! Which is served in chipped plates, until 12 at night, every day except Mondays and August.

Even the traditional Margarita here is a real masterpiece (with panakota and with anchovies, and also with flowers of zucchini). The cost of 1 masterpiece is 6-12 euros.

Address of the institution: Via Genova, 32.


The institution (by the way, there are two in Rome), which has been encouraging tourists and local Italians for more than 50 years.

длин Long queues are always built into this pizzeria, but they quickly “resolve”, thanks to the talent and high speeds of the cooks (and under the strict guidance of the owner – Grandfather Buffett). The European service you will not find here, but here you are nourished from the heart and belly.

10 best pizzerias in Rome, or in Italy - for real pizza!

Come on weekdays before 6 pm there is no point – the pizzeria will be closed. For a glass of good beer and a big pizza you will give 20-25 euros.

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 114 and piazza del Teatro Pompeo, 18.

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Bon appetit – and new culinary discoveries in the Italian capital!


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