“Black Friday” and New Year discounts: we are preparing to save!

A modern woman knows that information is the key to all the doors. Any success begins with knowledge. And even in such a seemingly pleasant relaxed occupation as a shopping for knowledge – this is power!

Here, say, there are a few weeks left before the New Year and the woman starts to torment the contradictions:

  • I want to give gifts to all those close to me, but the prices!
  • You can always find cheaper, but time!
  • cheap, but where is the choice !?

And now the most pleasant of the moments – the pre-Christmas sales boom, coupled with the “Black Friday” – how to grasp the immensity ?! So it was always, but now everything will change, say IT-men: an agent of female happiness has appeared on the market – mobile application Inby!

Download Inby free can by link

What is this? Oh, this is a super assistant to a woman who wants to take the most out of life in the city! The application collects messages from an unthinkable number of sources – shops, cinemas, shopping centers, exclusive boutiques and even tiny cafes near the house – and displays on the card those that are in close proximity to the owner of the phone. However, Inby is a very plastic program that the hostess can customize at her own discretion: to form habitual routes or to embark on an adventurous exploration of new establishments, to subscribe to all news in her favorite beauty salon or to find out only about the most profitable promotional offers.

What is Inby?

This is the key to the city with all its advantages and pleasant surprises! In fact, Inby is a small free mobile application that helps save a lot of money. On the horizon “Black Friday” with hundreds of attractive offers – how to do everything if you do not have an all-seeing eye Inby on your phone? Install, of course. Pleases that here we do not sell anything, do not advertise, do not put in, in the application there are no built-in sales at all. It is made only to provide us with useful information.

Who owns the information, he … That’s right, that on “Black Friday” will get a new dress and new boots.

Inby Development Team

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