Contests for the company for the New Year

Contests for the company for the New Year For most people, the New Year is the most long-awaited holiday. It’s fun to spend it, it’s worth a lot. Cover the table with delicious dishes – not the most important thing, it’s only half the battle. The guests will have a drink, they will eat, that’s all. Before the battle of the chimes, everyone is still having fun, waiting for the offensive with enthusiasm, and afterwards you see that someone is already tending to sleep.

What next? Is the holiday over? How insulting ….

But that was not it! You can diversify your celebration with the help of various entertaining contests. Fortunately, they are invented a great many. They will add bright colors to your celebration, amuse the guests and leave a lot of positive impressions.


content of the article:

  • Preparation for the organization of competitions
  • contests for all tastes

How to Prepare for the New Year?

  1. There must be one main facilitator who organizes a series of competitions for guests, such a kind of New Year’s toastmaster.
  2. E that person is highly desirable to dress up in Santa Claus or Snow Maiden. If this is not possible, then just buy a cheerful red cap.
  3. P Prepare a beautiful bag with small pleasant souvenirs or simply with sweets. After all, the winners will need to be rewarded with something, and, as a result of the competition, all participants will receive incentive prizes.
  4. N you can buy all the necessary props. In each contest, it’s yours, so there is no unique list, you will determine by the terms of the games you have chosen.


Funny Christmas competitions

1. Competition for “alcoholmeters»

Contests for the company for the New Year you see that among you there are already quite tipsy men? Invite them to participate in this contest. Give them a pen or pen and bring them to the wall, which is placed in advance prepared sheet of paper with a scale drawn on it. On the scale from top to down, there are fissions-degrees incrementally, 5-10-30-40 degrees and further. Each participant is asked to estimate how many degrees pulls the degree of intoxication, then get back to this “alcoholmeters” and bent down between his legs reaching for a scale, noting on it that degree. Each of them wants to show themselves more sober than there is in fact, therefore, the hands will be stretched very high, as far as such an interesting pose will allow.

2. “Guess the Snow Maiden” competition

In this contest, you need to ask the men to retire to another room or kitchen.

The remaining girls and women approach the tree and visually choose each one on a Christmas tree ball. Then the men return to the room one at a time and try to guess the ball that someone has thought of. The more balls on the tree, the less chance to get on someone’s ball, but if he manages to guess any girl, then she should drink with him on brotherhood. All men can choose at once, then again leave the room and the girls re-ring the balls. The winner is determined by the leader of the competition at his own discretion – maybe the man who guessed the same girl several times, and if there was no one who just guessed more than the others. To the snow maiden of the evening let him choose himself!

3. «Discover goal»

Contests for the company for the New Year For this competition advance, cut and paint the Christmas decorations out of cardboard or buy a plastic, they are now a lot of selling and inexpensive. Hand out to the participants. All need to blindfold. Then each participant is untwisted several times around its axis and offered to go and hang the toy on the tree. The main rule – you can go only in a straight line, without folding. If the chosen path turned out to be wrong, you still need to hang the toy at the end point of your path, even if it’s not a Christmas tree at all, but, for example, the nose or ear of one of the guests. The rest of the celebrants can add “problems” to the participants of the competition, rising up and down the room in different places.The winner is the one who fulfills the main task, i.e. will place his toy on the tree, and not somewhere else. All the rest are rewarding prizes for originality.

4. Competition “In a circle”

Participants become in a circle. The presenter gives any of them a toy, preferably a doll in the form of a Snow Maiden or Santa Claus. The music turns on, and the contestants begin to transfer the toy to each other in a circle. Then the music abruptly stops and the transfer of the toy also at the same moment. At whom the doll remained in hands, should leave from game. As a result, the last remaining person becomes the winner.

5. New Year Scrabble Competition

Contests for the company for the New Year Divide the guests at the table into two teams and ask them to name the names of New Year’s films in turn, or in which the action takes place in the winter. Call, of course, you need to take turns. The winner is the one who will remember the film most recently.

6. Competition “Dancing balls”

In this competition, you must inflate the balloons in advance. Men and women are invited in pairs. Each pair must be given out on a ball. The task of the contestants is simply to dance a slow dance to the music, and place the ball amongst themselves. Music plays, couples dance, but suddenly the music stops, and then you need to hug so tightly to burst the ball. The winner is the couple who get it the fastest.

7. Competition “Snowfall”

Santa Claus or Snow Maiden gives guests light fluffy cotton wool snowflakes. Each participant throws his snowflake into the air and blows on it so that to keep her flight as long as possible. The one who has not succeeded in this can help the comrade perform this task. Naturally, the one whose snowflake longer than the others will stay in the air wins.

Contests for the company for the New Year 8. Competition “Drawings of Santa Claus”

Participants in this competition will literally have to do it with their hands tied. Terms of the competition – to draw a symbol of the coming year. The task is complicated by the fact that the hands will be tied behind the back. The winner is determined by universal suffrage.

9. Contest “Wonderful bag”

For this competition, you need to prepare a bag and fill it with various things: panties, hats, overhead mustaches, glasses with huge glasses, bras. Most importantly, all this was impressive size. All participants are in a circle. In the center of the circle is the leader with this bag. About the contents of the bag, no one except the host knows. The music starts to play and everyone, dancing, moves in a circle. Santa Claus can give anyone a sack, at his own discretion, and he, in turn, must transfer it to someone else, otherwise if the music stops and the bag is in his hands, he will lose. For loss is appointed punishment. Here it is – the loser must not look to get something out of the bag, then, under the amicable laughter of those who celebrate, put this thing over their clothes. Now he is dancing with everyone in this dress. The game is repeated in the same way until the objects from the bag run out, or the guests get tired of laughter.

Contests for the company for the New Year 10. “Toasts-congratulations” competition

Invite guests to work their head a little. And, exactly, remember the alphabet! But it’s not boring at all. Guests are encouraged to pour glasses and toast in honor of the New Year. But there is one condition! Everyone says his congratulatory phrase in alphabetical order, that is, the first person with the letter A, next with the letter B, and so on.

For example:
A – Oh, how glad I am that the New Year has come! Let’s drink, friends!
B – Be happy in the New Year!
В – All the happiness!
The letters T, M, L, N, Z are especially fun. For the most ridiculous phrase awarded a prize.

11. Space travelers competition

Contests for the company for the New Year For this game you will need markers or markers and lots of balloons. Each participant needs to distribute a ball with a marker and suggest using them to create a new “planet”.The one who wins the ball faster than anyone else and wins the inhabitants most of all wins. Thanks to such cheerful and winding contests, you will not miss any friends, family members, or colleagues. Even the most avid lovers of watching New Year’s lights will forget about the TV. After all, we are all in the shower a little children and like to play, forgetting about adult problems in the happiest and magical day of the year!