Healing properties of badger fat

Healing properties of badger fat


  • Ingredients
  • What helps fat badger
  • Treatment of cough, cold, cold
  • Pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis
  • Digestive system diseases
  • Rubbing children
  • Diseases of the joints, muscles, nerves
  • Cosmetic use
  • Contra-indications

Formulations based on badger fat have long been used to prevent and restore health. Its medicinal properties strengthen immunity, help in case of diseases of the lungs, joints, organs of the digestive system. A useful product is used in the recipes of folk and traditional medicine.



Healing properties of badger fat

Before falling into a hibernation, the animal’s body accumulates a mass of nutrients and vitamins.

Polyunsaturated acids (linoleic, linolenic, oleic) are not produced in humans. They promote the formation of “good” cholesterol, reduce inflammation, prevent the destruction of healthy cells, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, the formation of thrombi. Retinol (vitamin A) improves visual acuity, skin, hair, nails, skin looks younger. Therefore, badger fat is used in cosmetics.

B vitamins help cope with chronic fatigue syndrome, eliminate depression, anxiety, headaches, help with migraines.


<style Vitamin E prevents intense oxidation, helps enrich the blood with oxygen, which helps to relieve fatigue and restore strength. Improves nutrition of cells, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, promotes resorption of blood clots. In chronic bronchitis reduces the intensity of the infectious and inflammatory process, it has a thawing effect.

A useful product is also a source of vitamins PP, K, folic acid, trace elements and organic acids, fully absorbed.

Badger fat helps. Badger fat is used to treat diseases of the lungs, bronchi, upper respiratory tract, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, colds, cough, acute respiratory infections. It helps in case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. A useful product has a beneficial effect on men, helps to strengthen potency, tones up.

Natural badger fat, used in capsules or after re-heating, strengthens the defenses of the body, stimulates blood circulation processes.

It is especially useful in the post-operative period or after diseases when the body needs an additional source of nutrition. It is taken to reduce the side effect of chemotherapy. Helps in the treatment of skin diseases, it is used for external rubbing or compresses, with rheumatism.

The healing properties of badger oil help in case of frequent colds, physical or nervous exhaustion of the body, including in the case of chronic bronchitis associated with smoking. They are treated with gastritis, peptic ulcer, colitis, ulcers and wounds on the mucous membranes, bedsores, psoriasis, eczema.

Badger fat is used for heart and vascular diseases, for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, stroke, angina pectoris, thrombophlebitis, for normalizing hemoglobin levels.

In cosmetology, masks are prepared from it for the skin and to improve the condition, hair growth.

Cough, cold, cold treatment

Healing properties of badger fat

Badger fat is taken orally after rinses to treat the throat, as well as with cough and sore throat.

In the case of a cold, it is mixed in equal parts with aloe juice, buried in each nostril.

The healing properties of badger fat and honey (mixed in equal parts) are used for colds, tonsillitis, influenza, bronchitis. Take a useful product by 1 second. several times a day.

In case of a cold at a not very high temperature, rub it with fats over night, rub it in feet.

Pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis

Healing properties of badger fat

In the case of chronic pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis take 1-3 c.l. an hour before meals three times a day for a month. After a break in 2-3 weeks, repeat the course 2-3 times before the onset of recovery.

With a complicated form of pneumonia, tuberculosis the course should be more intense and prolonged.

Folk prescription for treatment bronchitis :

  • Mix 100 g of badskin fat and lard, top up the mixture, allow it to cool down to + 30 ° C. From the leaves of aloe get 100g of juice, finely grate 100g of chocolate. Stir the overheated fat, aloe juice and chocolate with 200 g of honey. Keep refrigerated.

Take 1 tsp. for half an hour before meals three times a day.

People’s prescription for the treatment of lung tuberculosis :

  • Add to 2sp. fat badger 2 drops of birch tar, mix thoroughly.

Take, with warm milk, three times a day before meals for three months. After a week break continue treatment.

Diseases of the digestive system

Healing properties of badger fat

The healing properties of badger oil are used in the following recipe:

  • Mix 200 g of badger fat, honey, unsalted butter, 50 ml of aloe juice (the plant must be not less than three years), 2 p.s. cocoa or finely grated chocolate. Fat melt over low heat, add honey, butter, aloe juice and cocoa, mix thoroughly.

Use, stirring or washing down 1 tsp. finished product with a glass of hot milk for half an hour before meals. Duration of treatment 10 days. After two or three weeks, repeat the reception of fat badger.

During warming, warm teas from mother-and-stepmother, oregano, thyme are useful. It is necessary to refuse the use of sour, bitter, salty dishes.

Rubbing children

Healing properties of badger fat

Outwardly the medicinal properties of badger oil are used to eliminate protracted cough in children and adults.

The procedure has a warming effect, so it should not be used at high temperature and at the beginning of the disease, so as not to aggravate the active inflammatory process (for example, in the bronchi). Rubbing is indicated at the stage of recovery.

It is better to rub the badger fat in a small area so as not to disturb the skin breathing. In the beginning of treatment it is necessary to be convinced of absence of an allergy.

Rub grease overnight in the shoulder blades or in the chest area, in the foot.

Diseases of joints, muscles, nerves

Healing properties of badger fat

Fat Badger is treated with osteochondrosis, arthritis, rheumatism. They rub their joints or apply in the form of compresses. To enhance the usefulness before the procedure, visit the bathhouse or take a hot bath.

Recipe for the treatment of joint and muscle pain :

  • Melt 100 g of badger fat, add 30ml of wheat germ oil, 10 drops of essential oils of rosemary and lavender, 5 drops essential oil of mint, mix.

Apply the compound to the aching muscles and joints, preferably after a bath or hot bath.

Recipe for treatment Radiculitis :

  • Warm in the bath, rub badger fat in the joints, massage, wrap with a towel and lie on the bottom shelf.

It is desirable to rub the fat every day.

Recipe for treatment for sciatica, neuritis :

  1. Cool 40 g propolis, chop, pour into cold water, mix well to wax and other light particles that have removed .
  2. In the enamelware, melt 100 g of badger fat, heat to boil, allow it to cool to + 60 ° C, pour propolis, heat not to a boil , stir continuously for 10 minutes.
  3. In the hot form, strain the mixture into a glass bowl. Keep in closed form in a cool, dark place.

Use for rubbing the diseased areas, after heating them with a blue lamp.

Cosmetic use

Healing properties of badger fat

Badger fat is used to treat the initial stage of psoriasis, alopecia, as well as eczema, dermatitis, trophic ulcer, rash, purulent focal inflammation, skin itching, associated with allergies. It softens and nourishes the skin, helps to smooth wrinkles, has a rejuvenating effect.

Before applying this or that mask, it is worth checking the absence of an allergic reaction by applying some fat to the elbow fold. Keep the composition in the refrigerator.

Healing properties of badger fat help against hair loss , baldness, nourish the scalp:

  • To 1 tsp. melted fat badger add to 1ch.L. honey, burdock oil, juice of onions, 10 drops of mint essential oil and cloves, mix.

Apply on hair roots twice a week for 2 hours. Wash off with warm water.

Mask for dry skin :

  • In 1с.л. melted fat add a drop of fish oil.

Apply on hands, face, neck and decollete zone for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Mask for the skin around the eyes :

  • Shuffle 1,2с.л. warm melted fat badger, two raw yolks of chicken eggs, 2 p.s. oil of almonds, 1 tea. honey, 50ml of distilled water.

Composition applied with a swab for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water.


Healing properties of badger fat

Despite the numerous healing properties of badger fat, in some cases it can cause harm.

It should not be used for individual intolerance, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Contraindication of treatment is cholelithiasis, inflammation of the bile duct and gall bladder (especially if there are stones), liver and pancreas diseases.

Pediatrician consultation is necessary before treatment of children of any age. Children under three years should not take fat inside.


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