How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland?

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? If you are a fan of traditional winter entertainment and fun, then celebrating the New Year in the cities of Finland is really what you need.

Depending on whether you want to relax in seclusion and calm, or in a crowded ski resort, you can choose either a chic hotel in Helsinki, or a house in Lapland.


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New year in Finland: how and where?

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? In winter, rest in Finland is possible when choosing any of the options, because you can always choose an active and rich winter vacation program.

A spectacular spectacle is the ice festival in Finland. You must visit it. Winter rest in this wonderful country is also beautiful by the fact that you can go straight to the water park or even a sauna, where you will have a lot of fun.


How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Brighten your holiday will help trip to the famous water park “Serena” , the largest in Finland. Aquaparks in Finland are equipped with all the attributes of water and health treatment and recreation. Finland is a fabulous country in which everyone dreams to visit. You will not regret if you take your children with you on holiday.

The most important issue that needs to be addressed is the place of celebrating the New Year. There are many options for holding New Year’s holidays in Finland.

Rent cottages in Finland – where is quieter?

  • How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? If the conversation is about family rest , then the first option would be renting a house in a place remote from civilization, or in a cottage village. The immediate proximity of ski resorts, large cities or SPA centers will help to make your holiday diverse, and help to bring a note of noisy fun in the measured pace of urban life.
  • For example, if you want to retire , then your choice can be stopped on Lapland. Lapland at first sight is impressive. There, you can fully experience the strength and beauty of the northern wildlife. Housing for people in this place is a huge rarity. But a lot of wild deer wandering right along the road with interest looking at the stopped cars. In Lapland, you can see the northern lights – a real natural miracle. It will be difficult to forget the spectacle, when stars in the night sky brightly flashed, changing each other’s quaintly. The Finns nicknamed him “revontulet”, which in translation means “fox fire”.
  • How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? If you dream a little to save , then in the quality of a place to relax, you can choose a huge ski resort in western Lapland – Levi . From there it is quite easy to go for a day to visit Santa Claus, buying a tour or renting a car. Also close to the resort is the snowy village of Lainio . It is famous for its ice sculptures. There, at the local bar, you can try chilled drinks from ice glasses and spend night in the Snowy Hotel . The operating mode of such institution is from 10.00 to 22.00. The cost of buying a ticket for an adult is 10 euros.

New Year celebration for fishing lovers

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? In the New Year holidays, anglers can enjoy ice fishing fishing on one of the many Finnish lakes .

Ice fishing, usually, can be combined with other pleasures: at first several hours you rush on a snowmobile on the boundless plains of a frozen lake, then the Finnish guide will help you find a fish place, and soon with a special drill you can make a hole in the ice, throw a fishing rod and wait .

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Luck is guaranteed, because Finland is very rich in fish. 187 888 Finnish lakes offer lovers of fishing great opportunities for a variety of fishing.

From lake fish, it is often possible to catch pike, perch, pike perch, trout, , and also carp: ide, bream, asp . Winter fishing in Finland is also very inexpensive.

There are special tours from St. Petersburg, Moscow . The price of such a two-day New Year’s holiday, for example, in the cottage town of Meripes, which is located in a cozy quiet place on the beach, 220 km from Helsinki, will be at least 1,859 rubles. The most famous fish places are the salmon archipelago region and the Lapland rivers.

New Year in Finland for shopping lovers

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? You can combine holidays and shopping . Then it is better to stop in large cities. Those who like to shop around during the New Year holidays in Finland will also have a lot to do with themselves, because it is time for numerous discounts .

Special shopping tours are arranged for tourists, when you can buy goods with discounts up to 90% . At any time you can buy souvenirs for relatives and yourself, as well as other unique products at a price much lower than on a normal day.

From January 2 begins New Year’s sale , so many tourists love to rent cottages that are located near the city, make a purchase to rest. Cities Imatra and Lappeenranta – the most favorite places of tourists from Russia.

Every year more and more tourists prefer to celebrate the New Year in the middle of Finland, in the cities of Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lahti , which are famous for their water parks, large shopping centers and ski centers.

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Christmas holidays in Finland are celebrated on a grand scale from November to January, bringing together one New Year and two Christmas. In Finland, street garlands are lit at the end of November, light music is heard, windows of shop windows and houses are dressed in festive decorations, people are gladly warmed by fragrant glist. During this period, actively purchased marmalade, cheeses and tiles of Finnish chocolate.

In Finland, New Year carnivals are also held annually. Initiated, they all, of course, the New Year.

The cost of tours to Finland for New Year holidays

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Depending on the travel agencies, as well as on the type of excursion and accommodation conditions the cost of tours to Finland varies very much . So, for example, a six-day holiday in Lapland with excursions, with accommodation at the hotel, as well as with a flight you can get around 800-1000 € , while visa processing is carried out separately.

A little cheaper than you can do is rest in Helsinki – the capital of Finland, so a four-day tour with accommodation at the hotel, but without a flight is about 200-250 € .

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Among tourists from Russia, the New Year in the cities of Finland has become very popular. It becomes quite real to meet the New Year with your family in Finland or with friends, ordering a comfortable cottage in a snowy forest, where home is warm, calm and cozy.

The cost of the New Year is at least 2 times the normal week. This is due to the huge demand for this season. A lot of travel companies are buying out for a few years ahead a New Year’s week in cottages. Recently began to appear and private second-hand dealers who earn on this, buying up the cheapest cottages with dubious amenities. It is necessary to beware of these proposals.

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Finland is one of the main places in the world for the uniqueness and variety of tours for the New Year holidays. Not only lovers of family quiet rest, but also people who lead an active lifestyle I can find for myself a lot of interesting things. This fabulous land will not leave anyone indifferent. There even frosts are not an example of Russian, crackling and harsh.

Do not forget better prepare for a trip to Finland .

The best cottages in Finland for New Year and Christmas

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? First, roomy and comfortable cottages with a huge number of beds . Such cottages, even the highest level, as a result become accessible to the average client, the cost per person per day can surprise everyone.

In the ski resorts there are cottages, the so-called “ paritallo “, which have 2 completely identical, autonomous halves, each of which does not differ in comfort and cost from a detached cottage, but the advantages of these cottages are that they are located in the best places of the ski center.

The cost of cottages , above all, depends on their functionality, spaciousness, location and living conditions. Estimated cost per week of accommodation is from 600 to 2000 dollars , a house for seven to eight people on average costs 800-1500 dollars .

Hotels in Finland for the New Year

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Finland does not lack in hotels, hotels can be found even in small towns. Moreover, many of them are located far from civilization – on the shore of lakes or in the forest and are well equipped.

Many Finnish hotels have swimming pools, some have saunas. Additional services may be included in the price of the accommodation, but this depends on the level of the hotel.

Hotels located in the heart of the city are convenient for those who like to enjoy the city’s full nightlife.

Kämp is considered one of the most comfortable hotels in Helsinki. It corresponds to the indisputable How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? five-star hotel. To the wonderful service, all the most necessary attributes of luxurious life are added: crystal chandeliers, carved front staircase, mirrors in gilded frames.

The most famous hotel chains like Restel Hotel Group, Radisson Blu, Scandic Best Western Finland, Hotels, Sokos Hotels

are also very popular in Finland.

Every Finnish hotel, even the cheapest, has a laundry room, a sauna, a gym, and Internet access. Each hotel has non-smoking rooms. And the tendency to a complete ban on smoking is clearly visible in these hotels.

Who can recommend hotel accommodation? Fans of Scandinavian coloring who are interested in unsurpassed nature and local sights. New Year trip to Finland is an opportunity to usefully and actively spend your vacation. Who celebrated the New Year in Finland?

Reviews of tourists.

How is it interesting to celebrate the New Year in Finland? Reviews of tourists say that after visiting this beautiful country, you can learn a lot about the local traditions and customs, feel the atmosphere of wildlife, which gives strength and helps you to relax, and you will get to know the local cuisine.

The New Year celebration in Finland will be truly magical, because it’s no wonder that Finland is called a real winter fairy tale.

Finland is an excellent choice for active recreation lovers, and for fans of a quiet, secluded holiday.

Why do they love Finland so much? Of course, for order, for cleanliness, for justice. In Finland, the air is fresh and the snow is whiter. Most people advise to meet New Year in Porvoo , which is located 50 km east of Helsinki. This city is very nice, just a puppet, and in winter it looks as if you were in a fairy tale.

A lot of tourists speak about Finland positively. Here are examples:


In January 2012, we rested in Paljakka. After a long search of houses stopped in Paljakka. The house was beautiful. So we managed to get a lot of positive emotions, considering that this was our first experience of skiing and the first experience of self-booking. This year, the new year, we are going to meet again in Finland.


The tourist base in Lahti is the most excellent! Interested in houses of wood among the forest. Absolutely practically mosquitoes, although nature is very similar to ours. Sauna in the tourist base is just wonderful! Bathing in the lake was unforgettable! The lake is clean and the bottom is free of silt. After a sauna, it is so good to dip into cold water. And no sea is needed. I advise everyone to have a rest in Lahti. If you rest, then only there.


We were in Finland for the New Year holidays in 2015 from 31.12.2014 to 07.01.2015. The cottage was in a remarkable condition. There was everything you need: a sauna in the house, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a coffee maker, a hair dryer, a drying cabinet, a washing machine, a TV, a tape recorder. We rested a young cheerful company of 8 people. The New Year’s Eve in Finland was pleased with the fact that the cottage was decorated for our arrival, there was an artificial Christmas tree in the house and it was alive on the street. I was able to impress with its comfort and beauty the resort of Levi. The nearest store is 10 km away, which is also very convenient. Very pleasantly surprised that everything corresponded to the description and even more!


In the last week before Christmas, we went to Finland to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Our first morning in Turku started with a lovely breakfast at the Holiday Inn. Most of all I remember the museum-pharmacy. One-story, small-looking institution did not promise extensive expositions. But by Christmas there was prepared its own “chip”. In the interior, you could see something that could have been there 100 years ago on Christmas. Sweets, ornaments. The culmination was a festive set table in the living room. So he was believable, that he wanted to have a lunch right there. New Year’s adventures really liked. We are dreaming of returning to Finland next year.

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