Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing – how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house?

Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house? Gone are the days when the arrows on the trousers were made with gauze and ordinary iron, sprays the crumpled washing clothes after washing, suffered with heavy irons.

Progress has come a long way, and today we have the opportunity to remove bruising from our clothes using the most modern devices – easily, conveniently and quickly. The contents of the article:

  1. What is a vertical steam system-steamer?
  2. Pros and cons of steam vertical iron
  3. Types of steam irons for vertical ironing – how to choose?
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    At first such models were used mainly in stores (for returning items of a kind), today many people acquire this miracle in return for a steam iron.

    How to choose a steamer for clothes – a video review of popular models

    Why use a vertical steamer – the scope of application

    Manufacturers advertise the steamers very actively, positioning this system as a universal tool for clothing care.

    So, what is the device used for?


    • To remove odors from clothes.
    • For the care of cashmere, men’s shirts, silk.
    • For steaming clothes directly on mannequins (hangers).
    • For steaming costumes (including wool) and even advertising banners on a fabric basis.
    • For care of suits, fur coats, complex products with a mass of decorative elements.
    • For smoothing clothes right on the bed, hanging curtains.

    Of course, in order to tidy up the hanging curtains, more time will be needed than on the blouse, but the result will surprise any hostess of the usual and even steam iron.

    Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house?

    How does the steamer work?

    Not without the help of a very powerful jet of steam this device quickly and qualitatively eliminates creases and irregularities on the fabric. Moreover, fabric fibers (note – as when working with a classic iron) do not stretch, but acquire elasticity and volume.

    Steam heating in the device reaches 98-99 degrees , but no damage is caused to the fabrics: no creases and shiny spots. The device operates in an upright position, and there is no need for an ironing board.

    Wait until the device warms up, also not necessary – it is immediately ready for the procedure after it is turned on.

    Completing the steamers – what to look for?

    Even in the usual set, you can find many different adaptations, sometimes not the most necessary, and sometimes very useful:

    1. Teflon mittens (an extremely necessary thing to protect your hand from a burn).
    2. A special device for easy stripping of collars and cuffs.
    3. Folding hanger and tripod.
    4. Capture for trousers.
    5. Brushes: for cleaning clothes from wool, for cleaning lint.
    6. Shoulder for clothes.
    7. Clamp for pointing arrows.

    Pros and cons of a steam vertical iron – will the system replace the usual iron for ironing?

    To understand if you live further with an iron, or still it’s time to choose a worthy “device” for steaming, you need to get to know it better and learn about the advantages of this technical novelty.

    From the advantages of the steamer you can distinguish the following:

    • Gentle steaming . The fabric does not shine on the seams, it does not deteriorate.
    • Deep penetration of steam into the fabric structure , due to which the fibers of the fabric are even refreshed and strengthened.
    • Speed ​​steaming and convenience.
    • No need for ironing board and the place for its unfolding.
    • The minimum of applied effort – together with an excellent result.
    • Lightness and compactness of the device.
    • The possibility of processing even the most difficult parts of clothes and the most complex costumes that the iron can irretrievably spoil.
    • The possibility of processing fur , curtains, curtains, upholstery, carpets.
    • Elimination of unpleasant odors , as well as dust mites and other pathogenic microflora.
    • Help in removing stains, disinfecting things.
    • The possibility of steaming without removing the curtains from the ledge , without removing the carpet to the street, without unfolding clothes on the ironing board.
    • Security. The device is more protected from fire, and in many models there is even an automatic shutdown function in the case where there is no water or there is overheating of the equipment.
    • Instant readiness to work.

    It is also worth noting that the steamer is simply impossible to spoil clothes, and it can easily be taken with him on a business trip or on vacation.

    And worry that you “have not turned off the iron”, in a hurry going to work, too, do not have to.

    Does the vertical steamer have flaws?

    • The price is a multiple of that of an iron.
    • Ironing bed linens, unfortunately, is not very comfortable. I’ll have to steam it right on the bed or iron it.
    • I’ll have to get used to a new way of ironing.
    • Mandatory protection for the hand that you hold the thing.

    Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house?

    So, what to choose? An iron or a steamer after all? Does it make sense to spend money, and will the device stay in the pantry most of the time while you iron the habit of the thing with an iron?

    You can leave the iron if …

    1. You rarely iron and in small amounts.
    2. You have a catastrophically small place in the house.
    3. You do not like to walk with the times, and prefer the good old “grandmother’s” means and methods.
    4. You have a good memory, and you do not forget to turn off the appliances in the house. Or you have an iron with the option of auto power off.
    5. Your iron has a long cord, water does not leak, the fabrics do not burn, and the spout perfectly fits into all the folds of the fabric.

    Still it’s time to buy steamer, if …

    • You often and much stroking (the family is big, and no one likes crumpled clothes).
    • You often have to iron and wash capricious fabrics (note – wool, silk or knitwear), as well as things with various complex elements (note – with paillettes, collars, lace, etc.).
    • Removing unpleasant odors is also a necessity for you.
    • The upholstery of your furniture is often dirty and quickly saturated with the smell of a dog / cat.
    • You are tired of jumping on a stool, removing the curtains from the ledge.
    • You often have to wash and iron the school uniform of children.
    • You keep up to date and love this multifunctional convenient technique that makes life easier.
    • You are tired of pushing the ironing board by the cupboard.
    • You are the owner of a clothing store, and you often have to take home things that have lost their appearance to put them in order.
    • You have allergies in your family, and dust removal is a permanent procedure.
    • Your husband smokes in the apartment, and things need to remove the unpleasant odor.

    Well, in the end, everything, of course, depends solely on individual preferences . Still, the steamer is not a cheap thing.

    But what a useful and pleasant! Types of steam irons for vertical ironing – how to choose the right steam steamer-steamer correctly?

    Not so long ago appeared steamers in the domestic market, but their popularity is already approaching its peak. More and more often, housewives buy such devices home to simplify their own farming, make life easier, and make cleaning / ironing more efficient.

    How to choose such a technique?

    The scheme of work is the same in all types and models: there is a container filled with water, which in turn heats up and exits outwards as a vapor through a special brush . She, in fact, and lead by dress.

    As for the types of steamers, today the following are on the market:

    • Hand steamer. Such a device will cost you in 2000-3000 rubles. Most often they are used by people, often traveling on business trips, or simply travelers. Individual models can even boil water (instead of a teapot). Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house? The mini-tank with water is enough for 15 minutes of steam. That is, 2-3 updated things from your travel bag.
    • Vertical steamer with stand. This device will already be more expensive – up to 5.5 thousand rubles. It is convenient when performing light tasks in the house. Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house? Normally, the device has only 1 steaming mode, it has low power and a small water tank, it does not have the possibility of an emergency topping up. Well, the equipment is also very modest.
    • Vertical steamer is more serious and at a price exceeding 5500 r . – this model is more serious with solid power, a metal iron, a large reservoir under the water (it happens, as with the possibility of an emergency topping up) and with control on the handle, and not on the body (as in the model above). Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house? There may be several modes of operation.
    • Professional steamer. Most often, this device is taken for clothing stores, for ordinary stores, for theaters, etc. The device has a large water tank, is able to work for a long time without interruption, it has a solid capacity, it has all the devices for convenient operation. Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house? At home, of course, it can also be used, but the 3 rd and 5 th versions are much more practical.
    • Steamer-steam cleaner. A universal miracle device that provides not only effective steaming of things in the house, but also a sterile cleaning. Pros and cons of the steam system for vertical ironing - how to choose the ironing system with steam for the house? Ideally cleans household waste, destroys bacteria, launches even grease on kitchen surfaces, floors, glass and tiles in the bathroom. An excellent option for families with children.

    The choice of the power of the device:

    • More than 1800 watts. Universal devices that can easily cope with almost all materials.
    • Less than 1800 W . Apparatus that can not bear down jackets, tight jeans, blankets.

    It is also worth noting that, the higher the power of the selected device, the faster and easier it is to steam.

    However, it is recommended to buy a model with the power adjustment option to independently select the steaming mode according to the material.

    And a few more important points:

    • As for the couple, 55g / min is the maximum. Ideal for frequent ironing. In case you are accustomed to “flatten” the clothes, and in the steaming you need arises only on holidays, you can take the device with the lowest rate. But remember that he will not strip off the coarse cloth!
    • Plastic on ironing is very short-lived. Select a metal sole (or ceramic).
    • Note the number of holes on the working surface of the machine. The more of them, the more effective the steam spreads.


    Rare models can function well on tap water. As a rule, they are all capricious and demanding of quality of water being poured . You can, of course, use the correct household filter for water so that the steamer does not suffer from scale.

    Be careful, and do not forget to consult the seller on this topic.


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