Strong back pain during pregnancy – what if the pregnant woman has a backache?

Strong back pain during pregnancy - what if the pregnant woman has a backache? Even the happiest and long-awaited pregnancy can be overshadowed by pain in the back. Sometimes – at once in the early stages, sometimes – closer to the birth, and someone and at all – the entire period. It should be noted that almost all mothers complain about such pains (74% according to statistics), including completely healthy and having no problems with the spine.

What is the reason, and how to help yourself? Contents of the article:

  • Nature and causes of back pain during pregnancy
  • What should I do if I have a backache?
  • What can a doctor prescribe?
  • Prevention of back pain during pregnancy


Nature and main causes of back pain during pregnancy in early and late periods

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say unambiguously why the back hurts. The reasons for the emergence can be a lot – as the most primitive (the big term, the load on the lower back), and pointing to serious health problems.

It is important to understand the nature of the pain, and do not miss the moment when you need to see a doctor.

  • “Pulls in the back”. The uterus begins its active growth around the 16th week of pregnancy. As a result, the nerve endings are squeezed, as well as the blood vessels surrounding the spine, which results in this pulling pain at the very bottom of the back.
  • Irregularly and unintentionally “noet” in the lower back. Pain of this nature, subsiding after a quiet rest in the “lying” position usually occurs after the 20th week. The reason is simple – displacement of the center of gravity in the enlarged tummy. The back in the lumbar region has to bend more and more, and the load as a result of uneven distribution on the spine. The lion’s share of the burden is borne by the lumbar department.
  • Prolonged and frequent (persistent) pain localized in the sacrum. They can appear even at night, dooming the expectant mother to insomnia, and rest just does not give any relief. Under the influence of the hormone relaxin the elbow joint is stretched and the articulations of the small / pelvic bones are softened – the organism is preparing for an early delivery. That is, the pelvis “diverges”, that at the right time it is easy to let the crumb into the light. Immediately before the birth, this hormone “helps” in the opening of the cervical uterus.
  • Pain that begins after the 37th week with a certain periodicity. Do not panic – these are “training” fights, which are often observed just before delivery . In addition, on the 3rd trimester, there is also the pressure of the baby’s head on the mother’s spine.
  • Exacerbation of pain, if there were already certain problems with the spine. For example, with bruises, injuries, or with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Also, the pain and flat feet will be felt if the future mother continues to run on high heels or in other footwear that is not intended to be worn during pregnancy.
  • Backache. Similar, more often one-sided and sudden, similar to “electric shock” pain can occur with osteochondrosis, with herniated discs and radiculitis, with scoliosis and other diseases. May be accompanied by numbness of the foot or a sensation of tingling. Pain relief occurs when breathing is delayed or when the movement is stopped with the body tilted forward.
  • One-sided back pain. In this case, there may be problems with the kidneys (concomitant / symptoms – colic, turbid urine, severe pain when urinating) or pinched nerve / spine cord. The first diagnosis is checked with the help of ultrasound and analysis, and the second with the help of an MRI.
  • Pain in the lower back with bloody discharge and pulling sensations in the lower abdomen. These signs (note – in the 1st trimester) require an urgent call to the doctor and speak more often about the threat of miscarriage. As for the 3rd trimester, such symptoms usually indicate the opening of the uterine throat.
  • Back pain can also be noted in the case of the uterine tone. Naturally, you need to turn to a gynecologist and have an ultrasound.

Remember, consultation with a doctor is mandatory if, in addition to back pain, you notice the following symptoms:

  • Pain resembling a fight.
  • Soreness when urinating.
  • The murky color of urine or her foamy cap.
  • Sensation of the increased tone of the uterus (note – the tummy “inflates and becomes hard like a ball”, there is a strong tension in the abdomen).
  • Bloody discharge.
  • Minor / significant temperature increase.

Strong back pain during pregnancy - what if the pregnant woman has a backache?


What to do if it’s pregnant, if it hurts your back – how to take back pain?

For long and severe pain with additional symptoms, you should definitely contact your gynecologist.

If the future mother is concerned about the nature of the pains – one should not wait for improvement, doing self-medication, a timely visit to the doctor will save her and the baby’s future from danger.

In the absence of the same anxiety symptoms, pain can be removed and independently by the following means, rules and methods:

  • Pillow for pregnant women. If the pain is caused by the usual physiological changes inherent in future mothers, such a pillow will help in normalizing sleep, support the mother’s tummy and partially relieve the back, taking on her tension. The form of the pillow, the mother can choose any, if necessary – in the form of a boomerang, just a platen, a U-shaped, in the form of a letter “C”, “G”, “U”, etc. Note: a pillow in the shape of “C” Use as a temporary arena, and roller – an excellent device to eliminate fatigue in the legs.
  • Bandage for a future mother . It can come in handy after the 20th week. The purpose is to support the tummy and release the load from the spine. True, wearing it for more than 4 hours is not recommended, but it is impossible to sleep in it, of course.
  • Pool, yoga, aqua aerobics, etc. In general, such restorative procedures for the expectant mother are extremely useful. Especially the pool. In the absence of contraindications do not waste time – help your body in such a difficult period.
  • Easy massage. Do not rush to the first “manual”. Remember that massage during this period, in the absence of proper qualification from a “specialist”, can significantly harm both mom and her crumbs. But light massage from a professional with relevant experience is only welcomed. It will help relax the back muscles and ease the overall condition.
  • Posture, posture. You should definitely pay attention to how and where you sit most of the time. You can not overload the spine. The chair (armchair) should be comfortable with the optimal height to support the back, and for the legs the stand will not hurt (by the way, it will then be useful for feeding the baby). It is also not recommended to put a foot on the leg. Also, change your posture more often and do not forget to take breaks for an easy warm-up or walking.
  • Fitball. Use the ball to unload the back muscles through an “unstable support”. On the ball, you should sit with your legs slightly apart (choose a comfortable pose!). then turn the case left / right 5-6 times. Another useful exercise is rolling from the “sitting” position to the “lying on the back” position. With it, stretches the spine, deflects the back, relaxes the muscles of the back. Naturally, the exercise should be done only with the help and control of the spouse.
  • No weight! Ask your spouse and relatives if you need something to lift, move, convey. In case you had to lift something yourself, drop on one knee with an even back, not slouching, and lift the thing at the expense of the strength of the legs, and not the already overloaded back.
  • Watch for power. Lack of calcium (its “washing away” during pregnancy) and minerals, as you know, can also be affected by pain.Now, as never before, a balanced and proper diet is needed.
  • Choose the right shoes. Set aside for a while in the cabinet studs, high heels, narrow ballet flats. Now you need shoes with a small heel and (it is highly recommended!) With orthopedic insoles, which reduce the load on the spine and protect the back from the development of osteochondrosis, etc.
  • Orthopedic mattress. Too extremely useful thing to regain strength over night and during daytime rest. Do not regret money on such a mattress, it will greatly simplify your life. To him, pick up an orthopedic pillow.
  • Physical exercises. Discuss with the doctor – which exercises will help relieve the burden from the back and strengthen the general condition. One of the most popular exercises in this period is a “kitty” with a back bend in the “on all fours” position. By regularly performing this exercise, you will facilitate yourself and the process of delivery.
  • Warm bath and contrast shower in the lower back. Do not overdo with the contrast shower, and the bath water should be exceptionally warm.

Strong back pain during pregnancy - what if the pregnant woman has a backache?

Treatment of back pain in pregnant women – what can a doctor prescribe?

First of all, if there is a suspicion of the development of any disease (and not with pain proper to pregnancy), consult a gynecologist and neurologist, orthopedist and surgeon, as well as a nephrologist обра.

According to the results of the examination, treatment is prescribed

  • If pain is caused by a kidney spasm, they can prescribe a no-shpa. Most drugs with the function of removing spasms and pain are known to be forbidden during pregnancy. The doctor prescribes treatment based on the overall picture of the disease and, of course, possible harm to the fetus.
  • For lumbar pains with the presence of bloody discharge may be a threat of miscarriage. In this case, usually shown hospitalization, complete rest and bed rest. Of medicines, usually prescribed Magnesia, Dyufaston or Utrozhestan , and other means to reduce the tone of the uterus and maintain a pregnancy.
  • For pain associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, may prescribe Menovazine. For example, in the form of an ointment or solution. This drug is considered very effective in case of pinching of the lumbar nerve. Note: warming ointments during pregnancy are prohibited! They can lead to a miscarriage.

Strong back pain during pregnancy - what if the pregnant woman has a backache?

In order not to hurt your back during pregnancy – pain prevention methods

To reduce the risk of pain and protect your body from overload, you need to take care of yourself in such a difficult period for a woman and, of course, follow certain rules :

  • The growing uterus is peculiar to compress the ureters, resulting in a stagnation of urine, and then there is a risk of pyeloectasia and, as a consequence, pyelonephritis. Therefore it is recommended after the 20th week twice a day to stand on all fours , so that the outflow of urine improved.
  • Beginning at 3-4 months, make yourself a habit of lying (with a special pillow under your tummy) with bent knees on the left side. That is, in the embryo position. As for the pose of the star (on the back) – forget about it until the very birth. In extreme cases – reclining and on a hard surface.
  • Do not jump from the bed. Rise, rolling. When lifting anything off the floor, first bend your knees. You can not lift things from the floor, just leaning forward.
  • Eliminate all the factors that cause back pain and increase the strain on the spine : do not lift heaviness, sleep in a comfortable bed, wear the right shoes, eat the necessary foods, sit on chairs with backs, etc.
  • Use prenatal bandage and special pillows for pregnant women .
  • If you continue to work, then bring a cloth cushion (under your waist) and a small stool under your feet.
  • Follow the work of the kidneys. If you suspect a problem with the genitourinary system, consult a doctor.
  • Rest often, throwing the legs higher – on the pillow, for example.

And – go away from the negative! Get rid of all the negative things that are in your life. A future mother should rejoice at every day.

The more positive you are, the easier it is to have a pregnancy.


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