The little secret of a busy mother: how easy is it to leave the child at home?

Any mother, going on business and leaving a child with a nanny or grandmother, is very worried. Little does that happen in her absence! It is necessary to leave the house – and in my head immediately begin to rotate restless thoughts. What if the nanny scolds the baby? Suddenly my grandmother wrapped him up too much for a walk? And if the child was left with the pope … no, it’s better not to think about it at all!

So what should the busy mother do? It is best to install a home camera at home.

We refute the three popular myths about video surveillance

We are all used to cameras in offices and shopping centers, but home video surveillance is not so popular. The blame for this – common misconceptions. Let’s look at each of them in detail.


Myth 1: video surveillance is very difficult

Yes, the systems that are installed in offices and banks are really quite complex and require professional installation and configuration. But there are other devices – much more convenient to handle. A good example is the Ezviz C2C: this simple and compact video camera is designed specifically for home video surveillance.

The little secret of a busy mother: how easy is it to leave the child at home?

Myth 2: video surveillance is expensive

Home video surveillance Ezviz is affordable for everyone. For a children’s room in a city apartment, only one Ezviz C2C camera will suffice.

Myth 3: in order to use video surveillance, you need additional equipment.

A separate room with monitors and a gloomy guard staring at them? No! In order to watch the recording from the camera Ezviz C2C, you only need your smartphone – and nothing more.


How to install and configure the camera?

Deal with the installation and configuration of the Ezviz C2C will be able to any mom, even one that is not very friendly with the technique. The camera can be placed on any horizontal surface or attached to a metal surface with a magnet in the base. And most importantly – no screws and screws! It remains to turn on the camera in the outlet – now you are ready to watch your house.

The little secret of a busy mother: how easy is it to leave the child at home?

How to watch a child with a camera?

To do this, you need your smartphone. You need to download a branded application from Google Play or Apple AppStore, add a camera to it. Ezviz C2C broadcast video on Wi-Fi in real time: here is your kid reading a book with a nanny, here’s the grandmother is laying on the table, and here’s Dad … hmm, sort of cope! Connect and watch the child at any time, from anywhere in the world – the main thing is to have access to the Internet.

I wanted to keep the most lovely videos with your child to memory? No problem! The camera not only broadcasts the video online, but also stores it on a memory card or in the cloud storage. When your baby grows up, he will certainly enjoy watching the “movie” about his childhood adventures.

The little secret of a busy mother: how easy is it to leave the child at home?

What else can a home surveillance camera do?

Allows you to communicate with households

The most important advantage of the Ezviz C2C is a two-way voice communication system. With its help you can not only listen to the household, but also communicate with them directly through the camera. A very useful thing – will save your time and nerves, if at home something goes wrong. After all, the picture on the screen is not always idyllic! Did you turn on the recording and saw how Dad tries to feed the half-year-old baby pizza? Do not faint! Contact him immediately and in two concise words explain the principles of introducing complementary foods to children under one year. At the same time, tell me where to get a jar of baby food and how to warm it up.

Can remove even in the dark

You can monitor your favorite child with video surveillance even at night. Ezviz C2C can shoot in the dark, so you can see how the baby sleeps in his crib. And for the most restless mothers a motion sensor is provided. Every time the child wakes up and shakes, the camera will send you a notification and a short video so you can know what happened.If necessary, you can connect to the camera and talk with the baby on the speakerphone: my mother’s voice will surely calm him down.

The little secret of a busy mother: how easy is it to leave the child at home?

But still the main function of the Ezviz C2C camera is to make mom’s life a bit quieter. Work, fitness, meetings, creativity – all this will bring much more joy, if you do not worry, because with Ezviz C2C “to see” your child at any time. And if the mother is calm and confident – it means that the baby is calm too, and after all this is, in the final analysis, most important.


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