Useful properties of the viburnum

Useful properties of the viburnum


  • The composition of the viburnum
  • When harvesting berries and other parts of the plant
  • How to prepare and keep the wine juice
  • Prescription for the restorative means
  • Treatment of the common cold with decoction from the bark cortex
  • Treatment of Kalina Inflammation of the lungs and bronchitis
  • Benefits of viburnum in the treatment of sore throat
  • Treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension
  • Therapeutic properties of viburnum with liver diseases
  • Viburnum with diseases of the digestive system, stool disorders, hemorrhoids
  • nenie nerve overload and overwork
  • Skin diseases
  • Malignant education
  • harm and contraindications treatment Kalina

In Russia viburnum grows almost everywhere. From it prepare jelly and jam, bake pies with a kalinovoj stuffing, put kvass, fruits use at souring of cabbage. Useful properties are different parts of the viburnum: berries, flowers, seeds, branches, bark. The prepared folk remedies are successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the heart, vessels, respiratory and digestive system. Berries of Kalina are treated with nervous disorders, colds, they help to cope with the inflammatory process.


The composition of the viburnum

The fruits of the plant contain vitamins A and C, tannins, pectins , important for effective cleansing of the intestines from accumulated harmful substances. The phytoncides included in the composition effectively kill microbes.

In fruits, the mass of phosphorus , magnesium , potassium , iron , manganese , copper , there is iodine . The leaves and berries contain acetic, valerian, oleic and formic acids.

The rich vitamin and mineral composition is especially useful for prevention and elimination of the decline of forces, beriberi.

When harvesting berries and other parts of the plant

Useful properties of the viburnum


The plant prefers wet deciduous or pine forests, an abundance of shade. It grows in the middle of bushes, along the water. Some gardeners grow it on their “weave”.

The bark is harvested in April, soon after the sap flow, young shoots – in early spring. The flowers are harvested from May to June, when they completely dissolve. The time for picking berries comes in September and October. Fruits are cut with the stem to preserve the whole soft part.

The most viburnum, collected after the first frosts, when the medicinal properties of berries caught by frost are maximized. In addition, frost reduces bitterness. To eliminate the bitterness, the fruit can also be lowered into boiling water for several minutes.

Collected berries are laid out in an even layer and dried in a cool, ventilated place for 5-9 days. The final disposal of moisture is carried out in the oven at a temperature of + 50C. After the leg can be removed.

Dried berries of Kalina best retain useful properties in clean linen or gauze pouches placed in a dark dry place.

The viburnum harvested in the following way is also useful. Fill a clean jar with cleaned berries for a third, top up with sugar. The lid should not be dense. After six months, a useful product is ready.

How to cook and keep the wine juice

Useful properties of the viburnum

Wash and dry the berries on the towel, gently squeeze. Do not put too much pressure on the skins, because they give the maximum bitterness. The resulting juice is mixed with sugar in equal parts.

Put the finished product in glass jars. Store in a closed form in the refrigerator. The longer the potassium juice is stored, the less bitterness it contains. For long-term storage, grind the juice with sugar until the jelly. In this form it does not deteriorate and does not ferment even at room temperature.

<style is prepared from 1 liter of water, 1l of berries, 200g of sand. Wash the fruits in cool water, pour water and cook in an enamel saucepan over low heat until soft.After gently squeeze the juice, let it settle. Add sugar, lightly warming the juice for faster dissolution of sugar. Strain, bring to a boil, pour into clean jars.

Prescription for a restorative remedy

Kalina is useful for strengthening immunity , prevention colds . Take 100g berries , lemon together with skin, 200 g of leaves aloe , peeled walnuts . Pass through the meat grinder, add 200g butter and honey .

Take during the day for 1 p.p. after meal.

Cold cure with decoction from the bark of the cinnamon

Useful properties of the viburnum

The calf bark is useful for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases . Brew 2 tablespoons. bark a glass of boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes, insist 15 minutes, drain. Add 7-10 drops of sea buckthorn oil , 1 p.s. honey, mix. Take half a cup for half an hour before eating.

Another remedy for berries and calina bark <style . Stir 1 s.p. bark , half a cup of the juice of Kalinov, 1 p.s. thyme , chamomile , mint , honey , brew a glass of boiling water. Strain on a water bath for 5 minutes, insist, strain into a glass container. Take half a cup for half an hour before meals. It is useful to add a little fresh juice or berries to the remedy.

кали The calf bark helps cope with fever . For the preparation of 2-3 p.s. crushed bark pour a glass of cold boiled water, insist 8-10 hours, drain. Take 1 tsp. in half an hour after a meal.

Treatment of Kalina Inflammation of the lungs and bronchitis

Useful properties of the viburnum

Useful properties of the berries of the viburnum help to cope with pneumonia, bronchitis , contribute to liquefaction of sputum.

Heat a glass of honey , stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. To grate 1с.л. berries, pour them with hot honey. Wrap up well and let it brew for 5-6 hours. Take the medication by 1 second. 4-5 times a day.

You can simply boil 100g of berries in 200g of honey over a slow fire. Take a medicinal product for 1-2 p.s. several times a day, washing down with warm water.

Another recipe for the treatment of bronchitis bronchitis or pneumonia . Mix for 1 tsp. crust , mother-and-stepmother , mountaineer bird , flowers elderberry , brew 1 liter of boiling water, insist 30 minutes. Take 3/4 cup for half an hour before meals.

Viburnum with honey is useful property to eliminate a severe cough with bronchitis . Brew 100g of berries with two glasses of boiling water, simmer for half an hour. Insist 30 minutes, add half a cup honey , stir. Take 2 p.s. in half an hour after a meal.

кали Viburnum infusion is useful for chronic cough . To mix on 1с.л. fruits dogrose , kalinovyh berries , pharmacy chamomile , calendula , elecampane . Brew 1 liter of boiling water in enameled dishes, boil over low heat for 5 minutes. Infuse 5-6 hours, drain. Store in a well-closed glass jar. Take 1 tsp. for half an hour before meals.

The use of viburnum in the treatment of sore throat

When angina it is useful to gargle with an infusion prepared from a mixture of flowers and berries of Kalina in equal parts. Brew 1с.л. mixture with a glass of boiling water, insist, wrapped up properly, 3-4 hours, strain.

Gargle with 1/2 cup infusion. Take inside 1-2 ml.

Viburnum is used in compresses around the neck at sore throat . Rub berries, pour warm water for half an hour, add honey , mix well.Apply the composition on a clean natural cloth, fasten on the throat, wrapping several times. The treatment lasts an hour, the compress is applied twice a day.

treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension

Useful properties of the viburnum

Cope with the painful sensations in the heart helps infusion 3-4C .l. berries of potatoes, boiled with a glass of boiling water. Fruit insist for 4 hours, strain. Take a glass 3-4 times a day.

For the expansion of blood vessels, kvass from kalina and beet полез. Rub 250-300g beet , boil in a half cup of water. Wash 300g of berries, boil for a few minutes in half a glass of water in enameled dishes. Mix the broths, add a third of a glass of sugar and bring to a boil, allow to cool. Store in a glass container in a cool place. Take in cold.

Infusion from the vine shoots is useful in case of hypertension . Mix in equal parts grass motherwort , valerian root , shredded shoots, 2 p.s. mix with a glass of boiling water, simmer for 2-3 minutes. Take from hypertension in small portions throughout the day.

Another recipe for hypertension . Get the juice from a half a kilo of viburnum, squeeze the dried fruits, pour 100 g of water, boil for 5 minutes, strain and mix with the juice obtained earlier. Add 100 g of sugar, stir and wait for it to cool. Add 1с.л. honey. Take 2 p.s. for half an hour before meals.

Cilant juice is useful in the ability to eliminate the constant headache . Take every day a glass of 2-1 glass of juice, adding honey to taste. To simultaneously cope with inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, dilute the juice with a decoction of oat flakes .

Medicinal properties of Viburnum for liver

Useful properties of the viburnum

Simple remedy clean liver made from viburnum berries and honey. Half the fruit is washed, boiled in an enameled container until soft with the addition of a small amount of water. Then wipe through a sieve and mix with 250g honey . Take 2 p.s. in the morning on an empty stomach and at bedtime for 14 days.

For improve blood composition it is useful to prepare another remedy for the viburnum. Boil 1.5 cups of crushed fruit dogrose in 1.5 liters of water for 10 minutes, add 1-2 ts.l. celandine , 5 p.s. sage , insist 8-10 hours, strain. Grind 1/2 cup of berries, 1/4 cup of sugar, add to infusion.

Take half a cup an hour before meals 3 weeks with breaks every 3 months for two years. Improves blood, stones are dissolved.

Get rid of the stones in the urinary and gall bladder also manages with the help of seed viburnum, if swallowed by a 10-15 times during the day.

cholagogue infusion is prepared by mixing in equal parts of berries viburnum , mint , birch buds . Brew 1с.л. collecting a glass of boiled water, insist half an hour, strain. Take 1 tsp. after meal.

Kalina in diseases of the digestive system, violations of chairs, hemorrhoids

Useful properties of the viburnum

berries and seeds of Viburnum Useful properties to eliminate pain in the stomach, intestines, help to cope with gastritis , indigestion , a stomach ulcer or duodenum , constipation and a liquid stool.

Fresh berries are useful at gastritis with reduced acidity y. Brew 1-2 hours. fruit with a glass of boiling water, insist 3-4 hours, drain. Take 2-3 tablespoons. for half an hour before meals 5 times a day.

To cope with indigestion , apply the seeds of the viburnum, brewing 1 second. a glass of boiling water. Having put it on a water bath for half an hour, the broth is allowed to cool down, filter. Take in the morning and in the evening for an hour before a meal of 2 tsp.

For stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chop the berries of the viburnum, pour them with cold boiled water at the rate of half a cup for 1 second of fruit, insist 10-12 hours, strain . Take 1 tsp. one hour before meals.

When constipation it is useful to take 40-50 berries every morning with a small amount of honey. Also useful are the seeds of Kalina, they need to be grinded in a coffee grinder and brewed at a rate of 1 h. L. powder on a glass of boiling water. After 10 minutes, the remedy for constipation is ready. It is taken 1-2 times a day with sugar or honey.

Cope with with liquid stool helps infusion of berries of viburnum on honey at the rate of 2 p.s. fruit per half a cup of honey. Fruits are washed, chopped, mixed with honey. Preheat in an enamel container on low heat or in a glass bowl in a water bath, stirring constantly. After 10 minutes, remove the medicinal product from the heat, allow it to cool. Take 1 hour. several times a day.

As a prophylaxis and treatment <style 4 bark of a Kalina with a glass of boiling water, soak on a water bath for 10 minutes, allow to cool and drain. Take half a cup in the morning and in the evening an hour before eating.

If bleeding occurs in the case of a hemorrhoids or painful copious monthly crushed into a powder of the bilberry bark, pour a similar amount of alcohol. Infuse 3-4 days in a dark cool place, drain. Keep cool. Take 20-30 drops 2-3 times a day.

. For cooking infusion brew a glass of boiling water 2-3s. crushed bark, add 1с.л. lemon balm . Stir in a water bath for half an hour, insist an hour. Take 1 tsp. an hour before meals during the week.

Another recipe from fatigue and eliminate chronic fatigue. Stir the crushed bark of the viburnum and chamomile , taken in equal parts. Brew 1с.л. mix with a glass of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for 15-20 minutes, drain. Take for the night 1-2 c.l.

Skin diseases

Useful properties of the berries of the viburnum are used to get rid of furuncles , ulcers , copy. To the affected areas 1-3 times a day, compresses from the Kalinovy ​​juice lasting 1-2 hours are applied. After 2-3 weeks of treatment, a one-week break is done, after the treatment is repeated. To achieve the result you need 3-4 courses.

In case of eczema , it is necessary to take up to 0.5 l of the juice of the juice per day. You can cook the infusion, brewing 2 tsp. crushed berries with a glass of boiling water. In half an hour, strain. Take half a cup an hour before meals.

Viburnum is useful for external application for the fastest healing of ulcers and wounds . Grind 1 tsp. berries, pour half a cup of boiled water at room temperature, insist 6-8 hours, drain. Add in infusion 1 ca. honey . Fasten on affected areas for 1-2 hours in the morning and in the evening.

With increased sweating of the feet or hands heat up 1 tsp. bark of the viburnum with a glass of water, boil over low heat for 10-15 minutes. Allow to cool, drain. Wipe feet and hands several times a day.

Malignant formations

кали Kalina juice mixed in equal parts with honey , is used in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Take 3 p.s. mixture 4 times a day.

With the same purpose it is useful to brew 1 second. flowers of a viburnum a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour. Take a glass for half an hour before eating. It is believed that this drug, used after taking medication, enhances their effect.

Malignant breast cancer is treated with lotions of fresh crushed berries of Kalina.

    • It is not necessary to be treated with viburnum with increased acidity of gastric juice .
    • Folk remedies from the viburnum bark are harmful with increased blood clotting , propensity to form thrombi .
    • From the treatment with viburnum it is necessary to refuse with gout, arthritis, urolithiasis, kidney diseases.
    • During pregnancy it is necessary to exclude prolonged use of berries.


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