What to wear to a woman with broad shoulders to make the figure more feminine?

Holders of broad shoulders and narrow thighs should not be complexed. Such a figure is also called an “inverted triangle”. When choosing clothes, women should not hide and hide their shoulders, and emphasize the lower part of the body – the hips.

By increasing them, you can create the ideal proportions of the figure, feminine and unique.

content of the article:

  • top and bottom clothing for broad-
  • Correct accessories
  • Major mistakes in clothing

top and bottom of dress for the broad-shouldered women – good styles

So, let’s figure out what you can wear to women broad-shouldered, with type of figure “triangle”.

What will be the upper hand?

There are many options.

  • Let’s start with a blouse, perhaps. The cutout from them must be V-shaped. So you will distract the attention of those around the beautiful neckline, emphasize softness and femininity. Blouses can be with closed shoulders, and with open. Of course, the perfect choice is openness. A blouse with a basque is well combined – visually equates your bottom and top.
  • Shirt too can safely nadevat.Glavnoe not buy a shirt with tight-fitting sleeves, with a “flashlight”, “cups” .Pod such figure fit shirt in the style of “bat” or with bare shoulders, but in the throat .
  • Warm clothing should be elongated, with vertical and diagonal lines. In addition, the cutout should be chosen round. In such ways, you will distract attention from the shoulders and pull up the silhouette. Try to choose warm clothes without cups, even coat. You can increase your top even more.

What will be the bottom?

  • Skirts should be chosen such that would attach volume to the hips and buttocks. Lush skirts are a great option, you can choose either short or medium length. The emphasis is on the waist.
    What to wear to a woman with broad shoulders to make the figure more feminine?
    Long skirts are also suitable. They should be worn with tops on straps, or with fluffy blouses.
    The owner of the figure “inverted triangle” must forget about the pencil skirts, however, she can wear a pencil skirt with a basque.
  • Pants need to be picked up with an average fit, with patch pockets around the thighs and buttocks, and also with folds at the top. Note that monochrome trousers should be wide, multi-colored can be narrowed.

How to properly choose clothes for your type of figure ?

Here are a few examples:

What to wear to a woman with broad shoulders to make the figure more feminine?

  • Shorts should be a “free cut” style. They will visually increase the hips. By the way, too short should not be chosen, and then there will be a reverse effect of increasing the shoulders.

What dresses and overalls to choose?

In a separate category we will refer to overalls and dresses, as they combine all the above requirements to the top and bottom.

  • Picking up overalls, pay more attention to the bottom. There are the same requirements as for the selection of trousers – should be long with wide pants. The top can be any, either closed with a round neckline or open.
  • Dresses can also be different – long, short, tight, “airy.” The most suitable option is a lush skirt and open up. It should emphasize the waist strap. Different colors, textures, styles are suitable.

Here are some options:

What to wear to a woman with broad shoulders to make the figure more feminine?

The right accessories for women with wide shoulders clothing

Adjust the type of shape accessories help, and they need to be bright, massive, attractive. It can be drawing, decoration, drapery, etc. The main thing is to translate the attention of the image surrounding this particular detail.

  • You can safely wear bright bracelet, long jewelry, chains that will lengthen and narrow the silhouette , direct attention from the top down. But avoid any details in the shoulder area.
  • Bag is one of the main accessories that help to shift the emphasis in the image. Remember that you should wear it on your hip. Suitable volume, bright everyday bags. They will attract attention, give more volume to the bottom. Also in the image fit clutches, small bags on a long chain.
  • You can focus on the hands with gloves .
  • To let others notice your waist, wear a bright belt . The straps fit both narrow and wide. The choice depends on the choice of clothing. With a skirt, a dress can be worn wide, and with trousers, a coat – narrow.
  • Cut the elongated shoulders will help scarf.

Remember one main rule: so as not to overload the top, pick up any one accessory, or one that will be combined with the shoes.

Shoes can be chosen very different. The main thing is that it also stands out.

main mistakes in dress women with narrow hips and broad shoulders, or how not to dress

Women with a figure often neglected T requirements and rules on the choice of clothing is often useful if the thing she bought. However, notice, you are a woman, a girl, you must look feminine, attractive, sexy, and not scare away with the broad torso of men. If you can not get dressed, then you are doing something wrong. Stylists advise not to make the following mistakes:

  1. Remove all outer clothing with cups, shoulder pads . They expand you even more. A jacket can be worn, but if it is with vtachnymi sleeves and not too wide.
  2. Do not wear shirts, blouses of dense fabric . This will add to your extra centimeters.
  3. You should not wear clothes on the upper part of the figure with delicate inserts, decorative elements.
  4. You do not like a pencil skirt. It does not give volume to the hips.
  5. Clothing in tone – a failure option. If you wear pants and a blouse of the same tone, this may not change your figure at all. Remember, the lower part should always be light, the upper one – dark. Any dark shade will reduce your shoulder area, and a light color will emphasize the bottom.
  6. Do not wear very bright ornaments on your neck. Brooches, short chains, beads – will draw attention to yourself.
  7. Do not wear tight jeans. They do not suit everyone. A rare case – a bright print on the T-shirt and inserts on narrowed to the bottom jeans.
  8. You should not buy accessories of the same shade. If the bag and shoes are the same color, it will give an image of old age.
  9. Should not be worn cardigans, sweaters bulk knitting. It is better if a warm blouse will fit the figure and be buttoned up with 1 button.
  10. Avoid jackets. They will give the volume to the shoulders.
  11. Do not wear losin.
  12. Replace the backpack on the bag.

These are the main mistakes made by the holders of the figure “inverted triangle”. Do not complex, correctly arrange accents, get suitable clothes, then you will become feminine and ideal.

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