Winter vacation 2017 with children – where to go on a New Year’s holiday with a child?

Arranging your children a real Christmas vacation is the dream of all parents. The options for a family New Year holiday are many, but a trip to warmer countries in the middle of winter is not the best solution for children, who instead of resting will have to spend energy on acclimatization. That is, it is better to spend vacations there, where the child will receive a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of problems.

Where can I go?
Winter vacation 2017 with children - where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child?


    Great Ustyug
  • Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Golden Ring of Russia
  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Belarus
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • France
  • Sweden

On a winter vacation with a child to Santa Claus – in Veliky Ustyug

The most popular destination for the period of winter holidays. The ancestral garden of Santa Claus will be an excellent entertainment for the child, even if he does not already believe in the country’s chief Grandfather.

True, take care of such a trip better in advance – tickets might just not turn up.

The best winter vacation with children in Rovaniemi, Finland

If our little Santa Claus is already familiar, you can go to his Finnish “brother”, Santa Claus in the capital of Lapland. Extreme this trip will not, but for fans of a cozy family holiday – the very thing.


Rovaniemi in the New Year – it’s a comfortable rest and modern service, a kaleidoscope of winter pleasures, the main country’s Yolupukki on Mount Corvanturi , in droves and less well-fed than our Santa Claus.
Winter vacation 2017 with children - where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child?
You will be treated with sweets and ginger biscuits, ride on a sleigh, show the dwarves and give a pair of lessons at the Elvish school. And you can send your own parcel directly from mail of Yolupukki – caring dwarfs will even put Santa’s branded seal on her.

And you are waited Santa park with attractions, elven disco , attractions, 3-kilometer Ranois zoo (no cages!), Ice hotel and gallery, snow restaurant and ice statues, Ounasvaar ski resort, snowmobiles, a fantastic arctic museum, etc. By the way, the park is open all year round. Therefore, you can go to Rovaniemi in the middle of December (in the new year itself, it’s rather difficult to buy a tour – too many people).

It is worth remembering that kids under 4 years of age are preferably transported to the center of Finland (in Rovaniemi it will be too harsh for them in winter).

Golden Ring of Russia – for interesting winter holidays for children

In such a tour, you can safely go along with the children. And the rest will be no less saturated than, for example, foreign.
Winter vacation 2017 with children - where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child?
You will travel to the cities of the Golden Ring ( Vladimir, Kostroma, Yaroslavl , etc.), New Year’s banquet, street festivities, gifts and fairy-tale programs with Santa Claus and characters of Russian folklore, excursions, dog sledding, holidays with barbecue / raznosolami, slides and fun, etc.

Christmas vacation with children in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Christmas in Belarus – an excellent option for a family holiday.

To your attention – ancient relic forest, excursions, the National Park and the ancient city of Kamenets with a watchtower of the 8th century, the purest air, ski walks, the residence of Belarusian Santa Claus and a magic well, a meeting with 12 months in the forest, Christmas entertainment, 600-year-old oaks and bison.

And most importantly – the passport is completely useless . Memorable New Year’s holiday with children in Prague

It’s better to go to the Czech Republic with older kids. The country will be attractive in any season, but Christmas time (the holiday itself – December 24-26) is a real fairy tale.

New Prague – it’s an avalanche of gifts and surprises, fluffy snow covering the houses with red tiles, Christmas trees and fir in the pot (the Czechs cherish their nature), costume presentation with traditional angels, devils and Saint Nicholas, Czech Christmas tsukrovi (delicious tiny pechenyushki) and other confectionery joy in ifleemskie crib with moving puppets and songs , carp (the official Christmas dish), colorful fireworks and so on.
Winter vacation 2017 with children - where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child?
The area of ​​Prague Castle and Wenceslas Area With children it’s better not to visit these days – these are places for party people, fans of thrill and those who are not sorry to give double-triple price for dinner in the restaurant.

Funny winter vacation with a child in France

Finance allow?

So, let’s go breathe the cleanest air and skiing – that is, in the Alps!
Winter vacation 2017 with children - where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child?
Christmas France will give a lot of emotions to both children and adults: Cote d’Azur, the best ski resorts with perfect modern equipment and a variety of trails, festive lighting, light show on the Eiffel Tower, cable cars and sailing, castle of the Count of Monte Cristo and, of course, Disneyland.

A fabulous winter vacation with children in Sweden

Want a cold snowy winter and a quiet vacation? That way!

Children will be delighted with the Swedish Santa Claus, Yultomtena , residing in the residence Tomteland , from fairies and trolls, cheerful witch and elves. All, including moose with deer, can be touched, examined and photographed.
Winter vacation 2017 with children - where to go on a New Year's holiday with a child?
Christmas in Stockholm is very peculiar and fussy: festivities in Skansen (do not forget to look at the zoo ), workshops and food, pony rides, the creation of Christmas candles and hot sausages on the grill.

In the Old Town you will find a fair with festive souvenirs and Christmas concerts, ice rinks for fans to drive on skates.

And performances in Junibacken (children’s entertainment center), medieval furnishings in Sigtuna and festive shows and festivities in Gavle .

And where will your children spend the winter holidays 2017?


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