10 best children’s creams and creams for newborns – according to experts and from reviews of moms

10 best children's creams and creams for newborns - according to experts and from reviews of moms Mum’s experiences about whether everything is ready for the appearance of crumbs to light, begin long before his birth. Bags, cots, aspirators, bathing accessories – the list of necessary things is very long and requires special attention, given the tender age of the baby and the sensitivity of his skin. No less carefully, you should also choose skin care products, the need for which is not questioned.

What kind of cream is the safest for a baby, and what you need to know about these tools when choosing them?

Understand the question! The contents of the article:

  1. Kinds of baby creams
  2. 10 best baby creams, according to moms
  3. What to look for when choosing a baby cream?

What baby creams are for newborns and older children – moisturizing, nourishing, protective, universal, etc.

Traditionally, creams for babies are divided into funds designed to solve specific tasks – moisturize, soothe, protect, etc.

Conditionally they can be divided into the following groups:

  • Moisturizing. It would seem, well, why a baby moisturizing cream? It is necessary! The skin of newborns is extremely thin, sensitive and tender, and the work of the glands at such a young age is not yet established. During bathing, the protective lipid film, which provides a protective function, is washed off. As a consequence – dry skin and peeling. Thanks to moisturizing cream, the protective barrier is restored. Usually, this composition contains oils, a vitamin complex and glycerol.
  • Anti-inflammatory. The task of the remedy is to soothe the skin, remove irritation, help in healing wounds and cracks. Often such a cream of the mother is used for a diaper. The effect is achieved due to herbal extracts in the product – chamomile and celandine, calendula, string and so on. Also, the agent can contain panthenol for skin regeneration, and has antimicrobial properties of zinc oxide.
  • Protective. Infant skin is extremely necessary protection from external factors – from wind, frost and so on. This protective cream has a denser structure, preserves the effect of protection for a long time, forms a special film on the skin to prevent dryness of the skin , the appearance of cracks and other troubles.
  • Universal. These drugs perform several functions at once: they nourish and moisturize, eliminate irritation and soothe, protect. The structure is usually light, and the absorption is instantaneous. As for the effect – it is not pronounced, due to a wide range of tasks.
  • Sun protection. An indispensable and indispensable remedy for the summer. Such cream contains special UV-filters (it is important that the filters are safe for babies!) And protects the skin from the aggressive effects of the sun. From the receipt of sunburn will save any cream, with a value of SPF = 20, and above. The ideal form of the remedy is lotion, stick or cream. In this cream there should be no dangerous for the child’s health filter Oxybenzone , any dangerous preservatives, as well as vitamin A (its presence in sunscreen is dangerous to health).
  • Soothing. These drugs are needed to calm the inflamed or irritated skin of the crumbs, protect it from diaper rash and possible rashes. The composition usually contains components with antibacterial, soothing and wound-healing effect. For example, shea butter and panthenol, natural extracts, zinc oxide and so on. The best baby powders, according to moms

    10 best baby creams, according to moms – which is better for newborns and children older?

    Each baby is individual. A cream that is suitable for one baby may not fit the other at all because of allergies to specific ingredients. Therefore, the choice of the facility in any case is carried out by trial and error.The main thing is to know what to choose from! Your attention – the best cream for babies in the opinion of their moms! Bapanthal Baby from Bayer, 100 g.

    • Purpose: protective, under the diaper.
    • The average cost is about 850 rubles.
    • Manufacturer – Germany.
    • Age: 0+.
    • Ingredients: provitamin B5, vitamin B3, olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, niacinamide, meadow pencil oil, vitamin E, phospholipids oil, soybean oil, lanolin. Main properties:
      • Treatment of diaper rash and skin irritation, diaper dermatitis, cracks in the skin.
      • Regenerating properties.
      • Protection against dryness.
      • Creation of a water repellent film on the skin to protect against harmful effects of urine and feces enzymes.
      • Protection of the skin from friction and damage due to wearing a diaper.
      • Enhancement of skin barrier functions.


      • Has a hypoallergenic composition.
      • Leaves a full air exchange of the skin.
      • Light texture without stickiness and traces on the fabric.
      • Absence of preservatives, mineral oils, perfumes, dyes.

      , 125 g.

    • The average cost is about 500 r.
    • Manufacturer: Ireland.

    • Age:
    • In the composition: zinc oxide, paraffin and lanolin, lavender oil.

    10 best children's creams and creams for newborns - according to experts and from reviews of moms

    Main properties:

    • Skin softening.
    • Brightly expressed soothing effect.
    • Regenerating properties, disinfectant and antibacterial.
    • Anesthetic effect, relief of pain.
    • Drying of wet skin areas.
    • Application for eczema and dermatitis, pressure sores and frostbite, with wounds and burns, with acne.


    • Proven effectiveness.
    • Quickly soothes the skin.
    • Copes even with complex forms of dermatitis.
    • Leaves no stickiness.

    Bubchen From the first days, 75 ml.

    • Purpose: protective, under the diaper.
    • The average cost is about 300 rubles.
    • Manufacturer: Germany.

    • Age: 0+.
    • In the composition: zinc oxide, panthenol, karite oil, heliotrope. Main properties:
      • Protection against inflammation and redness of the skin.
      • Prevention of diaper rash, dermatitis.
      • Soothing and healing effect.
      • Elimination of skin irritation.
      • Care and nutrition.


      • Absence of harmful components. A completely safe product.

      Umka Baby Cream Hypoallergenic, 100 ml.

      • Purpose: soothing, moisturizing.
      • The average cost is about 90 rubles.
      • Manufacturer: Russia.
      • Age: 0+.
      • Ingredients: ectoin, panthenol, bisabolol, sugar beet extract, olive oil, camomile extract. Main properties:
        • Soothing and moisturizing effect.
        • Protection from external factors.
        • Elimination of skin irritation, treatment of dermatitis.
        • Anti-inflammatory properties.
        • Skin softening.


        • Hypoallergenic composition: without parabens and silicone / mineral oils.
        • Light texture.
        • Pleasant fragrance.

        Little Siberica Under a diaper with an alteum and a yarrow

        • Appointment: protective.
        • The average cost is 250 rubles.
        • Manufacturer – Russia.
        • Age: 0+.
        • Ingredients: yarrow extract, althea extract, sunflower oil, beeswax, shea butter, rhodiola rosea extract, juniper extract, evening meal extract, vitamin E, glycerin, pine nut oil. Main properties:
          • Elimination of diaper rash and skin irritation.
          • Antiseptic and emollient properties.
          • Rapid healing of wounds, cracks.
          • Moisturizing and nourishing the skin.


          • Absence of harmful components.
          • Certification “COSMOS-Standard organic” is an absolutely harmless product. Weleda Baby & Kind With calendula , 75 g .
            • Purpose: protective, under the diaper, soothing.
            • The average cost is about 400 rubles.
            • Manufacturer: Germany.

            • Age: 0+.
            • In the composition: sesame oil, sweet almond oil, zinc oxide, natural lanolin, marigold extract, chamomile extract, beeswax, hectorite, a mixture of essential oils, fatty acid glyceride. Basic Properties:
              • Creates a water repellent and protective barrier on the skin.
              • Eliminates inflammation, redness, irritation.
              • Forms a natural protective layer of the skin, maintains a moisture balance.
              • Soothing and healing effect.


              • Certification Natrue and BDIH: absolutely safe composition. Emulsion Mustela Stelatopia, 200 ml.
                • Purpose: moisturizing, restoring.
                • The average cost is about 1000 rubles.
                • Manufacturer – France.
                • Age: 0+.
                • Ingredients: lipids (fatty acids, ceramides and procholesterol), petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, sunflower seed oil, plum seed extract, candelilla wax, squalene, glucose, xanthan gum, Avocado Perseose. Main properties:
                  • Intense hydration of the skin.
                  • Restoration of lipid layer and skin structure.
                  • Stimulation of lipid biosynthesis.
                  • Soothing effect.
                  • Restoring the elasticity of the skin.
                  • Elimination of itching, redness.


                  • For toddlers with dry skin, also prone to atopy.
                  • Formula with 3 lipid components.
                  • Quickly eliminates discomfort.
                  • Instant.
                  • Presence of the patented Avocado Perseose component.
                  • Absence of parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, alcohol. Johnson’s Baby Careful Grooming, 100 ml.
                    • Purpose: moisturizing, softening.
                    • The average cost is about 170 r.
                    • Manufacturer – France.
                    • Age: 0+.
                    • Ingredients: aloe extract, soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn starch, polyglycerides, chamomile extract, olive extract,

                    10 best children's creams and creams for newborns - according to experts and from reviews of moms

                    Basic properties:

                    • Softens, nourishes, intensively moisturizes.
                    • Provides a protective layer.
                    • Keeps the moisture level in the skin.


                    • Absence of fragrances.
                    • Hypoallergenic composition.
                    • Light structure and pleasant aroma.

                    Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30, 89 ml .

                    • Appointment: sunscreen.
                    • The average cost is about 2600 rubles.
                    • Manufacturer – USA.
                    • Age: 0+.
                    • In the composition: zinc oxide 22,5%, grape juice, green tea extract, glycerin. Hips extract, triglycerides, jojoba oil, buriti fruit oil, olive oil, shea butter, apple extract. Main properties:
                      • Skin protection against sunburn.
                      • Protection against dryness – moisturizing and softening the skin.


                      • SPF- 30.
                      • Safe for children solar filters: Zinc Oxide 22.5%.
                      • Safe composition: natural mineral formula.
                      • Brand is the leader in the production of safe cosmetics.
                      • High level of UVB / UVA UV protection!
                      • Can be used for body and face.

                      Sanosan From diaper rims

                      • Appointment: protective, under the diaper.
                      • The average cost is about 300 rubles.
                      • Manufacturer – Germany.
                      • Age: 0+.
                      • In the composition: zinc oxide, lanolin, almond oil, olive oil, panthenol, vitamin E, allantoin, avocado oil, milk proteins. Main properties:
                        • Effective for eczema, dermatitis, skin damage.
                        • Soothing and healing effect.
                        • Moistening and softening.


                        • The composition contains phenoxyethanol (not the safest component).
                        • Without dyes and aggressive chemistry.

                        10 mandatory cosmetic products for child care

                        What to look for when choosing a baby cream – expert advice

                        Among the many products on the modern market for infant skin, choose a cream for your baby extremely difficult. Bright packages and “promising” promises of the manufacturer in the big letters are present for each product.

                        To avoid mistakes, one should follow certain rules of choice …

                        The most harmful components in children’s cosmetics are surfactants. Namely, sodium lauryl sulfate / SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate, not less often used in cosmetics. In children’s cosmetics can be present only soft surfactants, on a natural basis.

                      • Mineral oil. That is, liquid paraffin and paraffin oil, a component of paraffinum liquidum, as well as petrolatum liquid and petroleum oil, or mineral oil. All these are harmful derivatives of petrochemicals. Choose products with a plant base.
                      • Animal fats. Means with such a component are not recommended due to the clogging of pores.
                      • Parabens (note – propylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben). There is evidence that these components are cancerous. Naturally, in the cosmetics of the child they do not need.
                      • And, of course, we avoid …

                        • Sulfates, silicones and formaldehydes and all their compounds.
                        • Dyes.
                        • Flavors.
                        • Preservatives.

                        ECO-markings: we are looking for the safest cream!

                        1. ECOCERT (French standard of quality). In products with this labeling, you will not find any silicones, acids, or petrochemical products. Brands with such markings – Green Mama, SODASAN.
                        2. BDIH (German standard). Prohibition of the use of harmful chemistry, GMOs, dyes. Brands: Logona, Weleda.
                        3. Extremely tough quality requirements . Brands: Natura Siberica.
                        4. COSMOS (note – COSMetic Organic Standard) – a common European standard. Brands: Natura Siberica, Little Siberica.
                        5. NATRUE (European standard) with 3 levels of certification. Brands: Weleda.

                        The rules of choice – what to remember when buying a baby cream?

                        • Shelf life. Check these numbers carefully on the packaging. In addition, that the period should not expire at the time of purchase of the cream, it should be as short as possible! The longer the shelf life of the product, the greater the “chemistry” in its composition.
                        • Natural ingredients (vitamins A and B are recommended, as well as vitamins C and E, extracts of calendula, chamomile and other natural plants, panthenol and allantoin, zinc oxide, vegetable oils, glycerin and natural lanolin
                        • List of ingredients on the package Remember that the closer the component to the top of the list is, the higher its percentage in the cream, so the components that are at the very end of the list are the least (as a percentage) of the composition. chamomile “, in which the ex chamomile is at the end of the list, you can leave it in the store – there is almost no chamomile there.
                        • Neutral pH.
                        • Purpose of the remedy If your child has too dry skin, then the remedy with drying effect is clearly not suitable.
                        • Individual intolerance It should also be taken into account (read the contents carefully!)
                        • Smell and consistency Sharp fragrances are not desirable in children’s products.
                        • Age. Look closely at this limitation. Do not use a cream labeled “3+” for the baby’s skin.
                        • Where to buy? Only in pharmacies and special children’s stores, where they observe all the rules for storing such products.

                        And, of course, do not forget to check every remedy on yourself. You can test the cream on any sensitive area of ​​the skin.

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