10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train – than to take a child on the road?

10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? Preparing for a long journey – always an exciting process, and requiring consideration of all the subtleties. Especially if you are traveling with your kids. Children, as you know, do not differ in special calmness, and it is possible to keep them by their own free will only in one case – if the children are interesting to you.

Therefore, it is important to stock up on proper games and toys in advance so that your child does not get bored in a train or plane.

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  1. How to entertain children 2-5 years on the road?
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The best games and toys on the road – than to entertain children on the road?

We start collecting the road from the children’s backpack , which the child must collect solely by himself. Even if the child is only 2-3 years old, he is able to put his favorite toys into the backpack 2-3, without which there is not a single trip.

Why take a child on an airplane?

A mother, meanwhile, will collect toys and games that will not allow her beloved little girl to miss on the way.

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  • Magic bag “Guess”. An excellent version of the game for a baby 2-3 years. We take a small bag of cloth, fill it with small toys, and the karapuz will have to put the handle there and guess the object to the touch. The game develops fine motor skills, imagination and attentiveness. And it will be doubly more useful if the toys in the bag are filled with small croup (peas, rice). 10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? Toys choose the ones that the kid can guess – vegetables with fruits, animals and others already familiar to him on home games. If the kid has already studied all the toys from the bag, you can fold them back and ask him to touch to find any specific – for example, a cucumber, a typewriter, a ringlet or a bunny.
  • The game of attentiveness. Suitable for older children, 4-5 years – the ideal age. Develops memory, mindfulness, ability to concentrate. For the game you can use any items that you will have with you. We lay out before the child, for example, a pen, a red pencil, a toy, a napkin and an empty glass. The kid should remember not only the objects themselves, but also their specific location. When the child turns away, the objects need to be removed to the side and mixed with other things. The task of the child is to return the same objects to their original position.
  • Finger theater. We prepare mini-toys for the puppet finger theater and several fairy tales that can be played in this theater (although improvisations are certainly welcome). Toys can be sewn (there are many options for such dolls on the web) or made of paper. 10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? Many people use old gloves on which muzzles are created, sew hair from threads, hare ears or eyes-buttons. Let the child help you in creating heroes. A child of 4-5 years old will be pleased to participate in the play, and a two-year-old mother will bring a lot of joy to such a performance.
  • Fishing. The easiest way is to purchase a ready-made fishing pole with a magnet instead of a hook, on which the child will be able to catch toy fish. This game will distract the two-year-old baby for 2-3 years for a while, so that mother would transfer the spirit between the fingered theater and another forced walk around the car. The game develops dexterity and attentiveness.
  • We compose a fairy tale. In this game you can play with a child who is already happy to fantasize and likes to have fun and fool around. You can play with the whole family. The head of the family begins the story, continues Mom, then the child, and then one by one. You can immediately illustrate the tale in the album (of course, all together – the pictures should become a collective creativity), or compose it before going to sleep, under the clatter of the wheels of the train.
  • Magnetic puzzles-books. These toys can take a kid 2-5 years for an hour and a half, and if you participate in the game with him, then for a longer period.It is recommended to choose solid books, which really will be interesting to play, and not a magnetic board. 10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? However, a board with an alphabet or numerals, too, allows you to take the child for good – after all, just at that age learn to read and count. Also today on sale there are three-dimensional magnetic puzzle games, from which you can collect entire locks, farms or fleets.
  • Shaving baubles, beads and bracelets. Excellent occupation for the development of fine motor skills and fantasy. The work is painstaking – not easy, but the more interesting it is. In advance we take in the road a set with laces, rubber bands, large beads and mini-pendants. Fortunately, such sets can now be found in ready-made form. For a girl of 4-5 years – an excellent occupation. A younger baby can prepare a set of laces and small geometric objects with holes – let them string them on a string. And if you teach the child to weave braids while you are going to point B, then it will be quite remarkable (the development of fine motor skills promotes the development of creativity, patience, perseverance and the brain as a whole).
  • Origami. Children love to make toys out of paper. Of course, at 2 years old the kid will not be able to fold even a simple boat from paper, but for 4-5 years this game will be interesting. 10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? It is better to pre-buy a book on origami for beginners to gradually move from simple figures to complex ones. You can make such crafts even from napkins, so the book will be uniquely useful.
  • Board Games. If the road is to be long, the table games will not only facilitate it, but will also shorten the travel time, which always flies by unnoticed while we are playing with our karapuzikov. For children of 4-5 years, you can choose games-travel, checkers and lotto, for kids 2-3 years – baby lotto, games with cards, alphabet, etc. You can also buy books from which you can cut dolls and their clothes (or cars ).
  • A set of a young artist. Well, where without it! This collection is taken first, because it is useful in any situation. We must add a notepad and an album, pens with pencils, and also scissors and a glue-pencil. What to draw? Variants – a car and a car! For example, you can draw scribbles with your eyes closed, from which your mother will then paint a magical beast, and your child will color it. 10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? Or make a real story book with illustrations. And you can also keep a traveling diary, a sort of “logbook” in which the child will make his observations from the pictures that fly past the window. Naturally, do not forget about the short travel notes and route sheet, as well as a treasure map.

Toys for a child 3 years old, which can take him a long time

Of course, the options for games and toys that can come in handy on the road, much more. But the main thing is to prepare for the road ahead of time. Your child (and even more so the neighbors by car or plane) will be grateful to you.

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What can I use to play with the child on the road – toys and games from improvised means

If nothing but the set of a young artist (as a rule, take it with him all parents) and favorite toys baby, you with a take it was not in time or could not – do not despair.

The road can be made interesting without board games, computer and other gadgets.

Only fantasy and desire are needed.

  • Plastic plates. They are usually taken with them to the train instead of ordinary utensils, then to be thrown away after eating. From the plate you can make “wall clocks”, masks of animals (no one canceled the version with the performance), and also draw a landscape on it outside your window, or color the plates as bright fruits.
  • Plastic cups. With their help you can build pyramids, play the game “twist and turn” or arrange a puppet theater, drawing characters directly on the glasses. 10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? And they can be decorated and used as a container for pencils.Or, cutting the top of the petals, make a flower bed for the grandmother.
  • Napkins. Wipes can be used for origami. Also from them are chic roses and carnations, Christmas trees and snowflakes, dresses for paper princesses – and much more.
  • Plastic bottle from under the water or a box of cookies. Do not rush into the bucket! They will make wonderful bird feeders, which you and your child can hang on a tree at the end of the path.
  • Plastic caps from bottles. If you have at least 3-4 covers, then you will not have to be bored! For example, you can consider them or use them as obstacles to a child’s racing machines. Naturally, you can not run into obstacles, otherwise a strict GIBDD officer (let it be Dad’s role) will severely “write a fine” and force him to sing a song, draw a hare or eat porridge. And you can paint the covers like ladybirds or bugs and put them on the plate-leaves. 10 best games and toys for children 2-5 years in an airplane or train - than to take a child on the road? Another option – the game for accuracy: you need to get a lid in a plastic glass.

Slightly savvy – and even your fingers with the help of markers will become the heroes of the theater, and from the napkins will grow whole gardens with beautiful flowers.

And, of course, do not forget to grab 2-3 new toys for the baby, which will be able to carry away the little girl a little longer than old toys, so that you (and the neighbors on the train) have time to rest a little.

And what games and toys do you occupy your child on the road? Share your stories in the comments below!

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