12 ideas for remaking jeans – we update jeans wardrobe!

12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe! Every second girl experiments with clothes from the wardrobe. Especially, if things are old, unfashionable and require either carrying out to the trash, or urgent ennobling. The second option, of course, is preferable.

Surely you have a stack of jeans in the far corner of the dresser, which is a pity to throw.

We will show you how to make them relevant and fashionable again! Who goes and how to wear jeans with an overstated waist?

Ragged or frayed jeans

What you need: your old jeans, raspavivatel (blade or knife), soap and a small metal grater with holes “for garlic.”

  • We choose a place for future “weariness” on jeans.
  • Carefully three graters this section “horizontally”. We act as accurately as possible, if the desired result is just shabby, not a gaping hole. Grater should remove only the top layer of the thread.
  • Place the jeans on the table,
  • We cut “horizontally” with a ripper or scissors.
  • Drawing a few strings along the edges of the holes to feel the “worn” jeans (note – or we erase them in the typewriter so that the strings stretch themselves) – create the shaggyness of our chaotic holes.
  • Cuttings are made, based on their wishes – on several sites or right along the entire length of the trousers (trousers).
  • If desired, you can draw obtained holes in one of the following ways (lace, sequins, etc.).

In order to ensure that the “gaps” did not completely crawl and spoil the presentation, it is necessary to sew a shred of guipure to them from the wrong side.

Bright colored jeans-space – we paint according to the instructions

For this masterpiece you need: dark jeans, toothbrush, acrylic paint for the right colors, sponge, spray, bleach solution with water (2: 1), container for mixing paints.

  • We spread jeans over the film on the floor.
  • Spray the bleach solution in various areas with a spray of bleach, not abundantly, but slightly and neatly. We are waiting for the appearance of orange spots. For their intensity, you can sprinkle one more time.
  • Next, mix the first portion of acrylic paints and sponge gently and accurately apply it around our orange spots. Experiment with flowers! That is, sponge from time to time rinse and take a different color.
  • Separate sections are selected with white paint.
  • The stars in our jeans “galaxies” are painted with a brush and a diluted white paint. Here everything is simple: we dip the tooth / brush into the paint, and then, using the finger, “spray” (spray) the paint into separate areas – create clusters of stars.
  • Do not forget about the reverse side of jeans and seams – they also need space. Wait until completely dry (at least 24 hours). Stylish “varenki” – if jeans become “boring”

    You will need: old jeans, white, tare (a bucket or a large saucepan, for which then the mother will not take her hands off).

    • Choose dark jeans that are keenly demanding a “fashionable reboot”.
    • We strongly twist our jeans. And, the more you twist, the less will be the divorce. If you want a vertical pattern, then the sections of the twines are well fixed with elastic bands. Horizontal clamps require clamps, and for sprockets in the areas of twist – clothespins.
    • We collect in a container of water – exactly half, heat up to 80 degrees (on average) and sharply pour there a full glass of whiteness.
    • Bring our solution to a boil, stirring constantly.
    • After the boiling of the “potion” we immerse the jeans in it completely. Getting out? Pull back the ladle.
    • We are waiting for 15 minutes, constantly pushing jeans under the water. If the color does not want to change at all, add another half a cup of money.
    • We pull out after getting the right shade, we carry in the bath, we remove all the clips / rubber bands and carefully weave already new jeans.

    If cooking jeans you laziness, my mother does not give a pot or just not the right container, but there is Domestos – use it. Dilute half a glass of funds for 3 liters of water, soak the same twisted jeans and wait for clarification. Next – rinse and dry.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    And – another way, more sparing

    Alas, not always the resulting pattern as a result of the above-mentioned method brings joy. If you do not want to get upset, you can use the following method:

    • Treat the moistened (densely) in the bleach sponge with the necessary patches on the jeans.
    • Forget about jeans for 5 minutes (no more!).
    • If you want a gradient, you can spray more intensive places from the spray gun.
    • Next, rinse your jeans and dry.

    Decorating jeans with lace – stylish and glamorous

    Today it is the most fashionable option of finishing.

    You will need: old jeans with well very large holes (for example, jeans, on which you peremudrili with holes) and lace. You can and ordinary jeans, if the decor will be outdoor.

    What options are there?

    • Lace sewn as a lining on the hole from the wrong side. Denim edges around the lace-patch, of course, you need to puzzle out. White lace, sticking out in the cuts of blue jeans, looks very piquant.
    • Lace tape sewn around the waistband or just in front (just behind).
    • Back pockets, completely laced with lace.
    • Cut flowers (other pattern), sewn on the trouser legs, like appliqués.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    Just do not overdo it. The abundance of lace or its illiterate use can turn your jeans into a vulgar thing.

    Decorating jeans with rhinestones and beads

    What you need: rhinestones, beads, beads, your jeans.

    • Choose the desired area on the jeans, look for the desired pattern and transfer it to jeans in shallow pencil (pockets, side breeches, cuffs).
    • Choose rhinestones of different sizes and paste them on the picture by hand.

    Sequins, beads or beads will have to be sewn. The work is more painstaking, but the result is worth it.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    If you can not draw – take as a basis drawings tattoos (among them there are many interesting sketches of flowers, birds, etc.).

    And on jeans there are cuffs!

    Today the most fashionable are wide cuffs on jeans. Although no one will prevent you from making them according to your personal size and desire – you are a designer.

    Select the desired width, stitch the jeans or just wrap them evenly outwards, sweep at the seams and deal with the decor of the received cuffs:

    • Decorate with rhinestones or beads.
    • Sew lace.
    • We use bright strips of fabric.
    • Make the fringe.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    . To help come stamps and stencils.
    • We take an ordinary child rubber stamp for creativity with the desired pattern, dunk it in the paint for the fabric of the desired color and stamp it on health as the shower requires.
    • If there are no children’s stamps, you can make it yourself from potatoes, erasers, etc.
    • You can punch and sponge. Only paint take a thicker and pre-test the stamping on an unnecessary flap, so that the extra paint is gone from the sponge – the picture should be a small snow, not blots.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    Stencils – also a good idea

    • Draw a pattern on the cardboard, cut out, fix it on the paint tape on the jeans.
    • Apply a brush or a sponge.
    • We are waiting for drying and remove the stencil.

    Drawing on jeans – an option for artists

    Option 1-y:

    • Take the paint on the fabric and brush.
    • We make the pattern shallow, color, wait for drying.
    • You can use felt pens for the fabric (they are even more convenient to draw).

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    Option 2-nd:

    • Insert the card into the leg to protect the other side.
    • Overlay the desired portion of the leg with lace and fasten it securely with pins.
    • Using a sponge, toothbrush or hand-pointwise, we paint the pattern through the lace and wait for it to dry.

    Option 3:

    • Cut out the desired pattern from the lace and wet it in the bleach to a light moisture (so that the lace does not crumble).
    • We lay the lace on the pant leg and press it tightly for 10-30 minutes. Accordingly, the longer – the brighter the picture.
    • Next, take off the lace and dip a little jeans in a solution of water and vinegar (note: 3: 1). After – we erase separately in the machine or manually.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    Jeans turn … into elegant Capri

    Here everything is simple. If you are tired of the pincers, or the bottoms of the pants have become completely worthless, then it’s time to cut off the jeans under capri (or shorts).

    • Choose the desired length with a margin for cuffs.
    • Cut off on soap-marked strips.
    • Bend the legs out and decorate one of the above methods (fabric, lace, beads, etc.).

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    Appliques-patches – at the height of fashion!

    If you are young, bold and with golden hands, you can use applications. They transform old jeans so that later familiar people ask – where to buy this beauty?

    There are many options – choose to your taste or look for something unique:

    • Bright rectangles of colorful and different fabrics, chaotically sewn on the front legs.
    • Application using colored laces.
    • Applications in the style of graffiti.
    • “Point” applications in the form of hearts, letters, patches, etc.
    • Use colored thin skin or denim of different shades.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    Sewing applications can also be done in different ways – from the usual line to the zigzag or even the contour “smooth.”

    Embroidery on jeans – painstakingly and for a long time, but beautifully and firmly

    If in the talent of needlework you can outrun even your grandmothers, and you have a muline – a full box, boldly look for the desired pattern.

    • Apply the pattern to the desired area.
    • We embroider. Better – smooth, it looks more spectacular. Although, you can use the technique of Richelieu, but in this case it is not recommended to experiment with flowers – take 1 color of threads slightly lighter than the fabric of jeans.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    If you want, you can make out of the threads of bulk flowers on the jeans:

    • Make the loop around the 2 fingers, remove the hammers and in the middle we tie it with contrasting thread.
    • The ends are cut off, our “dandelion” is swollen, we sew it to the jeans.
    • From below, we embroider a stem with leaves.

    Rivets on jeans – non-aging fashion

    First, create a pattern or think out the geometry by which you will “tighten” rivets. If in the process of decorating you understand what was done “wrong” and “not there”, it will be already extremely difficult to fix it.

    • We buy rivets in the store (those with “petals” from the inside).
    • We punched the fabric with riveting and bend the petals. If the jeans are too thick – make mini holes in advance.
    • The most advantageous rivets will look on the side seams, pockets, belt or cuffs.

    12 ideas for remaking jeans - we update jeans wardrobe!

    Ways to breathe new life into their old jeans – a wagon and one small trolley. Based on the above, you can come up with your own techniques and create a real masterpiece.

    Remember: hand-made is valued at all times! You can even organize your own handmade business, the ideas of which you are looking for here.

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