12 models of bras – which form of bra is right for you?

12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you? In our time, choosing a bra is not only a choice of color and material, but also, first and foremost, of its model. The more successfully this garment is chosen, the more effectively the deficiencies are corrected and the advantages are emphasized.

In modern stores, there are many models. How to choose your own?

How to choose a bra for the size correctly – tables for matching the right bra size

Classic bra

Represents a closed model with soft cups and lack of bones. The upper and lower parts are usually equal in height.

12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?

  • Who will do? The model is ideal for girls with large breasts. However, it is universal, and it can be chosen by a woman with any form. An excellent option for maintaining the sagging after delivery and breastfeeding.
  • Disadvantages: lack of “push-up” effect, tight fit to the sternum, expressiveness of the model.
  • Choosing clothes. To a dress / blouse with a deep neckline or neckline, this model is definitely not suitable.
  • For what form of breast? Hibernate, sagging after birth; The mammary glands, widely spaced and “glancing” in different directions; breast, requiring full coverage.

If you are a girl with a big lustrous breast, and you need maximum comfort, then this model is for you.


  • Features of the model: cups on the bones, open decollete zone, removable wide straps or silicone transparent straps. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Who will do? Universal model for women with any shape with any shape warehouse.
  • Purpose: supports the chest from below and provides it with a beautiful shape.
  • Choosing clothes. The ideal model for any clothing style, including V-cut. Not suitable for dresses with deep neckline or dresses with open shoulders.
  • Pros: perfectly fixes the chest,
  • Disadvantages: hard cups in the cups often rub your skin, and even “jump out” of the cups.
  • Who does not fit? The model is not suitable for a girl with a pear-shaped figure or with a miniature, with a broad chest, with widely distributed milk / glands, with a breast of omega-shaped / shaped. Also, the model is not suitable for girls who have an allergy to base metals.


  • Features of the model: the presence of a short corset made of dense tissue, the location of the bones on the sides and directly under the chest, no straps (note – fastened with lacing or hooks from the back), cups ” demi “, the minimum number of seams. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you? May have garters, removable straps or decorative elements.
  • Who will do? The optimal option for small and medium-sized breasts, as well as for women with voluminous breasts.
  • Pros: easy waist pulling, tight fitting of the body, the presence of seamless patterns in stores. Creates a beautiful neckline with a hollow and support for the back.
  • Disadvantages: the presence of pits, inconvenience when fastening, chest tightening when the corset is tightened too much.
  • For whom does not fit? For a woman with widely spaced mammary glands, with a small waist, with a circumference of the abdomen exceeding the circumference of the model’s belt, with a curvature of the spine.

This model perfectly emphasizes the volume of the upper chest and looks exquisite and expensive. Often it is used not only as underwear, but also as an element of clothing from a whole image.


  • Features of the model: strong neckline, the shape of the cups “balcony”, the hard material of the cups and the presence of bones, widely spaced straps with the possibility of detachment, the presence of a special silicone tape (note – for a snug fit to the skin and improved fixation). 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Who will do? A good choice for a small elastic breast.
  • Who does not fit? Women with a solid breast size (note – the chest will just jump out of the “balcony”), with a sagging and sagging breasts.
  • Pros: supports the chest, provides mouth-watering forms.
  • Choosing clothes: is suitable for almost any chosen image, including a neckline, a large cutout and open shoulders (subject to removal of straps), as well as shirts and tops.


  • Features of the model: the presence of pockets at the bottom to insert liners, visually increasing the size of the breast, a special armature, a large number of parts sewn to the side cups (not stuck in the basque). Pros: support the chest on the sides and lifts from the bottom, a visual increase in the breasts, the ability to adjust the straps according to the type of clothes.
  • Who will do? Women with small and medium breasts.
  • Choosing clothes. You can use the model for dresses with a neckline on the back, and for dresses with a fully open back. Accordingly, the shape of the dresses changes the position of the straps.


  • Features of the model: availability of removable / non-removable inserts (approx. – silicone, fabric or foam rubber), widely spaced straps. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Who will do? A good option for a girl with a small chest or with an average size of a high elastic breasts.
  • Who does not fit? For girls with a dangling, “tired”, saggy breasts (breast lift will be insufficient, which will certainly be noticeable even under the clothes), with strong asymmetry of the chest (note – additional inserts will be needed here), with size A / AA – no effect), with widely spaced milk / glands, and also with sloping shoulders.
  • Pros: a visual increase in the breast (approx. – 1-2 sizes), lifting the chest to form a beautiful hollow.
  • Disadvantages: in the summer, the chest in this model sweats strongly. Also it should be noted a certain discomfort – moving in such a bra is not very convenient, it feels like a “harness”.
  • Choosing clothes. This model is not suitable for dresses with a large neckline, a neckline, an open back, and also for dresses that are tight and made of thin fabric (“push-up” will be too noticeable), for tops with a low neckline.
  • Types of models “push-up”. 1-st – a slight breast lift, provided by the cut of the model. 2 nd – breast augmentation by 1-1.5 size, thanks to the soft material added to the cups. 3rd – significant breast enlargement with full filling of the cups with soft material.


  • Features of the model: open cups, opening half of each breast in the center, the upper part of the cups is much smaller than the bottom or completely absent. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Who will do? The ideal model for a girl with a small breast size.
  • Choosing clothes. The model is usually used for a large neckline.
  • Pros: perfectly supports the chest, adds “charm”.

Invisiblе (Invisible)

  • Features of the model: material – silicone, no back fastener and straps, straps and bones. Mounting on the body with a special adhesive backing. Flesh color. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Who will do? Girls with breast size A-D.
  • Pros: absolutely invisible under clothes; lifts the chest, gives it a shape and shifts it to the center, provides a “push-up” effect (size 1), and also hides the protruding nipples.
  • Choosing clothes. Ideal for dresses / blouses made of fine fabric, for a dress with an open neckline on the back (practically with an open back).
  • Disadvantages: does not support the chest.
  • Who does not fit? Girls who need extra breast support.


  • Features of the model: general view of the bra – strip of fabric, the presence of pits (or lack thereof, the model can be of different types), no straps, the presence of a fastener behind / in front or none at all. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you? The frame / lacing can be supported, and the presence of silicone tape along the edge is acceptable for more accurate fixing on the skin. Most often a flesh color. Material – Lycra or nylon.
  • Who will do? Girls with a small high chest.
  • Who does not fit? Ladies with lush forms (they simply can not provide the necessary support for the breast).
  • Choosing clothes. Perfect for dresses with open shoulders or with a cut on the back, for tops, as well as for a transparent blouse or tank top.
  • Pros: model is often referred to as the “second skin”.
  • Disadvantages: you have to put on your head; if the model is not correctly selected (not for that breast size), the bra may slip.


  • Features of the model: lack of seams in the cups; elastic thin material with microfiber, lack of decorative elements, absolutely smooth surface. The form is classic or “top”. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Who will do? A woman with an elastic breasts that does not need extra volume, and does not need support. And also for creating more refined contours of the breasts while wearing tight-fitting tops.
  • Who does not fit? A woman with asymmetry of the breast, with a very large breast size, with sagging breasts, with uneven fullness.
  • Pros: completely merges with the skin, repeats the shape of the breast, does not cause discomfort, is pleasant to the touch, absolute convenience, unseen under the clothes.
  • Choosing clothes. The model is suitable for dresses made from stretch fabrics, for tight dresses, shirts, blouses.
  • Disadvantages: with breast size D and more this model may not be suitable. The reason is that the shape of the cups is usually determined by the manufacturer, and there is a risk of their deformation under the weight of the breast. However, there is an option: choose bodys with a 2-layer fabric for better support.

For feeding

  • Purpose: for use during lactation. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Features of the model: anti-allergenic natural materials (usually cotton), detachable top of the cup, wide straps, no hard inserts, minimum of seams, special pitted cut.
  • Pros: created taking into account anatomical features, practicality and convenience when feeding crumbs; easy unbuttoning, comfortable fasteners, tight fitting to the body, protection from stretch marks and breast sagging, milk stagnation.
  • Types of the model for feeding. 1-st: top with missing bones for a small chest. Comfortable, but not providing breast support. 2nd: 2-layer bra with circular support, inner lining and zipper, with bones and without. Option for a large breast. 3rd: with cups open. Provides quick access to milk and lower support. 4th: with front clasp between cups. Adjustable size, full breast opening when feeding, convenient unbuttoning. 5th: clasp on the strap. Comfortable and simple, made of elastic fabric, with a dropping cup. 6th: night. Light, natural, imperceptible. Option for moms with lush forms.


  • Appointment: for exercising and reducing chest movement during training. 12 models of bras - which form of bra is right for you?
  • Features of the model: soft cups without pits with large coverage, whole-back, tight elastic material, wide rigid straps, it is possible to have a seal on the cups (for shaping, eye enlargement and more fixation), no fasteners.
  • Who will do? A girl with any breast size.
  • Who does not fit? A woman who wants to visually increase the volume of the breast, as well as for everyday wear (because the model is not designed to support the breast and its protection from sagging).
  • Advantages: breast fixation in its natural position, maximum driving comfort, no chest compressions and biting edges, sweat absorption.

Of course, brassieres are much more.

For example …

  • Body (T-shirt with panties with a clasp between the legs).
  • Corset (breast support and underlined waist).
  • Triangle (light, flat triangle / shape cups, lack of bones).
  • Delta Bust (a transparent model of microporous viscose).
  • Modeling with the effect of correction.
  • Models with the possibility of a color change during the period of ovulation.
  • Models inflated by using the button.
  • Models with microchips for pulse / pressure measurement and even with a radio alarm system.
  • Fur models with gel filling.

Whatever model you choose, stop at the one that meets the main criteria of choice: health, comfort, high quality.

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