15 best movies for pregnant women – interesting and useful movies in anticipation of the baby

15 best movies for pregnant women - interesting and useful movies in anticipation of the baby Every future mother knows what emotional and hormonal storms are raging in the female body during the 9 months of waiting – the mood skips like crazy, and a flurry of fear and anxiety sometimes takes away the ability to think soberly.

How to raise your morale and take your mind off not the most pleasant thoughts?

One way – good positive films for future mothers. To your attention – the best of them, according to the viewers in an interesting position …

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Acquaintance with parents

Released: 2000th.

Country of creation: USA.

Key roles: B. Stiller, T. Polo, R. De Niro.

The shy nurse Graham Faker makes Pam’s lover offer. And, according to tradition, she goes with her to the future father-in-law and mother-in-law to receive a blessing.

True, there is one problem: Graham is a catastrophically unlucky guy. And his future father-in-law is a CIA-shnik under the guise of a gardener who loves his daughter too much to give it to the first guy he finds …

A merry comedy with a talented duet of two famous actors, a family story and many touching moments.

A little bit pregnant

Released: 2007th.

Country of creation: USA.

Key roles: S. Rogen, C. Haygle, P. Rudd.

You want to make God laugh, as they say, tell him about your plans.

Apparently, the main character Alison with this saying was not familiar. And the careerist with the big ambitions did not have a child at all. Especially – from a stranger.

15 best movies for pregnant women - interesting and useful movies in anticipation of the baby

The film is about how children turn us into adults with a heightened sense of responsibility. And just a wonderful light picture for the evening with tea and buns.


Released: 1994-th.

Country of creation: USA.

Key roles: A. Schwarzenegger, D. De Vito and E. Thompson.

Classics of the genre! It would seem that the film from the distant year 94 – more than 20 passed! And the urgency does not lose, and still raises the mood and gives positive to future mothers, daddies – and not only.

Alex was simply involved in developing a drug that would help pregnant women protect themselves from miscarriages. Who knew that the crazy experiment would turn into a real pregnancy, and the man for the first time in history will directly participate in the generic process …

Pregnant Terminator and 9 months of waiting – we look and get positive charge!

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Nine Months

Released: 1995th.

Country of creation: USA.

Key roles: H. Grant, D. Moore, T. Arnold.

Unexpected pregnancy is happiness or a “blow in the back”? Samuel is closer to the second option. And Rebecca is the first.

Difficulties that arise during pregnancy fall on the couch like snow from the roof, and Rebecca sees only one way to solve the problem – to get away from Samuel.

A picture that will pleasantly surprise you with its sincerity, lightness and humor.


Released: 2008th.

Country of creation: Russia-Ukraine.

Key roles: L. Artemieva, F. Dobronravov, T. Kravchenko, A. Vasiliev, I. Koroleva.

Surprisingly funny, touching and super-positive series about a big family, where two pairs of grandmothers and grandfathers are fighting for the right to spoil a granddaughter and future grandchildren.

15 best movies for pregnant women - interesting and useful movies in anticipation of the baby

A multi-part tablet of stress, proving that even without special effects, a movie can be exciting.

Between us, the girls

Released: 2013-th.

Country of creation: Russia-Ukraine.

Key roles: Yu. Men’shova, G. Petrova, N. Skomorokhova, V. Garkalin, etc.

In the provincial town of Tyutushevo passion is boiling: mother is charmed by the boss, grandmother elegantly flits between two gentlemen in age, and the daughter led into the house young LOR, who turned their usual life upside down.

Another “soap-drama”? Nothing like this! Time at the TV will pass not in vain!

Happy event.- or Sex does not happen much “)

Released: 2011-th.

Country of creation: France, Belgium.

Key roles: P. Marmay, J. Balasco, L. Burgundy.

Fate brought them to the video store. They quickly married and decided on the child, being completely unprepared for this event.

One of the most realistic films on the “children’s” topic – about fears, unrest, problems and, of course, personal relationships in this difficult period.

What to expect when waiting for a child?

Released: 2012th.

Country of creation: USA.

Key roles: K. Diaz, D. Lopez, E. Banks.

Each of the 5 pairs expects to add to the family – where the planned, and where random. Waiting for him and 42-year-old Gillian – fitness coach …

One and a half hours only positive emotions! A remarkable cast, positive energy of the film – and, of course, an absolute happy ending!

Painted Veil

Released: 2006th.

Country of origin: USA, China and Canada.

Key roles: N. Watts, E. Norton, L. Schreiber.

In chinese village walks cholera, and every third inhabitant dies. People need help desperately.

Bacteriologist Walter is ready to go to meet death to end the epidemic, and leaves no choice to his wife, except to go along with him …

On the road

Released: 2009th

Country of creation: United States, United Kingdom.

Key roles: D. Krasinski, M. Rudolph, E. Jenny.

Verona and Bertha should have a baby. And future parents dream that the crumb lived in harmony with the world around him.

15 best movies for pregnant women - interesting and useful movies in anticipation of the baby

In search of the most harmonious place for the development of the karapuz, they comprehend the main value of life …

A life-affirming and touching movie about the main thing in the family is love and mutual support.

Everything is possible, baby

Released: 2000th.

Country of creation: United Kingdom.

Key roles: H. Laurie, D. Richardson, A. Lester.

Sam and Lucy realized that it was time for the trampling of small legs. And with all responsibility started the process of creating a new life.

But, despite the intensity of attempts, they did not approach the goal a single step.

Occultism, modern medicine, entreaties – just what the newlyweds do not want their dream to come true. Are all couples allowed to withstand the test of infertility?

An easy, but multilayered picture that one should never lose hope.

With Love, Rosie

Released: 2014th.

Country of origin: Germany, Great Britain.

Key roles: L. Collins, S. Cloughlin, K. Cook.

An unusual movie with an easy storyline, seasoned with sentimental moments, realistic turns and instructive.

Amazingly warm and atmospheric film for a cold winter evening.

Plan B

Released: 2010-th.

Country of creation: USA.

Key roles: D. Lopez, A. Locklin, M. Watkins.

We all have plans and goals, to which if we do not take a firm step, then at least lie in the right direction.

But life always makes corrections in them, and we have to come up with an emergency plan B. Like the heroine of the film, which only wanted to become pregnant and give birth. For myself. And do not need any men – they just spoil everything!

And now, when her dream has come true, and the long-awaited pregnancy became a reality, the man of her dreams solemnly rushes into the life of the heroine …

No deep philosophy and unnecessary details: an easy comedy for those who sorely want something romantic, touching and relaxing.

Pregnancy test

Released: 2014.

Country of creation: Russia.

Key roles: S. Ivanova, K. Grebenshchikov, D. Dunaev.

Natasha is 30 years old, and she is the head of the department. Professional, but tough. Every day she is looking for solutions to the most difficult tasks for strangers, but she can not decide her own.

15 best movies for pregnant women - interesting and useful movies in anticipation of the baby

Domestic series, exciting from the very first series, and approved by most future mothers.

Kinship ties

Released: 1989th.

Country of origin: USA, Canada.

Key roles: G. Close, D. Woods.

Michael and Linda are more than 10 years old, as a very successful family. But the child is still an unattainable dream.

The couple decides to contact the adoption agency where life brings them together with a 17-year-old girl who is ready to give them her unborn child …

The best entertainment for a pregnant woman in autumn, winter, spring or summer – what can I do?

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