15 surprises for the newlyweds at the wedding – how to surprise and surprise the parents and friends, make the bride and groom laugh?

15 surprises for the newlyweds at the wedding - how to surprise and surprise the parents and friends, make the bride and groom laugh? You were invited to a wedding. And this means that you were among the lucky ones whom future married couples consider to be close people. Of course, the preparation for the wedding is not your pleasant efforts, but the couple in love, but since you will be present at the celebration, you should think over your gift and the way of its delivery.

On such a day, absolutely do not want banal boxes with household appliances and duty sets of bedroom linen – I want a holiday and fun. Of course, nobody cancels traditional gifts, but in your power to add to this happy day more heat and light.

So, what to give?


Or Pyrotechnic scale show. A full pyrotechnic surprise will cost a pretty penny, and you can not do without specialists, but the newlyweds will remember your gift for their entire happy long life.

Of course, we are not talking about firecrackers in a wedding cake: you can order luminous hearts and flowers, names of newlyweds, fiery pictures, a path with “fountains” – any compositions that seem appropriate to you and will be budgeted.

The main thing is that pyrotechnics should be professionals (security is paramount).

Wedding weekend

If your friends-lovers have a financial situation that leaves much to be desired, and they have enough money only for a banquet and a photo at the monument, after which – a wedding night at the parents’ house (because they have not yet accumulated their own), then you can make a wonderful gift to your friends by taking a room for them in a good hotel with strawberries and champagne, a delicious dinner and other “all inclusive”.

15 surprises for the newlyweds at the wedding - how to surprise and surprise the parents and friends, make the bride and groom laugh?

Better yet, send them on a honeymoon.

Not too original surprise, but friends will be happy.

Video for the newlyweds

You can make such a gift yourself – or involve people who know it.

In the film, you can include photos of the newlyweds at the stage of the candy-bouquet period, video clips with their presence, video-wishes from friends and relatives (it will have to be removed separately), arrange all the chic music and season with wishes.

Be sure to “include the creative”: for example, you can accompany the movie with wishes from celebrities (you can mount anything).


Naturally, the rally must fit into the frame of decency, and wait for its exposure guests and newlyweds should not take too long (why do you have heart attacks at the wedding).

Options – weight! For example, you can accidentally overturn a large wedding cake (a quality dummy), or arrange a lime robbery.

If the wedding is celebrated in the apartment, you can negotiate with neighbors: some will do their best to “do repairs”, while others will knock on batteries and break into the house with a persistent request “to celebrate quietly.”

Lingerie and clothes with photos of the newlyweds

Similar services today are provided by many companies.

You can print a photo of the groom on the bride’s T-shirt, and vice versa.

15 surprises for the newlyweds at the wedding - how to surprise and surprise the parents and friends, make the bride and groom laugh?

And order a “patchwork” blanket, which will print the best photos of the life of the newlyweds.

With your hands

Are you an artist? Or sew toys? Or do crafts made of glass? Apply your talent in the business and give the newlyweds a piece of your soul!

A large joint portrait of lovers (for example) will be a chic gift.

Coat of arms and service

Draw (order) the family coat of arms of a new family (naturally, taking into account all the nuances), buy a beautiful service and order the seal of this coat of arms on the dishes.

And you can paint the service yourself (and originally!), If you have such abilities.

We give money!

Naturally, not in a banal envelope, and do not push them with a sly smile into the groom’s pocket – we choose the original way.

For example, we make a beautiful bouquet of colored paper with our own hands (there are many technicians today, there are also many master classes) with cash tulips, or we create a mini-tree with bills instead of leaves.It is important not to damage the bills, fixing them on the tree (you do not need to glue).

Or, for example, you can fold bills in long tubes (preferably five thousand), tie them with colored rubber and put it nicely in a gift box like a cigar.

Book of love

You can order such a book today in any printing house, having tests and photographs on your hands.

The book can include the best photos of the newlyweds, their love story with a happy ending, memories of friends and parents, the pedigree of both, and much more.

You can create this book family masterpiece (which will surely be passed on from children to grandchildren, and onwards) in the form of a beautiful love story or as a documentary biographical book, everything depends only on your imagination. The book does not need to be thick, like “War and Peace”: if there are not enough pages with text, you can dilute them with bright photos with no less vivid comments, again wishes, and so on. By the way, the pages of the book can be glossy, but very thick (like a sheet of cardboard), which will give your “folio” solidity.

And you can give to the young a family tree made by yourself

Certificate for driving in a driving school

As you know, today the prices for driving instruction are very biting, and not everyone can immediately save up for such courses.

If your honeymoon friends have long been dreaming about their car, you can make them a great gift.

And in addition to the certificate, you can give a large original piggy bank with initial (symbolic) capital and a signature – “copy on the car.”


This surprise will appeal to both guests and newlyweds. Tropical butterflies for such surprises are now offered by many companies engaged in organizing celebrations, etc.

At the time of the feast, the bride and groom are presented with a surprise box, the bride opens it, and the chic tropical butterflies fly over the happy newlyweds. It is important to remember that these butterflies fall asleep in the cold, so it’s important to make sure that the butterflies do not sleep at the time of delivery of the box.

If you can not get the butterflies, you can use for this romantic surprise white doves (they, as a rule, can be got in any region).

Extreme Surprise

Are your newly married couples not from a timid ten? Give the opportunity to “visit the seventh heaven”.

It can be a balloon flight, 2-3 days of rest in the mountains in France, a parachute jump – or a romantic dinner on the roof of the tallest building in the city (naturally prepared by professionals), and so on.

Surprise for sweet tooth

Even a dieter will be happy with this surprise (and there is no need to talk about sweets): a huge basket of chocolate (regular and original chocolates, candy surprises, chocolate sweets, figured chocolate, M & M’s placers and so on .) – an annual supply of sweet under the slogan “Let your life be sweet!”.

Wedding cake

Even the delicious three-story cake will be banal and boring if you do not approach it from the creative side. In advance find the experts-confectioners who will be able to prepare you this sweet work of art on time and with a decent quality of performance.

15 surprises for the newlyweds at the wedding - how to surprise and surprise the parents and friends, make the bride and groom laugh?

“Design” cake can be ordered, based on the hobbies of the newlyweds.

For example, motto design, if your friends are happy owners of fashionable bikes. Or digital design – for young programmers. Etc.

Chest with certificates

It is advisable to choose the most beautiful chest, which in itself will be an excellent interior gift. Further we fill it with sweets for the sweet life of lovers and we add a pack of certificates, among which there will be certificates for the purchase of household appliances in the store, furniture, paintball, swimming with dolphins, horseback riding, cosmetics, etc. (for everything you can, taking into account your financial capabilities).

Whatever idea for a gift you did not choose – the main thing that he was with all his heart and with attention to the newlyweds!

The best original gifts for the wedding of friends – can I give the newlyweds money?