17 games, contests and entertainment for the family on the New Year 2017 of the Firecracker – how to make the New Year boring?

17 games, contests and entertainment for the family on the New Year 2017 of the Firecracker - how to make the New Year boring? Feast of a mountain with a cold, salads, mandarins and a car of chocolates – it’s great. But apart from traditional pleasures, there are also more active and exciting programs for celebrating the New Year.

Well agree, nakushatsya “from the belly” and sit on the couch in front of the TV – it’s boring. Especially since the patron of the advancing on the heels of 2017 does not like greyness and monotony.

How to decorate the New Year’s table for a meeting of the New Year 2017 Rooster – the best ideas

So, than to entertain yourself, the household and guests: the celebration program for the most magical night of the year!

1. Sitting by – retiring

Competition with a beard, but still relevant and cheerful – for both the kid and adults who have already managed to spend the old year and have started a new meeting.

We arrange chairs in the center of the room (in the number of 1 less than the number of guests) round and back to the center. The inclusion of music – a signal to start: the contestants are actively running “round dance” in a circle and, as soon as the music is turned off, they quickly occupy vacant seats. Who sat by or just did not have time and was left without a chair – drop out. One chair, respectively, from the “dance” is removed. The winner is the one who will take the remaining chair as the first of the last two participants.

Prize, of course, prepare in advance. It is desirable, with humor (well, the holiday is the same after all).

2. Show of funny talents

If the guests are many and the family is large, and every first person is a humorist, then you can hold a contest for the funniest congratulations on the Holiday.

The winner is chosen by voting (you can make it anonymous), and the prize prepared beforehand is given.

For example, a Soviet poster on the theme of “drinking drunkenness”, soap bubbles or a bag of mandarins.

17 games, contests and entertainment for the family on the New Year 2017 of the Firecracker - how to make the New Year boring?

3. “The taste and color of all markers are different”

This competition – for gourmets. Well, for those who hesitate to run with relay mops, singing in karaoke and showing the cockerel is funnier than everyone.

Participants with kerchiefs turn a blind eye, and afterwards, various dishes are served in turn. Who will be a more professional taster, he will win.

The prize is the duty to eat all the dishes that the winner has not guessed.

4. Since my childhood with rhyme, I’m friends, or verses everywhere we have honor!

The presenter assigns the first line to the contestants (all participate!), And the other three must be invented by himself. The poet wins, who managed to “laugh” the audience and prolong the guests’ lives for at least a couple of years (1 minute of laughter, as is known, is equivalent to an additional 15 minutes of life).

Consolation prize (chupa-chups) – a participant who managed to find the most original rhymes.

The winner has the opportunity to choose his own prize (in one box hidden activated carbon, in the other – 0.5 vodka).

5. Learn from the smell!

This competition is similar to the above (for gourmets), the only difference is that the dishes will have to be determined not by taste, but by smell.

That is, the task becomes more complicated! The winner, of course, is the one who guesses more dishes.

The prize is a great chocolate medal.

6. New Year’s toasts

Entertainment for the whole family. The essence is simple: each participant blindfolds his finger in the first letter on the previously drawn alphabet. What letter falls out – with that and the first word of the toast will begin.

Each next word must begin with the next (in order) letters. That is, if the first word starts with “Z”, then the second word starts with “F”, the third one – with “I”, etc.

17 games, contests and entertainment for the family on the New Year 2017 of the Firecracker - how to make the New Year boring?

7. One small, but proud bird …

And again toast! Well, where without them on New Year’s Eve. This entertainment can shake even the most modest guests at the table.

The essence, again, is simple: the included musical toy (preferably, with the most nasty or the most ridiculous soundtrack) is transmitted in a circle from hand to hand right behind the table.On whom the music is over, he utters a toast.

It is possible to transfer the relay game a myriad of times, but make sure that guests do not get bored – it is recommended to change your entertainment in time (for example, to bring “hot”, open champagne or say classic “But we did not burn Bengal! Urgently go to the balcony! “).

8. Dressing is warmer!

Competition for the unhidden shyness of guests.

4 participants are required, which are divided into 2 pairs. Each pair (in which one is a fashion designer and the second is a mannequin) is given out on a bag with a variety of clothes, including men’s and women’s, children’s, retro, boa, hats, etc.

After that, the fashion designers are blindfolded – they will create by touch . And, the task of each fashion designer is to put everything that is in the bag on his dummy. The pair wins, having time to empty the bag faster than others.

Prize – a glass of champagne. Loser – for a sandwich with caviar.

9. Karaoke

No songs in the New Year – anywhere! In the play list, of course, we collect the most fashionable and funny songs.

Participants select through the “trick” with matches (among the whole matches – one shortened). Participate all, including those to whom the bear stepped on both ears and not only.

The winners are everything!

Prizes are obligatory (it is possible just in time for this contest to award gifts). 10. Herringbone, burn!

Competition of artists. We get a pre-prepared “makeup” (one that can be washed without problems), a box with an additional “inventory” (clothes, various items from mezzanines, tinsel, rain, toilet paper, sausage, etc.) and divide the participants into pairs “model -artist”.

Artists within 5 (or 10) minutes should create the brightest and most beautiful image on their models. Namely – a fur-tree.

Couple with the most beautiful and original tree receives two banded swords (or dumbbells).

11. We raise the degree of good mood!

In advance we pack small presents (hair clips, mini shower gels, chocolate medals, key chains, scarves and so on-that’s enough money) in such a way that it’s difficult to feel by touch – what is hidden under the layer of gift paper.

For example, a hairpin can be wrapped in a pair of napkins and then packed in a gift paper.

Each guest puts his hand in a bag and chooses his gift to touch.

12. Surprises on a string

Again, we hide small presents in the same boxes, which, in turn, are suspended at different heights, tied to a tight rope.

Each participant is blindfolded, after which he “blindly” must cut himself a scissors prize.

13. “We wish you happiness …”

This “action” is better done beforehand – even with the wires of the old year. We take a stack of magazines, scissors, glue and several sheets of A5 cardboard – one for each participant.

We leave all the wealth in the kitchen, where every guest can perform the task without strangers – that is, on the sly. And the task is simple – to create on the card an anonymous wish from the bottom of the heart, carving pictures and letters from magazines (a sort of collage from the heart and with humor). You can add a good “prediction” to your wishes.

Each collage is sealed in a white envelope without inscriptions and hides in a common basket under the tree.

After the coming of the New Year, the envelopes should be mixed among themselves and distributed to the guests. 14. The most delicious patron of the year!

Practically – a show of culinary talents.

The task for participants is to create from the available products the most beautiful – and, most importantly, delicious – cockerel.

The winner is chosen by voting (in the jury – children!), And the prize – the Snow Maiden cap (certainly with pigtails).

15.What should I bring with me on New Year’s Eve?

Each participant uses the “poke” method (putting his hand into a bag with notes) chooses a letter for himself (do not use too complicated letters like “Y” or “E”). It is on this letter that all the words in the list of things (phenomena, events, etc.) that should be taken with you in the coming year should begin.

Further, all anonymous lists are rolled into rolls and dropped into a bag, where they are thoroughly mixed, after which the guests are given the same method. 16. Chinese among us

The contest is cheerful and suitable for all participants without exception.

It’s better to immediately divide all the guests into pairs (preferably opposite each other), and to signal the “start” command for all at once. The essence of the competition: eat green peas (corn, berries, etc.) with Chinese chopsticks for 1 minute.

The winners are those who ate more peas than rivals.

Prizes – for a pot of peas!

17. Sniper of the Year!

What exactly you will use in this competition depends on your abilities and imagination.

You can throw rings on the neck of a bottle of champagne, throw darts at a painted target or shoot a child’s crossbow on empty plastic bottles – it does not matter. The main thing is to do it commandingly, in turn.

The team that collects the most points (one at all or personally each) receives the prize.

17 games, contests and entertainment for the family on the New Year 2017 of the Firecracker - how to make the New Year boring?

There are a lot of entertainments and contests for New Year’s Eve.Many fantasies, as they say, have no limits, but the fantasy of a person who already began to celebrate the New Year – and even more so

Therefore, you and the cards in hand, and Yandex to help, and the wonders of the wonderful next year!

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