20 books that will turn your mind over and change your life

20 books that will turn your mind over and change your life The word in the hands of a talented writer is a powerful charge of energy for the reader, an opportunity to rethink his life, draw conclusions, change for himself and the world around him. Books can be “weapons”, and can become a true miracle, radically changing the views of a person.

Your attention – 20 best books that can turn consciousness.

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Diving suit and butterfly

20 books that will turn your mind over and change your life Author of the work: Jean Dominique Bobi.

These memoirs of the famous French editor from the magazine “Elle” did not leave any reader indifferent.

The autobiographical book (later filmed in 2007) was written completely paralyzed by JD Bobi in the hospital department, where he fell after a stroke. The only “tool” for communicating with people after Jean’s tragedy was his eyes: winking in alphabetical order, he “read” to his doctor the story of a butterfly tightly locked inside his own body …

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Author of the work: Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Many famous masterpiece of magical realism: a book that today does not need any advertising.

Simply immerse yourself in the world of Senora Marquez and learn to feel with your heart.

White Oleander

Author of the work: Janet Fitch.

Life to each of us turns its special side: it educates, hugs others, the third pushes into a dead end, from which, it seems, there is no way out.

The best-selling novel by the American writer is a fantastically beautiful story about love and hate, about the bonds that bind us tightly and about the war for our spiritual independence.

The book is a discharge in the heart, a book-shock that everyone must experience with the author.

The stars are to blame

Author of the work: John Green.

World bestseller, conquered hundreds of thousands of readers, and became one of the pearls of modern culture.

Even in the most difficult circumstances, there is always room for feelings: to feel sorry for yourself or to love and smile – everyone decides for himself. A book with a beautiful language and an exciting storyline, awakens the desire to live.

Life of Pi

Author of the work: Jann Martel.

A magical story about an Indian boy, who by fate’s fate found himself in the middle of the sea in one boat with a predator. A screened book is a parable that produced the effect of an explosion in the intellectual world environment.

Life gives us millions of opportunities, and it is up to us whether we allow miracles to happen.

Do not let go of me

20 books that will turn your mind over and change your life Author of the work: Ishiguro Kazuo.

A strikingly honest book, thanks to which you can no longer look with a “sly glance” at the world around you. A brilliant work, through the prism of fiction, tells us how we pass by the most important thing in our life – submissively closing our eyes and indifferently letting our opportunities pass through our fingers.

The book is a requiem for the unfulfilled.

Children’s Law

Author of the work: Ian McEwen.

Bestseller for intellectuals.

And could you take responsibility for someone else’s fate? For Judge Fiona May, it was just such a moment when nobody and nothing can help in making a decision, including professionalism and habitual uncompromisingness.

Boy Adam urgently needs a blood transfusion, but his parents against – religion will not allow. The judge stands between the choice – to save Adam’s life and go against the will of his fanatical parents or keep the boy’s support for his relatives, but let him die …

Atmospheric book from a genius author who will not let you go for a long time after reading.

First, whom she forgot

Author of the work: Massaroto Cyril.

A literary masterpiece about love, which can not depend on circumstances and fade with age.

Mom of the young writer Tom is sick, and the daily incurable disease known as Alzheimer’s affects her brain, the patch behind the site, gradually erasing the memories of those who were dearer to her than all the others. That is, about children.

A piercing and surprisingly touching book that makes you appreciate even the most mundane phenomena and events in your life. Fine psychology, amazing accuracy in the transfer of the state of heroes, a powerful emotional message and 100% hit in the heart of every reader!

Life loan

Author of the work: Erich Maria Remarque.

When there is nothing to lose, the feeling of “nothing is a pity” opens the door to a new world. Where the deadlines, boundaries and constraints restrict us. Where death is real, love is like an avalanche, and it makes no sense to think about the future.

But from that and life becomes more beautiful, because it still has a continuation.

The book is a state without the author’s moralizing: is it worth leaving everything as it is, or is it time to overestimate one’s attitude toward life?

If I stay

20 books that will turn your mind over and change your life Author of the work: Gail Foreman.

A screened book about the choice that one of us has to do one day.

In the Miya family, love and care for each other always reigned. But fate has its own plans for us: the catastrophe takes away from the girl everyone she loved, and now there is no one to give her the right advice and say that everything will be fine.

To leave after relatives – where there will be no more pain, or to remain among the living and to accept this world as it is?

Book thief

Author of the work: Mapkus Zuzak.

This is an incomparable world created by a genius author.

Germany, 1939-th year. Mom drives a small Lizel to foster parents. Children still do not know who such a death is, and how much work it has to …

The book, which plunges entirely, falling asleep with the author on canvas, lighting a kerosene and jumping up from the terrible sounds of a siren.

Love life today! Tomorrow may not come.

Where are you?

Author of the work: Mark Levy.

A wonderful life, full of joy and love, has connected the hearts of Susan and Philip since childhood. But the death of loved ones always changes plans and turns the familiar world upside down. Susan, too, could not remain the same.

After the death of their parents, they decide to leave their native country to help everyone in need and in need of help.

Who said that love is to meet together every morning? Love is also “let go, if your feelings are true.”

A novel that reminds the reader of the most important.

You changed my life

Author of the work: Abdel Cellu.

The story of a paralyzed aristocrat and his assistant, who is already widely known for the French touching film “1 + 1”.

They should not have met – this unemployed emigrant from Algeria, barely freed from prison, and a French businessman in a wheelchair. Too different worlds, lives, habitats.

But fate pushed these two completely different people for a reason …


20 books that will turn your mind over and change your life Author of the work: Elinor Porter.

Do you know how to see pluses even in the most difficult situations? Search more in small and white in black?

A little girl Pollyanna knows how. And already managed to infect with his optimism the whole town, shaking this depressing swamp with his smile and the ability to enjoy life.

The antidepressant book recommended for reading even the most cynical skeptics.

The best antidepressant books – we read and drive away depression and bad mood!

Ice and flame

Author of the work: Ray Bradbury.

Due to the catastrophic changes in the natural conditions on our land, we began to instantly grow up and grow old. And now we have only 8 days to learn, to choose a partner in life and leave offspring.

And even in this situation, people continue to live as if tens of years ahead – with envy, jealousy, cunning and wars.

The choice is yours: do not have time for a whole long life, or live this whole life every day and appreciate every moment of it?

Man “yes”

Author of the work: Danny Wallace.

Do you often say “no” to your friends, relatives, passers-by on the street or even yourself?

So the main character is used to all refuse. And one day on the road “to nowhere” an accidental man forced him to completely change his life …

Try to conduct an experiment: forget the word “no” and agree to everything that your destiny offers you (within the framework of reasonable, of course).

Experiment for those who are tired of all afraid and tired of the monotony of their lives.

Standing under the rainbow

Author of the work: Fanny Flagg.

Life is not so bad as it is commonly thought of. And, whatever skeptics and cynics from your environment tell you, looking at the world through rose-colored glasses is not so bad.

Yes, you can make a mistake, “step on the rake,” lose, but live this life so that every morning a sincere smile appears on the face in honor of a new day.

A book that gives a breath of fresh air in this stuffy world, smoothes wrinkles on the forehead and awakens in us the desire to do good.

Blackberry wine

20 books that will turn your mind over and change your life Author of the work: Joanne Harris.

Once an eccentric old man created a unique wine that could turn lives around. It is this wine, six bottles, that the writer finds …

A touching tale for those who have already grown up and managed to get drunk from the rigorous well of cynicism, about the magic that you can learn to see at any age.

Simply remove the cork from the bottle of blackberry wine – and release the “genie” of joy to freedom.

451 degrees Fahrenheit

Author of the work: Ray Bradbury.

This book should become a desktop for every earthman of the 21st century.

We have approached the world created on the pages of the novel as never before. The world of the “future”, described by the author a dozen years ago, materializes with astonishing accuracy.

Mankind in the information garbage, the destruction of writing and the criminal prosecution for the storage of books – the philosophical anti-Utopia from Bradbury, creeping closer and closer to us …

Life plan

Author of the work: Laurie Nelson Spilman.

Mother Bret Bowlinger dies. And in the inheritance, the girl gets only a list of those same goals in life, which Bret herself once made in childhood. And, in order to obtain an inheritance, all items on the list must be fulfilled completely and unconditionally.

Only how, for example, do you reconcile with your father if he has long been looking at this world from somewhere above?

A book that will make you collect yourself “in a heap” will give a “kick” in the right direction and remind you that not all your dreams have been realized.

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