All payments and benefits for pregnancy and childbirth in 2017 – what is required, and how to calculate correctly?

All payments and benefits for pregnancy and childbirth in 2017 - what is required, and how to calculate correctly? 9 months of waiting for the baby is, in addition to the joy and anticipation of meeting with a new member of the family, also the fuss related to the design of benefits. But these bureaucratic difficulties seem so only at first glance. In fact, everything is simple and clear, if you sort out the lists of necessary documents in advance, types of benefits and the amount of the amounts.

What can expect future mothers in the coming year?

content of the article:

  1. Early registration with the LCD
  2. Maternity leave and maternity
  3. Lump sum
  4. Child benefit up to 1.5 years
  5. childcare allowance of up to 3 years
  6. Useful nuances

Early registration with the LCD – a lump sum

Expectant mothers who manage to timely register with up to 12 weeks ( at an early date) are entitled to a one-time benefit , which must be paid additionally the maternity allowance (note – if, of course, a woman has the right to it).

The amount of a one-time benefit for 2017 is 581, 73 r. for January of the current year (note – since February 2017 the amount will be indexed).

Where to apply for the benefit: to the employer.


  • Mom missed a half-year period of treatment. In this situation, the FSS decides independently: whether there were valid reasons, and whether the mother has the right to benefit.
  • Mom is an IP. In this case, she should apply to the FSS.
  • The company terminated its activities on the day of the mother’s treatment for the allowance (payment is made by the FSS).
  • There are not enough funds on the company’s accounts to pay the allowance (the FSS pays out).

The package of required documents includes:

  1. Sheets of incapacity for work.
  2. Application for payment of benefits in the form.
  3. Passport with photocopy.
  4. Reference from the LCD, confirming registration for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

When to file documents and how much to wait for the payment of benefits?

  • Maturity – a maximum of 6 months from the end of the scheduled leave for B & R.
  • The assignment of a one-time benefit is carried out simultaneously with the benefit of BiR. In extreme cases – no later than 10 days after the above reference is provided from the LC, if this information was provided by the mother later.

Who has the right to a one-time benefit:

  1. Working or dismissed mummies.
  2. Female students.
  3. Mom, passing service.

Maternity leave

For the current year allowances for B and P tempering at 140 days established by law in the following terms:

  • Minimum size : 34521, 20 p.
  • The maximum size : 266,191.80 р.

Personal Income Tax with the mommy’s due maternity payments are not withheld.


Since February 1 this year, the amount will be indexed!

Payments are made in aggregate for all reimbursed leave:

  • 70 + 70 calendar days (note – before delivery, and also after childbirth).
  • 70 + 86 calendar days (note – with complicated births).
  • 84 + 110 calendar days (note – at the birth of 2 or more youngsters).

For working women, the allowance must be paid in the amount of 100% of their average salary (note – average / earnings for the 2 previous applications for calendar years).

calculation of the amount of benefit Bir

  1. P = K x CLE (where “P” – allowance; “CLE” – is the average daily wage; “K” – the number of days of sick leave on vacation).
  2. SDS = C: D (where “SDZ” is the average daily earnings, “C” is the average salary for the previous two years, “D” is the number of calendar / days in the calculation period).

Duration of the calendar year is 730-731 days (depends on the “leap year” of the year). From this figure we subtract the periods-exceptions (approx.- hospital and other decrees in their presence) and we take this period to calculate the average salary.


  • If the Mom’s experience is less than 6 months, the amount of the BID benefit will be 1 MROT. This, for the year 2017 (on average in the country) – 7500 r. It is planned to raise the minimum wage in the current year to 8800 rubles.
  • When working with several employers at the same time, Mom has the right to receive benefits in all companies.
  • With the dismissal due to the liquidation of the company, the expectant mother can expect a benefit of 581, 73 rubles a month if she has time to register in the employment center within 1 year from the date of dismissal.

Who is eligible for benefits?

  1. Working moms.
  2. Dismissed mummies.
  3. IP moms if they are in the BCA for the IP in the FSS and contributions are paid for the year preceding the decree.

What documents are required:

  • Statement.
  • Hospital sheet from the LCD.
  • The income statement, which is taken from the previous place of work.

Where to get benefits?

  1. In the Sobes, if the mother is dismissed after the liquidation of the company and is registered with the employment center.
  2. The employer if mum works.
  3. The insurer (territorial body, see the MHI policy), if the company does not have funds in the accounts for the payment of benefits.

When to apply and receive benefits?

  • The term of circulation is a maximum of 6 months from the end of the B & R vacation.
  • The assignment of benefits is carried out within 10 days from the date of submission of all documents by Mom.

Lump sum allowance

This benefit is due to everyone, without exception, Mom.

As of January 2017, the size of this type of benefit is 15512, 65 rubles.

What documents are required:

  1. Statement.
  2. Passport.
  3. Reference from the work of one of the parents about non-receipt of a one-time benefit in case both parents officially work.
  4. A certificate from the USZ about non-receipt of benefits, in case only one parent works.
  5. Help from the registry office about the information about the father of the baby – for single mothers.
  6. Help from the registry office about the registration of the baby.
  7. Child’s birth certificate.
  8. Labor books of both parents or diplomas / certificates for unemployed persons – when applying to the USZN.
  9. Help from the background of social insurance / non-benefit insurance – for moms IP.

This benefit is paid for each born baby in equal amounts, while the level of the mother’s income and her labor status has absolutely no value .

If the mother was not officially employed when the baby was born, and the father worked, the documents are submitted to the father’s work place .

Where to go for the benefit:

  • In the place of work one of the parents of the youngster.
  • In SSZN in the place of residence in case the mother and father are not employed both.

When to apply and receive benefits:

  1. The maximum period of treatment is 6 months from the birth of a crumb. After 6 months – only with valid reasons (which, unfortunately, are not always taken into account).
  2. The benefit is calculated within 10 days from the date of submission of the documents.
  3. The grant is made at the end of the month that follows the month of treatment.

Child allowance up to 1.5 years

According to the law, the right to this monthly benefit is owned by mothers …

  1. Adopt a child.
  2. Having given birth to a child.

The benefit is paid only until the baby is 1.5 years old.

If the mother decided to go out early , leave to care for the baby can be reissued to the pope or another close relative.

Who is eligible for benefits?

  • Working moms.
  • Non-working.

Where to go for the allowance?

  1. At work – for working moms.
  2. In the USZN – non-working moms.

Maternity leave is different from maternity leave!

  • BioRelease is provided only to officially working moms for 140 days from the 30th week of pregnancy. It is during these 140 days that Mom receives payments equal to 100% of the average salary.
  • Childcare leave starts after the end of the maternity leave, and the corresponding allowance is paid to the mother until the child reaches 1.5 years old. If Mom does not work, then the grant is appointed from the moment the baby is born.

The minimum amount of benefits – how much do they pay in 2017?

For non-working mothers:

  • 2908,62 – for the 1-th baby.
  • 5817.24 – for the 2nd baby and the subsequent ones.


Beginning in February this year, these benefits will be indexed.

For working mothers:

  • 40% of the average salary, but not less than the minimum amount (note – mentioned above).

The unemployed mother is also eligible for 40 percent of the average wage – but only if …

  • Was fired due to the liquidation of the company (note – during pregnancy or care leave baby).
  • She was fired during the leave to care for the baby due to the transfer of the spouse from the military unit, or his dismissal due to the expiry of the contract.

List of documents for working mothers:

  1. Application for leave + application for benefits.
  2. Birth certificate of the baby (+ copy), for which the mother looks after.
  3. Birth certificates of previous children (+ copies).
  4. Information from the second parent about the non-receipt of this type of benefit and the non-use of parental leave (note – from work or study).

List of documents for non-working mothers:

  1. Application for benefits.
  2. Birth certificate of the baby.
  3. Workbook (note – with a record of dismissal in the relevant period).
  4. A copy of the order to grant this leave.
  5. Average / earnings reference.
  6. Information from the labor exchange about the non-receipt of unemployment benefits.


  • When working at home, in the case of continuing education, or when applying for part-time work during the leave to care for the child, the mother retains her right to this benefit.
  • If you take care of two immediately (or more) toddlers up to 1.5 years, these benefits are summarized. However, the total amount of payments can not exceed 100% of the average earnings and be below the minimum amount of the allowance.

When to apply and receive benefits?

  • The maximum period for your treatment is six months from the moment when the child turned 1.5 years old.
  • The period for the purpose of payment is 10 days from the date of your application to your employer or to the USZN.

Child care allowance up to 3 years

Every mother who has turned up 1.5 years old

has the right to this type of benefit. It is paid regularly until the execution of the child of 3 years and is, unfortunately, only 50 rubles from the federal authorities, to which, after adding a surcharge to the region.

The amount of payment for single mom usually increases by 2 times (only if the column “Father of the Child” is marked with a dash).

  • Who pays: the employer, the FSS or the Social Security authorities.
  • Who has the right: All without exception mummies, including those who are not working.
  • Who is eligible for registration: mother, father, close relative.

List of documents:

  1. Application for leave and allowance.
  2. Widget about the birth of a crumb.
  3. Help with work.

Useful nuances

  • In the case of a twinned birth, all benefits are summed up . The exception is maternity capital.
  • The decision – who goes to the decree – is taken in the family .Plus this right: the opportunity to receive a larger amount of benefits, given that the calculation of the payment depends on income for the two previous years. How to go to the decree of the Pope?

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