All payments and benefits to large families in 2017 – how and where to apply?

All payments and benefits to large families in 2017 - how and where to apply? The issue of benefits and benefits for families in which several children grows has always been relevant. As is known, for these families a special system of “privileges” operates, both at the federal and regional levels.

So, under what conditions a large family can count on benefits in the current year 2017, and where to register them?

The content of the article:

  1. Which family is considered to have many children?
  2. Federal benefits for large families in 2017
  3. Regional benefits for large families
  4. Benefits and other types of assistance – do they give land?

Which family is considered to have many children – the requirements of 2017

There are no general signs that speak of “many children” in our legislation. Therefore, this issue is addressed by the regions that establish the criteria for determining the status, as well as supporting measures for such families.

A significant influence on the status and traditions of a particular region.

For example, in Ingushetia, a family will be considered large if the number of children in the family exceeds 5.

Maternity benefits in 2017 – what will the mothers receive in the decree?

The main requirements for confirming the status of a large family are:

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation for each member of the family.
  • Formal residence (registration) in the region where the family plans to receive benefits.
  • The number of children needed to confirm the status in a particular region (from 3 children – for most regions).
  • The age of children is under 18 years.
  • Permanent residence of all children with their parents (exception – military service or training at the university).

Which children are taken into account in determining the status:

  1. Minors, before they are 18 years old.
  2. Students up to the age of 23 with full-time / high school education.
  3. Adopted, adopted and guarded children.
  4. Stepchildren / stepdaughters are officially adopted children.

Do not take into account:

  • Children whose parents are deprived of their rights (or limited in them).
  • Children who live in orphanages or boarding schools.
  • Children who early became fully functional. That is, independent (before the execution of 18 years) – for example, married.
  • Children separated in the process of divorcing mom with father between the parents.
  • Children who were sent to educational colony.
  • Children, the decision on adoption regarding which was canceled.

The status of a large family today is provided to both parents (note – in marriage!) And to one parent with whom these children live.

It is important to remember that moving a family to a new Russian region requires a re-registration status!

Registration status is carried out in the regional body of social protection.

All payments and benefits to large families in 2017 - how and where to apply?

Federal benefits for families with many children in 2017

All reimbursable benefits and payments for parents with many children can be divided into federal (allocated by the state regardless of place of residence) and regional (they are determined by local regional authorities).

According to the law, in the current year 2017, federal benefits are …

  1. Discount when paying rent – 30%.
  2. Adding medications to infants less than 6 years old.
  3. Free transportation on mountain / transport.
  4. Free meals in educational institutions, as well as the provision of sports / school uniforms.
  5. A free visit (once a month) to museums, exhibitions, parks.
  6. Privileges for payment of land tax or land lease, assistance in arranging commercial structures on land plots and provision of interest-free loans for the development of farms / farms
  7. Exemption (note – partial / full) from payment of a register / fee from entrepreneurs.
  8. Assistance in obtaining loans / loans.
  9. As well as the allocation of sites “among the first.”

Also in 2017, you can count on social assistance of the following types:

  • Compensation of payment for heating the housing (note – heating or coal / wood).
  • Admission to the d / garden “among the first.”
  • Education (+ retraining) and work for parents in a new specialty.
  • Allowance for relatives, as well as adopted children 1,5-3 years.
  • Mitigating the working conditions for parents (note – shortened day and so on).

Pros and cons of a large family

Regional benefits of large families in 2017

These privileges are set by each region independently. To find out their list it is possible in local bodies of social protection.

The main (possible) regional benefits are:

  1. Obtaining a free plot (note – the size of the land is established by the regional government).
  2. Monthly allowance for the carp to 3 years.
  3. Privileges for payment of the transport tax (note – are received by the tax authority).
  4. Granting an early pension for the mother (note – with upbringing from 5 kids).
  5. Obtaining the Order of “Parental Glory” and the corresponding payment (note – 100,000 rubles for 2017) with upbringing from 7 children.
  6. Material support for the purchase of building materials for the construction of a house.
  7. One-time mate / help to expand living space.
  8. Compensation for renting an apartment, necessary for the period of construction of the house.
  9. Mater / help if parents want to start their own business.
  10. Free legal support.

For example, in St. Petersburg, such families can count on …

  • Any number of visits to cultural institutions – free of charge.
  • One-time payment in the amount at the birth of the 3rd and the next toddlers.
  • Allocation of the property to the property (approx – 0,12-0,15 ha).

In the capital to such benefits can be attributed:

  • Allocation of the site to 15 hectare.
  • Monthly allowance.
  • Monthly compensation of the rise in price of the demand / basket.
  • Compensation of payment for telephotos / negotiations.
  • Address help for holidays.
  • Providing vacation packages.
  • Payment of half the cost of transport within the RF.

All payments and benefits to large families in 2017 - how and where to apply?


One of the most, perhaps, important benefits is for large families to help in increasing living space and purchasing land for building a house.

What can you expect in 2017?

  1. Mortgage with an interest rate of not more than 11%.
  2. Non-deduction of interest for the remaining period if you wish to repay the mortgage ahead of schedule.
  3. Partial compensation of payments for a mortgage in the presence of 4 children.
  4. Full repayment of the mortgage from the regional budget with the appearance of another baby.
  5. Getting a home with low family security or the need to expand living space.
  6. Getting a subsidy when buying a home (note – for poor families).

Also in 2017 the large parents have the right and to receive the land for free . It can be used both for building a house and for farming.

The procedure for obtaining land, again, is established by the regional authorities, but is granted to the shared ownership (note – equal shares for all).

What benefits can you expect in 2017?

  • A one-off allowance for each born baby.
  • Monthly payments for the 3rd and subsequent toddlers up to 3 years.
  • Monthly payments for children under 1.5 years (note – care allowance).
  • Monthly allowance for children under 16 years old.
  • Monthly payments (EDC) when a baby (babies) appears after 31.12.12.
  • Federal maternity capital (note – formalized in the FIU, issued 1 time).
  • Regional family capital (note – processed in the MFC or social protection bodies, issued 1 time).

You also can not forget about gifts for the holidays .For families with many children, subject to the status of “poor”, they give gifts, usually for Mother’s Day and New Year!

Where to apply for benefits?

In all regions of the country there is a unified scheme for registration of status.

You should contact the local (note – at the place of residence) the social protection department with the package of documents determined by the authorities of the region.

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