All questions and difficulties of obtaining a visa to America – how to apply for a visa to the US Russian?

All questions and difficulties of obtaining a visa to America - how to apply for a visa to the US Russian? There can be many reasons for traveling to America – for work, for study, for relatives by invitation or simply to see with their own eyes the country that has been seen so many times in the cinema. True, just take and fly will not work – the visa is given far not to all. And if they give, then only knowing for sure that the traveler does not plan to settle overseas forever.

What do you need to know about the visa in the US, and what difficulties can the applicant expect? The main types of visas to America

  • Immigrant visa in the US
  • How much will a visa cost to America?
  • Features of the application form and a photo
  • Full list of documents for obtaining a visa
  • Interview – record, deadlines, questions
  • When will the visa be issued and can they be refused? The main types of US visas – the requirements and conditions for obtaining a visa to America

    To enter America without a visa “ordinary mortal” will not be able to – visa-free entry is allowed only to individual citizens of specific states. The rest, regardless of the purpose, will have to issue a non-immigrant visa (or immigration visa – when moving to permanent residence).

    Getting a nonimmigrant visa is easier and with less nervous expenses.

    It should be noted that everyone who receives a guest visa is considered as a potential immigrant in advance, therefore, embassy staff will have to convince you that when you issue a visa … …

    • You need a visa solely for business or tourist purposes.
    • The time period you plan to spend in the US is limited.
    • You have a property outside of America.
    • You have the means to pay for your stay in a given country.
    • You have certain obligations, which are a 100% guarantee that you will leave the US.

    And yet, even if you already have visa documents – this is far from a guarantee that you will not be banned from entering the country.

    Types of visas in the US – how do they differ?

    Non-immigrant visas:

    1. The most popular tourist destination. Type: b2. Validity period is 1 year. Get it easiest – after an interview at the embassy, ​​providing the necessary papers and confirming the reservation / tour.
    2. Guest. That is, by invitation. Type: b1. Validity period is 1 year (note: for this period you can fly several times to the United States on such a visa). In addition to the documents, you must provide an invitation from your relatives or friends living in the United States. With regard to the length of stay in America – it will be determined by the M / Security officer immediately upon arrival, based on your goals of stay and depending on the identity of the inviters.
    3. Working. Type: H-1B. Validity period is 2 years. In this case, your arrival in the country must be approved by your employer, and in addition to the documents, you will be required to provide documents to the embassy about your qualifications and knowledge of the English / language. After 2 years of work in the country, you can draw up a green card and, if you wish, stay there forever.
    4. Business visa. Type: b1 / b2. Validity period is 1 year. It is issued only after inviting the applicant from the head of a particular company in the United States.
    5. Student. Type: F-1 (academic / language specialties) or M-1te (vocational programs). The validity period is the entire period of study. The student will have to confirm that he was admitted to a specific educational institution. When transferring to another institution / institution or entering postgraduate study, you do not have to do anew anew – only inform the immigration service about intentions. It is worth noting that after training you can legally apply for a work visa, and after 2 years and a green card.
    6. Transit. Type: C. Validity period – only 29 days. This document is needed in case you are going to “walk” around the airport at a transplant (for which you will only have a day).Their intentions when issuing a visa are confirmed by tickets.
    7. Medical. Type: b2. Validity period is 1 year. This document is issued for visiting the country for treatment purposes. A multi-visa can be extended for 3 years. Popular countries for medical tourism – where to go for treatment?

    All questions and difficulties of obtaining a visa to America - how to apply for a visa to the US Russian?

    Immigrant visas for official residence in the country, as well as for working under the “no restrictions” scheme, are issued exclusively at the Moscow Consulate of the United States.

    There are 4 types of similar documents:

    • Family. It is issued for the reunification of a family to one of its members who is a resident of the United States. Moreover, the type of visa for children under the age of 21, in this case – IR-2, for spouses – IR-1, and parents apply for type IR-5.
    • For marriage. Usually it gets the half that wants to go to the future husband (wife) in the US. Type: К1. The period of validity is 3 months (the period during which the couple must necessarily acquire a document on marriage).
    • Working. Type: EV. Appointment, respectively – work in the United States.
    • Green card. Type: DV. Such a visa can be obtained by a random applicant selected by the computer / program. Visa GreenCard

    How much will a visa cost to America – the amount of the fee and where to pay

    Payment of the consular fee is carried out until the moment of applying directly for a visa . That is, before the interview.

    The amount depends directly on the type of document:

    • For types B, C, D, F, M, I, J, T and U , the fee will be $ 160.
    • For types H, L, O, P, Q and R – $ 190.
    • For type K – $ 265.

    If the visa is refused, the money will not be refunded, if the visa is refused, too.

    Important: The contribution is made according to the rate, which is celebrated on a particular day not in Russia, but directly at the consulate.

    How and where to pay the fee – the main ways:

    • Cash – through the Post of Russia . The receipt is filled in electronic form, then printed and paid at the post office. You can pay anybody if you do not have time for it. You can not lose a receipt, her data will be needed when recording for an interview. In addition, the original receipt will be needed at the consulate itself. The money is credited to the Consulate’s account in 2 working days.
    • Through a special site – with the help of a bank card (his or not – it does not matter). Faster way: money goes to the consulate’s account much more quickly, and already 3 hours after the sending of funds can be recorded for an interview.

    You need to do this electronically (note: the samples are on the consulate’s website), in the DS-160 format and only in the language of the country you are going to.

    After filling, you should carefully check whether all the data is entered correctly.

    10-digit barcode that you get, you need to remember (write) , and a questionnaire with a photo – print .

    What do you need to know about the electronic photo in the questionnaire?

    The nuances concerning the photo are extremely important, because if you violate the requirements for a photo, your paperwork can be delayed for a considerable time.

    So …

    • The maximum age of the picture – 6 months. All the photos that were taken before will not work.
    • The size of the picture in the printed form – 5х5 cm and the resolution from 600х600 pixels to 1200х1200.
    • Photo format – exceptionally colored (on white background).
    • The head should not be hidden in anything and can be seen entirely , and the size of the area it can occupy is 50-70%.
    • When wearing glasses, their presence is allowed in the photo , but without glare.
    • Look – right into the camera, no smiles.
    • No headgear or headphones.
    • Dress code – everyday.

    Full list of documents for obtaining a visa to America

    You will not find the complete and officially approved list of papers for issuing a visa to America. Therefore, we collect a package of securities on the principle – “maximum information about yourself, as a person trustworthy, law-abiding and financially stable.”

    Of the documents that may require, you can note:

    1. Receipt confirming the payment of fees.
    2. One photo of 2×2 without corners and frames.
    3. Questionnaire.
    4. A letter of confirmation of the interview you have been given with the barcode issued.

    Requirements for the foreign passport:

    • In the current “mode” – at least 6 months.
    • Presence of machine readable area – if received before 26.10.05.
    • Presence of machine-readable area and figures / photographs – if received from 25.10.05 to 25.10.2006.
    • Availability of electronic passport with microchip – if received after 25.10.05.

    Additional documents (note – guarantee of your departure from America):

    1. Old passport with visas if you were already in the US.
    2. Extract from the tax (note – for IP) – for the previous six months.
    3. Reference from the work about your salary / position (note – with the seal, the signature of the director and on the letterhead).
    4. Help from the university (school) – for students.
    5. An extract from the bank about the status of your account and the availability of money on it.
    6. Documents-evidence of the availability of real estate owned outside of America.
    7. Data on the closest relatives of the remaining home.
    8. Birth certificate + permission from the 2 nd parent, certified by a notary – for children under 18 years old. Interview for a visa in the US – a record, deadlines and questions

      How many will have to wait for an interview? This, in the first place, depends on whether many applications are submitted.

      The necessary information can be obtained on the relevant website (note – Bureau of Consular Relations of the US Department of State), where to save time, you can also apply.

      Another option is to contact the contact center directly . The interview itself takes place directly in the consulate.

      How to behave in an interview – a few tips for applicants:

      • Present your passport (note – valid and old if you have visas in the US, the Schengen countries or the UK). You do not need to show other documents if you are not asked for it.
      • Not blurry, but clearly explain the purpose of your visit to the country and the expected period of stay in it.
      • Try to answer each question clearly and distinctly.
      • Do not go into details – answer exactly the question posed, briefly and in a nutshell, without overloading the consular officer with unnecessary information.
      • Immediately make it clear that you have certain difficulties with the language. If, of course, you are not a student (they must be fluent in English).

      What you may be asked about – the main topics in the interview:

      1. Directly about your trip: where, how much and why; what is the route; in which hotel do you plan to stay, what places do you want to visit.
      2. About work: on salary and position.
      3. About the invitations: who sent you an invitation, why, in what you relationship.
      4. About the questionnaire: if there is an error, it can be fixed at the interview.
      5. About the family: why the rest of the members remain in Russia, and you gathered on a journey alone. If you are divorced, it is better to leave this behind the scenes. Also may inquire about the status of your relatives in the US (if they are there).
      6. About finance: who pays for your trip.- You can back up your words with an extract from your personal bank / account).
      7. About language: level of ownership, and also whether there will be an interpreter.

      When will they issue a visa to the US and can they refuse – the main reasons for denying a visa to America

      How long does it take to get a visa? This document is processed immediately after you have passed the interview (if, of course, the visa is approved to you).

      About 2 days takes out a visa in St. Petersburg, for 1-3 days receive a visa in the capital.

      It is possible to change the registration period due to additional requirements or circumstances.

      Refusal to issue a visa – the most common reasons

      For 2013, for example, a year for 10% of applications were denied. Who can refuse, and for what reason?

      The most solid chances of obtaining a refusal arise from the applicant if …

      1. His passport does not contain visas for the United States or the Schengen countries (and also Great Britain or England).
      2. The visa was already refused.
      3. He lives in the Stavropol or Krasnodar Territory, in Dagestan or in the Crimea, in an area that is territorially close to the zones of military operations.

      Also among the most common reasons for refusal can be noted:

      • Deficiency of ties with the Motherland. That is, the lack of children and family, other relatives, lack of work and any property in the property, too young age).
      • Negative impression , which the applicant made to a consular officer (well, you did not like him and everything, sometimes it happens).
      • The travel period is too long.
      • Deficiency of financial assets.
      • Errors in documents or inaccuracy of the information provided.
      • Discrepancies in answers to questions with data in the questionnaire.
      • The presence in the US of relatives , previously immigrated.
      • Lack of a good visa travel history (little skating around Europe, for example).
      • Poor level of English / language knowledge and age over 30 years when applying for a student visa.
      • Mistrust of you because you have stayed in the United States for a longer period of time on a visa (on a previous trip) than was agreed upon at the embassy. Better more often and slightly, than rarely and for a long time.
      • Lack of connections with the party inviting you to the USA.
      • Pregnancy. As you know, a baby born in America automatically gets her citizenship. Therefore, to leave for the USA, being pregnant, will not work.
      • The fact of applying is not only to America, but also to other countries.

      If your application makes a decision to refuse, the reasons for the refusal will be indicated in the letter that you receive from the embassy.

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