Application of the bark of oak

Application of the bark of oak


  • Benefits of oak bark
  • What are galls
  • Correct application of oak bark for cooking broth
  • Use otovar decoction in the treatment of various diseases
  • When to apply oak bark is contraindicated

находи Oak bark is widely used in the treatment of various diseases. It is obtained from the shrubby plant variety once in ten years. It is smooth and not covered with a cork. In early spring, until the sap flow began, it is quite easy to separate it from the branch. The oaks are cut down, and soon a new growth grows on this place.

Use of oak bark

It contains tannins, pectins, antioxidants – gallic acid, kakhetin. This substance has the ability to destroy microbes and therefore it is used from dysentery to enhance immunity and treat tumors. Kakhetins are also used for the treatment of edema of blood vessels, in the event of a disruption in the activity of capillaries.

The use of medicinal products from the young oak cortex helps to counteract putrefactive processes, to remove various inflammations. During storage, tannins evaporate quite quickly.

What are the Gauls

On the oak leaves you can see the characteristic reddish-yellow or green balls. These are the so-called galls – the formations obtained as a result of laying eggs inside the tissue of a particular insect – walnut . Green galls are useful, they are specially collected, brewed and drunk, like tea.

  • Gallium is used externally as a lotion. To do this, they are brewed for five minutes at a rate of 1 t.l. per liter of boiling water.
  • If you mix green balls with vinegar, the composition helps to eliminate dental or ear pain, promotes hair growth.
  • Powder is useful to lubricate eczema, lichen, burns. The main thing is not to overdo it, applying no more than 3g.

Correct application of oak bark for cooking broth

Application of the bark of oak

To prepare a healing broth, you need to take 25-30 g of bark, pour 1st. water. The mixture is boiled in a water bath for about half an hour. Cool, drain, used raw oak to squeeze and remove. Top up the boiled water so that the volume of the liquid is again equal to the glass. The finished product is stored for a maximum of 48 hours, after which you should prepare a new one.

  • In case of internal bleeding in the intestine or stomach, use oak broth is only necessary for the doctor’s prescription.
  • With stomatitis, gingivitis and other diseases of the mouth, decoction should be rinsed as often as possible.
  • The use of prepared oak is useful for frostbite and burns, a small amount is added to the bath.
  • If the hair is oily or there is a lot of dandruff, after washing your head it is useful to rinse your hair with oak decoction. Treatment is performed every other day.

Use of decoction from the oak bark in the treatment of various diseases

Application of the bark of oak

The broth “thickens” the mucous membrane and thereby deprives harmful bacteria of nutrients. After a while, a young tissue appears on the mucosa. Oak lotions are used in the case of eye inflammation, wetting the specimen.

Oak bark is used to treat:

  • stomach and duodenum ulcers;
  • frequent urge to urinate for urination;
  • chronic colitis;

  • bleeding during hemorrhoids;
  • poisoning with mushrooms.

Take 10 grams of raw materials, pour 1 st. boiling water, after two hours filtered. The finished product is used in a warm form for one to two tablespoons. three times a day for the treatment of diseases of the mouth, washing of wounds.

You can apply the oak bark differently by making another composition: 200 g. raw materials are insisted in 2 liters of boiling water for 4 hours, filter.

Oak remedy is used for haemorrhoidal bleeding, prolapse of rectum, excessive sweating of the legs.It is used in enemas in dysentery and violations of normal activity of the children’s stomach, when digestion is difficult or painful. With dyspepsia, one part of the starch is added to the three parts of the broth.

When oak bark is contraindicated

Application of the bark of oak

In addition to the mass of positive properties, in some cases it is not necessary to apply the oak cortex:

  • It should be refrained from using it inside in case of hemorrhoids or intestinal diseases , accompanied by constipation. Otherwise, empty the bowels will be very difficult.
  • If you overdo with the concentration of oak broth, when it is used, vomiting occurs. A similar result is observed with an overdose.
  • Care should be taken not to apply the oak bark in the form of decoction for an extremely long time, even if there are indications. For example, a loose stool, bleeding in the stomach or intestines.
  • After the rinses of the mouth, the sense of smell may be dull.
  • Of course, you should double the caution or completely stop using oak-based products inside during pregnancy, it is not necessary without the urgent need to give them to young children.

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