ARVI treatment

ARVI treatment


  • Signs and symptoms of ARVI
  • Treatment of ARVI at home
  • Prevention measures
  • Nutrition for ARVI
  • Treatment of acute respiratory infections by folk remedies

Acute respiratory viral infections and (SARS) are widespread. More often they affect one-year-olds, rather high rates of morbidity in preschool children. Adults show characteristic symptoms and treat SARS on average 2-3 times a year.

Signs and symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection

ARVI treatment

An acute respiratory infection is caused by viruses, which currently know about 200 varieties, their number is constantly replenished.

The disease is very contagious. Viruses enter the mucous membranes by airborne droplets. You can get sick through the touch of hands, dishes, towels, so communication with the patient should be strictly limited.

The spread of viruses is promoted by cool wet weather, reduced immunity.

As a rule, viruses affect the upper respiratory tract, but in pre-school children pathology often penetrates into the lower parts, causing colds, pharyngitis, pneumonia.

Treatment of ARVI caused by various pathogens is particularly difficult due to the similarity of symptoms.

The patient is feverish, the general infectious intoxication manifests, the respiratory tract is affected:

  • Fever begins with a chill, in the first day the temperature reaches the maximum values ​​of 38-40C. How much the temperature keeps in the ARVI, is determined by the pathogen and the severity of the disease. In the absence of complications, fever is of a single-wave nature.
  • General infectious intoxication appears simultaneously with fever. No strength, nothing to do, weakness accompanied by sweating, aching muscles, head, eyeballs. It is difficult to look at the light, the eyes are watering. Vomiting is a characteristic symptom of ARVI in preschool children or in adults in severe form of the disease. In adolescence or senile age, dizziness is felt in the patients.
  • The defeat of the respiratory tract manifests itself as a runny nose or nasal congestion ( rhinitis ), hoarseness ( laryngitis ), pharyngitis , excruciating dry cough ( tracheitis ), bronchitis , their combinations.

More than half of the cases have to be treated with a viral infection in the <light style text-decoration: underline; “>. The temperature does not exceed 38.5C, the tolerable headache, the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract are inflamed.

In about a third of cases, signs of ARI of medium-heavy form are found. Temperature 38.1-40C, moderate manifestations of general intoxication, pulse 90-120 beats per minute. Beyond the sternum, a dry cough appears, signaling the inflammation of the trachea.

Heavy form the temperature exceeds 40C, he is feverish for a long time, his head hurts badly, he vomits or tears, he breaks the body. Pulse exceeds 120 beats per minute, arrhythmia is not uncommon. It hurts behind the sternum, it hurts to cough.

Treatment of ARVI at home

ARVI treatment

At the first symptoms of the disease, bed rest is needed. It is necessary to call a doctor, so that he diagnosed, determined the severity of the disease. In a mild and moderately severe form, ARVI is treated at home, a severe form is in infectious hospital .

Bed rest is especially necessary in the early days of the disease, during fever and general intoxication. Otherwise, the risk of complications increases. After 2-3 days, if the temperature is normal and signs of intoxication have passed, it is allowed to get up.

When treating ARVI, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room, especially at night, to improve sleep and bronchial tree function.

The temperature should not be brought down to 38C, because in the acute period it treats the disease, helps to destroy the virus.

It is useless to treat SARS with sulfanilamide preparations and antibiotics (Tetracycline , Erythromycin , etc.) if the cause of the disease is viruses.

Receiving these funds also does not reduce the likelihood of complications. For example, patients with influenza who used the above drugs to prevent pneumonia were more likely to get sick than not taking these precautions.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the causes of the disease, the doctor prescribes treatment for ARVI, depending on the pathogen:

  • antiviral drugs;
  • antibacterial drugs (bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia);
  • complex treatment of viral-bacterial infections or viruses with bacterial complications.

To get rid of viruses help interferons – low-molecular proteins produced by cells of the body when viruses penetrate them, immunoglobulins – carriers of antibody activity involved in immunity processes, and chemotherapeutic agents that suppress infectious diseases in the body.

врач For the treatment of acute respiratory viral infection, a doctor may prescribe a drug Interferon leukocyte human , Grippferon .

Adults and children over 7 years of age are prescribed against viruses Remantadine , Zanamivir , Amiksin.

Manifestations <rhinitis are treated with droplets or spray Nasivina , Sanorina , Naphthyzin , Nasol , lubricate the nasal mucosa with ointment Viferon .

ребен For the treatment of cough in children with ARVI, Tusuprex , Sinecod , as well as expectorants Bromhexine , Ambroxol , herb tea Thermopsis , syrup Althea root , alkaline inhalation with ACC .

Prevention measures

ARVI treatment

When symptoms of ARVI appear to prevent the spread of infection, gargle should be rinsed as often as possible.

It is worth trying the following scheme: first use an acidic composition (infusion of tea fungus or 1/2 tsp vinegar per glass of water), and after a few minutes alkaline solution (1 teaspoon baking soda per glass of water).

Sharp changes in the acid-base reaction of the medium prevent the spread of microorganisms.

To rinse the throat is also useful infusions chamomile , calendula , calanchoe , aloe .

Garlic due to the constituent phytoncides -volatile biologically active substances, which destroys bacteria, fungi, protozoa – penetrates into hard-to-rinse areas. Therefore, if you find signs of ARI should include it in the diet, thoroughly chew, gargle with garlic infusion.

To quickly remove toxins from the body, it is necessary to stimulate sweating, to drink tea with honey or raspberry , cranberry fruit , herbal infusions.

Food for ARVI

ARVI treatment

Food should be high in calories, but easily digestible. It is worth including in the diet broth , meat poultry , vegetables , fruit . Sweets help protect the brain from toxins damage.

Patient should not give very cold and very hot dishes, as well as pickled products, spicy seasonings and sauces.

In the period of illness, the body needs calcium salts , there are a lot of them in dairy products.

For the optimal oxidation processes in the treatment of a viral infection, the body needs products containing phosphorus (cheese, cottage cheese, fish) and magnesium (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax, sesame, cedar and walnuts).

To restore the affected epithelium of the respiratory tract as soon as possible, the diet should include foods rich in vitamin A (carrots, cabbage, liver, kidneys, fish oil, butter, milk).

In order that antibiotic or sulfanilamide preparations not so strongly suppress the intestinal microflora with the bacterial complications prescribed by the physician, the intake of products rich in vitamins of group B (meat, fish) is necessary. In addition, vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) dilates the blood vessels and reduces spasm of the bronchi.

As you recover to stimulate the recovery processes, the diet includes more protein (meat, milk, chicken, rabbit).

Treatment of ORVI with folk remedies

ARVI treatment

  • Brew in a glass of boiling water 1 tsp. leaves and fruits raspberries , insist, drain. Take honey 1 glass 3 times a day.
  • Pour in the evening with cold boiled water 1 tsp. crushed root of Althea , in the morning drain. Take 50 ml as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory.
  • Skip through the meat grinder 100g germinated wheat germ , 100g berries raspberries and 100g berries blackcurrant , fresh or thawed.
    Take 100g twice daily before meals. The drug is effective at the first signs of acute respiratory viral infection, as well as in the acute period when the temperature rises.
  • Brew in a glass of boiling water for 1 p.p. ginger powder , ground cinnamon , add ground black pepper on the tip of the knife. Insist under the lid for 5 minutes, add 1hour. honey .
    Take a glass every 3-4 hours.

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