Back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy


  • Causes of lumbar pain in pregnant women
  • How to cope with back pain during pregnancy
  • If you have a backache in early pregnancy
  • If pregnant lumbar pain near the sacrum
  • What products to strengthen the lower back

About half of the women complain of back pain during pregnancy. As a rule, discomfort manifests around the fifth month and completely passes after childbirth. With the change in the mass of the female body, associated with the growth of the fetus, the center of gravity shifts somewhat. Pregnant, in order to keep the vertical position easier, when moving, you have to recline slightly in the lower back. The spine experiences a considerable load, starts to hurt. The pain appears in the back, the pelvis, often in the leg. Most often this happens after a long walk, a long stay in the standing position.

Causes of lumbar pain in pregnant women

Back pain during pregnancy

If it starts to hurt in the pelvis, in the lower abdomen and in front of the thighs, the cause of pain is the softening of the ligaments under the action of the hormone relaxin . It is produced by the ovaries and placenta. Under the action of relaxin and other female sex hormones, the cartilage and ligaments swell, become more loose, the bones of the joints diverge, and the distance between them is filled with a special fluid, which increases the mobility of the pelvic bones.

Pain in the pelvic bones should not be strong. In the case of severe pain accompanied by gait disturbance, this may be a symptom of symphysopathy – a disease associated with excessive relaxation of the lumbar joint .

The common cause that the loin hurts during pregnancy can be kidney stones . As a rule, the pain is abrupt, urination is impaired. Renal colic is caused by the passage of the stone along the ureter, it traumatizes the mucous membrane.

To stop aching in the lower back, pregnant women are prescribed painkillers, as well as drugs that eliminate muscle spasm. In the case of an unclear diagnosis, it is first necessary to determine the type of stones. Treatment of kidney stones is performed by diet, traditional drugs or folk medicine.

Another cause of pain that appears in the lower back and is associated with kidney disease is pyelonephritis . Girls and young women suffer from this infectious disease 5-6 times more often than boys and men. The cause of the inflammatory process is intestinal or pseudomonas aeruginosa , enterococci , staphylococci . Therefore, if the loin hurts during pregnancy, the temperature rises, there is swelling, the characteristics of urine change – it becomes turbid, its composition worsens, which is revealed by analysis – these are the characteristic signs of pyelonephritis.

In order not to hurt joints and bones, especially in the case of this or that pathology of the musculoskeletal system osteochondrosis , curvature of the spine – it is useful to strengthen the muscles of the back.

For prevention of back pain before pregnancy, it is useful to do swimming. Exercises relax the spine and at the same time make the dorsal muscles strong.

How to cope with back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy

If the back hurts in the lumbar region and the cause of discomfort is this or that pathology of the musculoskeletal system, after consulting a doctor, you can start wearing prenatal bandage . It is especially necessary if the work of the future mother is connected with a long standing in standing position, long walking.

If the back or back aches painfully enough, according to the doctor’s prescription, you can make a light massage so that the muscle spasm that causes pain is gone. Movements should be stroking, while it is useful to massage your back and feet. For foot massage, you can use a special massage mat or ball. It’s enough for five minutes of relaxing treatment. At the same time, the sensations should be comfortable.

When it stops ache in the waist, to restore the mobility of the back and spine it is useful to perform a daily exercise complex of therapeutic gymnastics for pregnant women, recommended by a doctor.

In any case, not only during pregnancy, when the loin hurts because of the increased load on the musculoskeletal system, it is necessary to spare the back, try to load it less:

  • sitting on a chair, be sure to lean against the back;
  • instead of tilting the trunk, when you need to lift something from the floor, try to keep your back in a straight position and bend your legs, transferring to them the maximum load;
  • choose shoes with a low heel, which fixes the foot well;
  • sleep on an orthopedic mattress, ideally taking the form of the back and spine.

If it hurts in the lower back in early pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy

If the waist is pulling, the sacrum hurts, there is a certain probability of abortion. It may hurt in the lower abdomen, often you want to urinate. Pain can appear after physical exertion, as a result of nervous overwork.

It’s worth lying down. Before consulting a doctor, take a sedative – Corvalol or Extract valerian. To eliminate spasm, No-Shpa is useful.

If the loin hurts often or permanently, it is necessary to determine the tone of the uterus. Diagnosis is performed using ultrasound.

In case of an increased tone, the doctor will prescribe a drug that eliminates spasm – for example, No-Shpu . It is also useful to continue taking sedatives.

Sometimes, in the early stages, the doctor prescribes the administration of hormonal drugs – Dufaston or Utrozhestan . In later terms, the doctor may be prescribed other drugs that reduce the contractile activity of the uterus.

If the pregnant woman has lumbar pain near the sacrum

Back pain during pregnancy

If there is a high probability of premature birth on late pregnancy often hurts near the waist, in the sacrum. As a rule, painful sensations are accompanied by a tightening of the abdomen, while the uterus strains.

If the pain manifests itself through certain periods, resembles “real” fights, you must always see the doctor. According to the results of ultrasound and cardiotocography – evaluation of the fetus by registering the frequency of his heartbeats and activity due to uterine contractions and external stimuli – treatment is prescribed that suppresses uterine contractions. As a rule, you will have to go to hospital.

The abdomen and the sacrum can not be sickly when it comes to the so-called false fights ( Braxton-Hicks contractions ). False bouts usually happen in the last month. The organism of a young mother conducts the last checks before the onset of real birth. These contractions are irregular, their intensity and duration remain constant.

With which products to strengthen the lower back

Back pain during pregnancy

In order to avoid a lower backache during pregnancy, a diet rich in calcium is useful. First of all, dairy products , fish , herbs , nuts .

It is better to sit down on a calcium diet before pregnancy. It is useful to drink 1-2 glasses of milk every day, there is more cheese and cottage cheese. Sour-milk products are useful. And also vegetables, especially beet and beans .

For better absorption of calcium, you need to visit the street more often. Particularly beneficial is not so much being in the open air, although regular walks are necessary, including for the health of the waist, but a sufficient amount of sunlight. Under the influence of sunlight in the body produces vitamin D, without which calcium is absorbed much worse.

Because the bioavailability of calcium gluconate is only 4%, in addition to its use, the risk of kidney stones increases, it is better to use more effective sources of this trace element.

In order not to have a loin in pregnancy, calcium, strengthening the bones, is derived from the shell of a hard-boiled chicken egg, after removing the film from the inside. Shell the firing in a frying pan, then grind in a coffee grinder. The resulting egg powder is added to the food.

Single dose – half a gram, at the tip of a teaspoon. Compared with calcium gluconate, the resulting powder contains ten times more easily digestible calcium.

When pregnant, the loin hurts if there is a lack of magnesium , necessary for optimal calcium metabolism. If the micronutrient is not supplied with enough nutrition, the calcium intake is unsuccessful. In addition, magnesium deficiency is a common cause of miscarriage or premature birth .

Magnesium strengthens the stress-resistance of the body, has a calming effect, eliminates spasms smooth muscles of the stomach , gall bladder , intestines , which is especially important in pregnancy. A sufficient intake of magnesium normalizes the bile secretion, helps prevent constipation.

Signs of magnesium deficiency are:

  • frequent leg cramps, mostly feet or calves;
  • dyskinesia of the biliary tract;
  • heart rhythm disturbance;
  • increased blood pressure.

Magnesium is contained in coarse flour , dates , prunes , bananas , nuts , dried apricots , pumpkin seeds , dill , parsley , other greens, in legumes – beans and peas , sea kale , lemons .

Microelements are poorly digested when taking diuretics or estrogens.

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