Bay leaf – treatment and properties of a useful plant

Bay leaf - treatment and properties of a useful plant


  • Treatment of laurel leaves with oral diseases
  • Benefits of bay oil
  • How to treat bay leaves with joints
  • How to treat bay leaf with cold bay
  • Contraindications

Larvae leaf is not only a seasoning, but also an effective means of prevention and treatment of various diseases. It is literally saturated with phytoncides , biologically active substances that destroy or suppress the activity of bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

Treatment of laurel leaves with oral diseases

The plant mass contains various trace elements, tannins help to remove irritation of mucous membranes and have anti-inflammatory effect.

The Bay leaf destroys the source of infection in the mouth, prevents the formation of stomatitis . With the purpose of treatment and prevention of disease it is useful to chew the soaked plant mass.

In case of sensitive or bleeding gums, rinse mouth with bay leaves.

Benefits of bay oil

Bay leaf - treatment and properties of a useful plant

Thirty leaves are crushed thoroughly in a coffee grinder and filled with a glass of vegetable oil. After a week in a dark place, the composition must be filtered.

  • Oil helps to cope with genyantritis , they are lubricated in the nose.
  • The agent promotes the promptest healing of abrasions and bruises .
  • Bay oil normalizes the gallbladder and is used to treat chronic cholecystitis . It is added to kefir or milk and taken shortly before sleep.

How to treat joints with a bay leaf

Bay leaf - treatment and properties of a useful plant

For the treatment of joints, 30-40 leaves must be crushed, pour half a glass of water, bring to a boil and simmer 5 minutes. The resulting broth and plant mass to be put in the thermos and insist the night, drain the next morning.

  • take the remedy 3 days in small portions, in small sips 2-3 times per hour;
  • make a week break;
  • repeat the three-day reception.

After about three weeks, the joints will become less “crunchy”, it will become easier to move. During the treatment period it is recommended to eat more vegetables.

After six months, you can repeat the course. Having completed two such courses during the year, you can then go through them once a year.

This method of treating joints creates a palpable load on the kidneys, they have to remove a lot of dissolved salt. Therefore, in some cases it is recommended to take a decoction not three, but only one day. On this day, you should give up food and drink one distilled water.

Rheumatism can be treated with laurel leaves. To prepare the ointment, one part is ground in a coffee grinder and mixed with two parts of softened butter. The composition is heated for half an hour in a water bath. After the ointment has cooled, it rubs on the joints.

How to treat a cold leaf with a bay leaf

Bay leaf - treatment and properties of a useful plant

In the case of a cough, it is useful to make a laurel inhalation, inhaling a few minutes the fragrance of the laurel.

If your ears are ill, their inflammation has happened, it is helpful to boil several leaves of a useful plant with boiling water, to insist for 2 hours. After the broth cools, it is buried in the ears.

If 2 tbsp. crushed laurel leaves brewed with 2 cups of boiling water, soaked in a water bath for 15 minutes and filtered, it turns out a wonderful tool for reducing blood sugar and preventing seizures. It helps in case of skin diseases, with a cold. The broth is taken one hour before a meal for a month.

Prepare the decoction better in enameled vessels, and store in glass.

To improve the look of the skin and calm the nerves, the bay broth is useful to add to the bath. Raw materials are boiled in the morning and insisted until evening. The evening bath with the addition of decoction will effectively clean the skin, allow you to relax and calm down more quickly. The dream will become strong, and the rest will be full.


There are contraindications to the treatment with laurel leaves.It is not necessary to be treated with a laurel in the case of:

  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
  • with cholecystitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholelithiasis.

Funds based on “laurel” are strengthened, they should not be treated with a tendency to constipation. With caution, decoctions are used for diabetes mellitus.

You should not get rid of joint salts during pregnancy and during the period of feeding. In addition, the decoction stimulates uterine contractions, so it should not be used to prevent pregnancy termination.

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