Benefits and harm of bananas

Benefits and harm of bananas


  • Plant varieties
  • How many calories in a banana
  • Banana composition
  • Benefits of bananas for various diseases
  • Treatment of digestive and liver diseases
  • Benefits for the heart, vessels and lungs
  • Useful properties of bananas against insomnia
  • Getting rid of headache
  • Benefits of banana drinks
  • Why should you wash bananas, oranges, grapes, berries
  • Why banana peel is useful?
  • Recipe for kvass Bolotov from banana peel
  • How to dry bananas at home
  • Mask of bananas to face

  • Banana Mask for hair
  • harm and contraindications

delicious exotic fruit has been widely spread. Surprisingly, fruits with fragrant mealy flesh are considered berries, as they mature on a giant-sized grass. Depending on the variety, the banana bunch can reach a weight of 30-50 kg. The plant was cultivated many centuries ago, edible varieties are derived from a variety that grows in the southeast of Asia. In the presence of certain diseases, the use of bananas can be beneficial or harmful.

Varieties of plants

Benefits and harm of bananas

Modern varieties are artificially derived. They are divided into sweet “dessert” and so-called “plane”, requiring heat treatment. The contents of their fruits are unsweetened and hard, the color of the peel is green or red. Often they are fed livestock.

Low-grown varieties are grown even in Iceland, heat for heating greenhouses give geysers. Tall grades require an appropriate climate. A plant of 15 meters high is decorated with leaves 4 meters long and 1 meter wide.

Artificially cultivated varieties are incapable of independent reproduction. Their genetic program lacks the ability to resist or fight various fungal diseases. This leads to the fact that popular once the varieties degrade and therefore cease to be cultivated. For example, this happened with the Gros-Michel variety, which was struck by the so-called Panamanian disease.

кар Currently, the most common are dwarf and giant varieties of the variety “Cavendish”, “Robusta”, “Valerie”, Indian varieties “Mysore” and “Rajapuri.”

In order to be more useful in bananas, they are harvested unripe. Otherwise, they overripe. Their peel is cracked, why is lost flavor and taste, and the flesh is affected by various diseases.

It is better to store the fruits in a cool, at a temperature of +10 .. + 15C. In a refrigerator or a package they quickly darken.

How many calories in a banana

Benefits and harm of bananas

Followers of body weight are first of all interested in the answer to the question – how many calories are in a banana? This value is not difficult to determine, knowing that the caloric content of 100 g of the product is of the order of 120 kcal.

A medium-sized fruit with a skin weighs 160-180 g. Consequently, the flesh is 100-130 g. Thus, the caloric value of one fetus without skin is

120 kcal * 130 g / 100 g = 150 kcal,

which roughly corresponds to the caloric content of 130 g of chicken breast fillet.

Composition of banana

Benefits and harm of bananas

The fruit is rich in carbohydrates, in one fruit they are up to 40 g. The use of bananas in high content of vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, and choline , improving memory.

B group vitamins are represented by thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3, nicotinic acid), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid B9).

The highest content of vitamins B3, B5, B6:

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    Vitamin B3 is necessary for tissue respiration, metabolism of fats and proteins. It helps to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and increase the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL), improves microcirculation in the vessels of the brain.Vitamin B5 is important for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, is involved in the production of histamine , hemoglobin , cholesterol . Vitamin B6 is involved in the synthesis of serotonin , adrenaline , histamine , hemoglobin , fat.

  • Sufficient intake of pyridoxine is important for the health of teeth, gums, skin. In case of deficiency, fatigue increases, hair becomes less frequent, cracks form in the corners of the mouth. It is necessary in the case of taking contraceptives, frequent stress. One fruit contains up to 30% of the recommended daily requirement of vitamin B5.

Bananas are useful high in potassium , magnesium , phosphorus . Sodium , calcium , iron , zinc , copper , selenium are presented in less quantity.

Potassium requires the activity of the nervous system, as well as the heart and blood vessels. The element helps to normalize heart rate , blood pressure indicators , reduces the risk of stroke . Together with sodium, it participates in the regulation of the water-salt balance.

It is believed that adults must receive up to 2g of potassium per day. This amount of useful element is contained in three fruits.

Potassium deficiency leads to an increase in cholesterol , decrease blood pressure , diseases kidney , promotes the formation of cellulite . Hair and skin become dry, sudden heart palpitations occur, the head hurts, insomnia, chills, breathing. Children may be diagnosed with dystrophy.

In case of excess intake of potassium, vomiting appears, a loose stool appears. Suddenly, blood pressure drops, arrhythmia happens .

<style Magnesium is necessary for the assimilation of potassium and calcium, maintaining the optimal heart rate , reducing blood clotting , and also the tone of vessels and smooth muscles .

Every day, adults need 350-400 mg of magnesium. In the composition of one banana to 50mkg of useful element. It is also found in buckwheat , oat , unpolished rice , green leafy vegetables .

Magnesium deficiency can indicate irritability, rapid fatigue, lack of appetite, muscle spasms or cramps.

Bananas are useful in the content sodium . Most sodium in green unfertilized fruits, which allows them to be used against edema, and also as an effective diuretic, which is especially important in the case of hypertension .

Benefits of bananas for various diseases

Benefits and harm of bananas

Nutrients, vitamins and trace elements included in the fruit strengthen health, prevent and treat various diseases.

Dietary fibers contribute to the purification of the digestive system from accumulated harmful substances.

The consumption of fruit contributes to concentration of attention , increase of working capacity, reduction of fatigue. Their daily inclusion in the diet tones up, improves mood.

Bananas are useful for the quickest build-up of muscle mass , so they are regularly used by athletes. Japanese sumo wrestlers, when preparing for performances, include them in the food system along with rice.

Useful properties of bananas help prevent the onset of impotence .

Treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and liver

Benefits and harm of bananas

Shredded pulp of a ripe banana benefits in the case of hemorrhoids , enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine), ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the mucosa colon), other gastrointestinal diseases, as well as constipation or diarrhea.

Pulp is used in the treatment of stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers .Banana juice helps to cope with hemorrhages in the stomach or duodenum in the case of cholera and dysentery .

Bananas are useful in the case of gluten disease , when the intestine is unable to digest gluten for reasons of hereditary reasons. Digestive activity and metabolic processes are violated, a lot of waste accumulates. After consultation with a doctor, a banana diet can be prescribed.

Bananas are useful in liver diseases, they restore its function, normalize protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. The synthesis of protein is also promoted by other products rich in potassium: apricots , eggplants , beets , blueberries , plums , black currants .

Benefits for the heart, blood vessels and lungs

Thanks to the potassium and magnesium included in the diet, it is useful to include bananas in the diet with suffering from atherosclerosis or hypertonic disease .

In addition, eating fruits helps to eliminate spasm of broncho-pulmonary musculature.

Recipe for cough or bronchitis treatment:

  • Chop the flesh of two bananas with a fork, pour a glass of warm water with sugar, preheat. Drink the juice to get rid of cough.

Decoction of green peel of a fresh banana is beneficial in the treatment of hypertension .

Useful properties of bananas against insomnia

Fruits have a hypnotic effect due to the amino acid tryptophan . From this amino acid melatonin , a regulator of a daily rhythm is formed. Tryptophan is also a part of dairy products.

In addition, it is useful to eat bananas for falling asleep due to the fairly high caloric content and a significant carbohydrate content.

Getting rid of a headache

To prevent a headache before a sharp change in the weather, it is helpful to include foods rich in potassium in the diet. First of all, bananas, as well as dried apricots , raisins , baked potatoes .

It is necessary to exclude from the diet fried and spicy dishes, chocolate, spices. It is useful to drink infusions lime-colored , mint , oregano , mother-and-stepmother , providing a tonic effect.

Benefits of banana drinks

Benefits and harm of bananas

The healing properties of bananas are especially useful in combination with various vegetables or fruits that provide the necessary healing effect.

  • Energy drink . Mash banana pulp ь, add half a cup carrots and orange juice, a little juice lemon , a teaspoon honey , mix thoroughly. Drink is useful for preventing colds and strengthening the nervous system.
  • Vitamin Cocktail . Get the juice 1 orange , half lemon , grapefruit , quarts pineapple , banana , all mix. Cocktail is useful as a restorative means. Take morning and evening.

Of the dried fruits, useful phytoteas are prepared :

  • In case of increased irritability benefits the following composition: mix 10 g dried bananas , 3 parts of inflorescences chamomile , 2 parts of valerian root , 5 parts of cumin fruit. Brew 1с.л. mix a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour, strain. Take 1/2 cup in the morning and in the evening.
  • In case of nervous disorders , weakness of the heart muscle mix in equal parts flowers hawthorn , chamomile pharmacy, motherwort , sushenica , 10g dried bananas . Brew 1с.л. mix with a glass of boiling water, wrap and insist for 6-8 hours. Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day.

To diversify the ration, whisk in a blender banana pulp , yogurt , fruit juice , berries , a little ice cream . Get a delicious and hearty dessert.

Preparing a decoction from a carefully washed banana peel or having juice from a raw banana, it is possible to ease the manifestations of depression .

Why should I wash bananas, oranges, grapes, berries

Fruits and berries, especially brought from afar, must be washed before consumption. The fact is that they are treated with various fungicides , toxic substances against fungal diseases of plants. When purifying the fruit from the skin, fungicides can appear in the body and cause severe poisoning.

Imported apples are not just washed, but also peeled off their peel. Grapes and berries to get rid of fungicides should stand for a few minutes in water, then rinse two or three times in a colander.

How useful banana peel

Benefits and harm of bananas

  • Fresh banana peel is useful for getting rid of cracks on the heels, and burns , bruises , bruises , abscesses . It is enough to make a compress, fixing the skin with an inner surface to the affected area. With prolonged use, this method helps to cope with warts.
  • Overlying the forehead or neck, the rind of a ripe banana makes it possible to cope with a headache with migraine .
  • Rubbing with vodka tincture made of banana peel removes pain in muscles and joints .
  • Banana peel benefits the retina. In case of visual fatigue, eye fatigue peel the inner side for a while superimposed on the eyelids.
  • Frozen in the freezer, the water infusion of banana peel helps fight freckles , dark spots , skin peeling . Wipe your face with ice cubes in the morning.
  • In the dried form, the crushed peel of the banana benefits from getting rid of intestinal parasites . It can not stand pinworms , ascarids , tape worms .
  • Adding powder from the banana peel to the toothpaste helps to cure diseases of the mouth .

The recipe for kvass from the banana peel

Used for the prevention, the drink increases the body’s defenses, strengthens the immune system. During the fermentation of banana peel, substances that prevent the development of cancer.

  • Dissolve in a three-liter can of boiled water at room temperature 1 cup of sugar, 2-3 cups of chopped banana peel, 1 teaspoon. sour cream. Tie up 2-3 layers of gauze with a neck. Infuse for up to two weeks, in a warm room, fermentation is faster.

Pour 1 liter of ready-made kvass into a separate bowl, store at room temperature. In a three-liter jar, add 1/3 cup of sugar and boiled water to the top.

Drink ready kvass 1/2 cup for half an hour before meals. When it is finished, pour again 1 liter into a separate bowl, and add a water and sugar to the three-liter jar. After 3-4 cycles kvass will become weaker, so it will have to be put again.


Ripe fruit is used for drying. They are peeled and cut into slices. A tracing paper or special paper for baking with a silicone coating is placed on the baking tray. Slices are laid out on it.

The temperature in the oven is +40 .. + 50 ° C. It takes 3-6 hours to completely dry. You need a constant supply of fresh air, so it’s best to keep the oven door ajar. When the slices are cooled, they are placed in glass jars.

The banana peel is dried in the same way.

Masks from bananas for the face

  • Pulp with a fork, add lemon juice . Apply on face skin for half an hour. Wash off with warm water, apply a nourishing cream.
  • Shred berries sea-buckthorn , add 2 tsp. crushed dried bananas , yolk chicken eggs, 1 ч.л.sour cream, mix everything thoroughly. Apply on face for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.
  • Grind 1 tsp. almonds , add 2 p.s. powder of dried bananas , 1 ч.л. sour cream , chicken yolk , mix until smooth. Apply mask for half an hour, then rinse with warm water.

Banana mask for hair

  • Boil pumpkin , cook mashed, let cool. Add 2sp. crushed dried bananas , egg yolk , 1с.л. honey , mix thoroughly. Apply to damp hair, lightly rub into the skin. Cover your head with a film and a towel for an hour and a half. Wash off with warm, acidified water.
  • Mix 2 tsp. dried bananas , yolk chicken eggs, 1 p.s. peach oil , 1 ч.л. lemon juice , 1 / 2h.l vinegar . Apply on hair, cover with a film and a towel for half an hour. Rinse with acidified water.

Cosmetic procedures are performed 1-2 times a week for a month.

Harm and contraindications

Benefits and harm of bananas

Despite the health benefits, in some cases, the use of bananas can be harmful.

First of all, because of their high caloric content, their use should be limited to the overweight suffering.

Fruits are slowly digested, often cause accumulation of gases and make bile outflow difficult. It is better to eat them in small portions, do not drink with water.

Fruits and banana juice are contraindicated in case of high acidity gastric juice.

With diabetes it is not necessary to eat fresh ripe fruits, although they are useful in hypoglycemic attack . In other cases, it is better for diabetics to choose unripe or boiled fruits.

Bananas contribute to the increase of blood viscosity, therefore it is contraindicated in varicose veins , of coronary heart disease , thrombophlebitis , after infarction or stroke .

In children, fruits can cause allergies , so they should be included in the diet gradually, watching the reaction of the child’s body.

In the case of asthma a harmful excess potassium intake, in a significant amount contained in bananas, is harmful. That there was no attack, it is necessary to take care of inclusion in a food ration of a necessary quantity of salt. To increase the air-exchange capacity of the lungs, it is useful to pour bananas, their juice, and also watermelons. This measure helps to balance the intake of potassium and sodium in the body, to strengthen the taste sensations.

Headaches with migraine can be caused by eating certain foods, including fruits – bananas, raisins, citrus fruits.

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