Benefits and harm of quail eggs

Benefits and harm of quail eggs


  • Benefits of quail eggs
  • Treatment of quail eggs of various diseases
  • Egg shell use
  • Harm to quail eggs

About that quail eggs are useful, heard many. Although for certain this product of dietary nutrition there are properties that in some cases can cause harm. The benefits and harm of quail eggs are determined both with the state of health and with the individual characteristics of the organism. Quail eggs are not white and not brown, but spotty. They are small and weigh about 10-12g, which is five times less than chicken, which weighs 60g.

The use of quail eggs

The undoubted benefit of this type of dietary food is the possibility of safe nutrition for the health in its raw form. It turns out that the body temperature of quails is + 42C, and salmonella and other microorganisms perish at 40C.

Therefore, in poultry farms and factories do not use various medications to prevent diseases and prevent bird epidemics. Do not use antibiotics, which eventually end up in the human body.

It’s no secret that heat treatment reduces the nutritional value and health benefits of quail eggs. To use the product in its raw form is much more useful.

In one egg, 25% of the daily cholesterol, about 2% of the daily protein norm. They are useful high in vitamins A and B, essential trace elements: magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron.

  • The use of quail eggs is undoubtedly beneficial with increased physical exertion.
  • They help with excess weight, because in a day they can sit down 1-2 pcs, remaining in a given amount of daily calories and simultaneously receiving a lot of nutrients.
  • The dietary product is significantly less cholesterol, so it is permissible even when you should refrain from eating other foods that contain cholesterol.
  • The high content of protein, polyunsaturated fats and folic acid helps to maintain the normal level of hormones of the female body.
  • Testicles are recommended during pregnancy.
  • Men will receive from a dietary product a benefit comparable to the effect of taking Viagra.
  • The special benefit of quail eggs for the proper development of the child. They are a measure of prevention of lag in mental development, rapid fatigue, remove radionuclides and toxins from the body. The child more easily remembers and more firmly assimilates new material. Probably, therefore, in Japan, schoolchildren are supposed to have 2-3 pieces for lunch.
  • The product has a neutral taste, and amusing specks on the shell attract children’s attention. So the problems, how to persuade a child to eat an unusual testicle, does not arise. The child of preschool age is enough for a day 1-2 quail eggs, the student – 2 or 3.

Treatment of quail eggs of various diseases

Benefits and harm of quail eggs

  • The product helps to cope with asthma, significantly facilitating the patient’s condition. Every day, it is recommended to eat one testicle each. After a month, take a break, after which the treatment is continued. Six months later, the patient’s condition improves by six months.
  • Eggs quail help to eliminate the effects of various poisoning. If you start drinking one testicle every hour, after a few hours the patient’s condition improves significantly.
  • Dietary nutrition is indicated in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and thyroid gland.
  • The reception of a natural product is indicated for allergies. It is necessary to drink at least one per day. Manifestations of allergies take place within a few days.
  • This diet is useful in disorders of the nervous system and heart diseases.

Use of the egg shell

The egg shell is useful because of the composition close to the composition of the bones and teeth of a person. It must be taken in the case of brittle nails, hair, insomnia, irritability and constipation.

As a rule, the shell is ground and mixed with lemon juice. Take a day later on a teaspoon in the afternoon or just before sleep, so calcium is best absorbed.

Harm of quail eggs

Benefits and harm of quail eggs

In some cases, when eating eggs, quail should be careful, because you can damage the body:

  • In the quail egg whites contain the allergen ovomukoid . Its harm in the resulting allergic reaction, especially it can manifest itself in childhood. The adult organism with this allergen copes much easier.
  • Do not feed the baby until a year with testicles quail. With identified child allergies to fish or dairy products, they are included in the diet no earlier than five years of age.
  • Because of possible damage to the eggs, quail should be used with caution in case of poor assimilation of protein. Particular care should be exercised in diseases of the liver and kidneys, when protein food is completely excluded. In this case it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Do not abuse the amount of a healthy dietary product, because of overeating you can get an upset stomach.

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