Benefits of rice for the body

Benefits of rice for the body


  • What is useful in rice
  • Which rice varieties are most useful to health
  • How to choose the most useful rice by color

Rice, formerly called “Saracen pine “, has long become a familiar everyday product. It is used for making porridge, pilaf, as an independent dish, is widely used in dietary nutrition. The plant is rather whimsical, it needs a tropical climate. As a garnish, its grains are perfectly combined with fish, meat, fruits, vegetables. Recipes are simple, the dishes are easy to prepare and bring a lot of health benefits.

It is believed that the culture of rice cultivation originated in the territory of modern Thailand and Vietnam. As is known from ancient Indian and ancient Chinese treatises, it was there that the plant was domesticated and spread to other countries. During excavation, vessels with stony remains of rice are often found.

What is useful in rice

  • Rice has remarkable cleansing properties because they contain fiber, which accelerates the evacuation of toxins and toxins from the intestine. They contain a lot of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as useful and necessary vital functions of the organism microelements: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. It contains vitamins of the PP and B groups.
  • As you know, the muscles require enough protein. The necessary building material for maintaining and recreating the muscular framework in sufficient quantity is given by rice grains. It turns out that they are enough only 50grams, so that the body receives a daily dose of vegetable protein. The carbohydrates contained in the grains are an effective source of “fuel” for the whole organism.
  • There are few vegetable fats in rice grains, moreover, this kind of fat does not accumulate in the body. This means that with a rice diet, fat can not form.
  • The calcium contained in rice is necessary for the teeth and the bone system, and potassium helps to carry out nerve impulses.
  • Health is not only useful for the grain of rice, but also for its bran. They contain a lot of vitamins, folic acid, microelements. When grinding a lot of the necessary health substances is in the waste.

Which rice varieties are most useful to health

You can see many different varieties of the product in stores. To prepare various dishes, you must choose the appropriate variety, so that the health benefits are maximized, and the dish is delicious.

Round grain

This grade is the most soft and porous, able to absorb a lot of liquid. It is better to buy it for cooking rice porridge. In the first minutes of cooking rice grains should be mixed as often and more intensively as possible so that they do not stick together. When they pick up moisture, they stop being sticky.

Long grain

is best for cooking pilaf. Even after prolonged heat treatment, it remains friable. The resulting dishes are the perfect garnish for meat or fish.

The middle-grained

occupies an intermediate position. It is able to absorb moisture during cooking, but at the same time its grains are much less stick together with each other than round grain varieties. It is good to prepare soups and salads.

How to choose the most useful rice by color

Benefits of rice for the body

  • In white rice grains a lot of starch. Hence, the benefits of the product will be low, it has too little fiber and vitamins. To improve the properties of white rice, came up with a special procedure – steaming. After its application in rice grains, there are more substances necessary for health, and it is stored longer. The procedure allows useful substances to be much deeper, which changes the color of the grains, they become yellowish.
  • Even more useful is the brown rice, as it undergoes an incomplete processing chain, what white rice grains are exposed to. It retains a part of the shell, that is, much needed health.
  • Wild black rice is the most useful, the nutrient content in it is greatest.

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