Can I drink water with water

Can I drink water with water


  • Is it good to drink food?
  • When drinking water with water is useful
  • Is it useful to wash down with tea?

Many people are accustomed to drinking water with water, or even better with tea or coffee, especially with a delicious dessert. Is it useful?

Is it useful to wash down food?

Famous nutritionist Herbert Shelton believes that drinking water for a while and even more so immediately after a meal is not worth it.

It’s no secret that digestion processes begin directly in the mouth. At first the food is crushed by teeth, mixed with saliva. The more chewing movements occur, the easier the stomach, the products are abundantly moistened with saliva. The flow of water dilutes the saliva and weakens its cleavage.

In addition, the habit of drinking water with water causes a decrease in the optimal concentration of gastric juice, while various enzymes and substances that promote effective digestion are washed away. To end up digesting, food has to stay longer in the stomach. In a number of cases, complete digestion does not occur, and the food mass appears in the intestine.

Not until the end of the split food begins to rot, wander, decompose, causing the formation of gases. Decay products are absorbed into the blood, poison the body and are the main cause of the mass of diseases.

  • Many consider it useful to wash down food not with water, but with milk, although it is known that milk causes fermentation in the intestines.
  • The habit of drinking with a cool liquid – juice, carbonated syrup, water – causes a contraction of the muscles of the digestive system, why not completely digested masses soon leave the stomach and is in the intestine.
  • Some prefer to have dinner with a bottle of beer. Wash with beer causes fermentation in the digestive system, disrupts the processes of optimal digestion.

When drinking water with water is useful

Can I drink water with water

It is useful to drink only dry food because it is often difficult not only to digest it but also to swallow it. Without moisture, they, like a sponge, will absorb the juice in the stomach and turn into a ball, poorly digested.

It is perfectly justified to drink a glass of wine. Weak alcohol stimulates appetite and secretion of digestive secretions. As a result, food is more quickly absorbed, the probability of fermentation decreases. If possible, it is quite possible to overturn a glass of good wine at dinner. Harm from it is minimal, and the benefits are beyond doubt.

Is it useful to wash down with tea?

Can I drink water with water

Tannins , contained in tea, muffle the sensitivity of the gastric mucosa and intestines, why the ability to suck food is reduced. Intestine falls into a kind of apathy, becomes sluggish and indifferent. Thus, when the digestive system requires the greatest activity to assimilate the necessary organism, the effect of tea forces it to work less efficiently. A similar effect is provided by ice cream.

It is useful to completely stop taking any liquids immediately after a meal, putting aside a tea-hour for an hour and a half.

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