Castor oil for hair

Castor oil for hair


  • Castor composition, benefits and vitamins
  • Natural hair care
  • How to apply castor oil
  • Mask made of castor oil for dry hair
  • Strengthening and healing of fatty hair
  • Preventive masks for normal hair
  • How to strengthen hair with castor oil, prevent their loss
  • Use castor oil to grow eyelashes and eyebrows

The condition of the skin, nails and hair is determined by the health of the entire body, primarily the digestive system. To look attractive, you need to eat right, give the body regular physical activity, full rest. Over the years, hair needs more careful care, begin to grow worse. Castor oil helps to regulate the optimal secretion of sebum, its excess causes excessive fat, and the shortage is the dryness of the head of hear. Castor’s hair restores the hair after frequent stains, waving, abuse of care products, and supercooling in the winter, if it happens to go out without a hat.

Castor’s composition, benefits and vitamins

Castor oil for hair

Useful oil is obtained from seeds Caviar . The shrub in the wild grows mainly in the tropics and subtropics, cultivated in India, Egypt, Africa, Iran, China, Brazil, Argentina.

The cultural variety is grown in gardens, it needs an abundance of sun and frequent watering. A useful oil is squeezed out of the seeds of castor oil.

At home, castor oil is not produced, since it is necessary to render harmless the seeds contained in the seeds ricin , a poisonous substance. Its use causes severe irritation, inflammation and subsequent dying of the stomach or intestinal mucosa, accompanied by vomiting, bloody stools, attacks of acute pain in the abdomen.

There are cases of ricin poisoning of children as a result of using 1-2 seeds of ornamental shrubs, as well as livestock, which was fed with cake of oilseeds of castor oil.

In the manufacture of a pharmaceutical preparation, the seeds are cleaned from the shell and pressed using cold-pressed technology. Subsequent boiling of the resulting oil with water or hot steam treatment decomposes the chemically unstable ricin. To obtain the finished product, water is removed and filtration is performed.

When extracting oil only by heating an aqueous solution or using some kind of solvents, it produces more but less quality. It is used for technical purposes.

Medical castor oil is slightly yellowish or transparent, used for constipation, for healing hair. It has a weak aroma and unpleasant taste. In the air it quickly becomes rancid, gets a bad smell. When cooled to -16C turns into a creamy mass.

Varieties of useful product, obtained by non-cold pressing, as a rule, acquire a rich yellow color, often a reddish shade.

Castor oil refers to non-drying liquid oils. In its composition:

  • oleic acid (up to 9%) , which is representative of Omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids. With external use improves the appearance of the skin and hair, smooths wrinkles.
  • linoleic acid (up to 3%) , representative of Omega-6, in sufficient quantities should come with food. It is necessary for the optimal vital activity of cell membranes.
  • ricinoleic acid (more than 80%) is characterized by the property of rapidly absorbing, penetrating into tissues. Remarkably restores the epithelium, it is effective for trophic changes, in case of inflammatory diseases of mucous membranes.
  • stearic acid (up to 3%) relieves itching and irritation. Absorbed in the stratum corneum, it makes the skin supple, smooth and soft, moisturizes, protects against wind and frost. With its shortage, the hair becomes dull, the nails are stratified, the skin begins to peel off.

Hair-friendly vitamins in castor oil are represented by:

  • tocopherols , forms of vitamin E. Important for optimal tissue respiration, other processes of cellular metabolism.
  • carotenoids , characterized by A-provitamin activity. As you know, the body does not synthesize vitamin A, important for vision, reproductive functions, healthy skin. In case of its deficiency on the skin integuments, so-called horny scales are formed, the nails are stratified, and the hair becomes brittle.

In addition, the sterols that remove inflammation, stimulate the activity of cells, preserve their healthy structure.

Triterpenes have an emollient, protective effect, restore collagen, the hair becomes smooth and shiny.

Natural hair care

Castor oil for hair

To save health and hair type helps proper care. Excessive washing, drying with a hair dryer, curling, straightening destroy the cuticle , the outer layer. Its thin scales cover the surface of the hair like tiles.

For the natural care of the cuticle, the sebaceous glands secrete a secret that appears in the follicle , a bag with a hair bulb. To flakes fit tightly to each other, they do not fray, they must be regularly lubricated. As a result, the head of hair shines, combs well.

Otherwise it becomes dry, dull, tangled, some hairs break like straw. Or gets a greasy look, quickly becoming dirty.

The sebaceous film formed is washed off during the washing of the head, but it is soon restored, as it is vital for the hair. As a rule, a healthy scalp retains shine, firmness and strength for 3-4 days, without becoming contaminated and not getting a greasy look.

Preventive masks with castor oil suitable for hair type should be used for a long time, a month or longer. After several applications, a miracle does not occur.

How to apply castor oil

Castor oil for hair

Applying a mask at home, it is useful to warm the oil a little in a small container placed in warm water. As a result, the useful product will become less viscous, in this form it is easier to rub into the scalp, distribute on the surface of the cuticle, and comb it.

After the procedure, head, without moistening, you need to soap with shampoo, wash off the foam. Then wash the hair with shampoo again, using warm soft water, by no means hot, as it stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. The final rinse is done with cool water.

In the case of normal or oily hair, it is useful to add a little lemon juice to the rinse water, it dries and adds shine to the hair.

After washing, do not walk for a long time with a wet towel on your head. It is better to let it dry naturally, without using a hairdryer.

Castor masks for dry hair

Castor oil for hair

In case of excessive dryness, the head of hear becomes dull, brittle, its tips split. It is difficult to make the right hair, lay strands. You have to be careful, avoid exposure to high temperatures, and give up perm. When combing, have a gentle effect, wash your hair not more than once a week with an appropriate shampoo.

A common cause of dry hair is a decrease in immunity, regular stress, an unbalanced diet.

  • In the case of dry seborrhea, a sufficient amount of secretion of sebaceous glands ceases to be produced. As a result, the skin begins to peel and itch, dandruff is formed, the hair is made dry, becomes unhealthy, begins to fall out.
  • With seborrheic dermatitis, inflammatory disease of the scalp, the population of yeast-like lipophilic fungi резко sharply increases, forming a microflora of healthy skin. Treatment with the disease is helped by medical shampoos.For example, in the shampoo Sebozol zinc, sulfur, salicylic acid destroy germs and fungi. Before using it, you should carefully read the instructions.

The disease is treated by including in the diet foods rich in vitamin A. In addition, applying to the hair castor oil containing carotenoids , contributes to the early recovery and strengthening of dry hair. Recovery comes after external application of herbal decoctions of chamomile or calendula.

Mask from a slightly warmed castor oil is applied over the entire length of the strands, lightly rubbed into the skin. Then the head turns into a film, covered up to keep the heat with a towel.

After an hour, wash the oil with shampoo and warm water. After wetting the hair, apply a beaten chicken egg or sour milk on it.

At home, it is also useful to prepare the following masks:

  1. Mix thoroughly 1 tsp. broth of burdock, whipped egg white egg, 1 tsp. castor oil. Apply to the hair, spread the entire length. Cover the head with a film and a towel. After half an hour, wash it off.
  2. Mix 1 tsp. honey, 1 p.s. castor and olive oil, apply in the form of a mask on the skin and hair. After half an hour, rinse, rinse with a decoction of chamomile or marigold.
  3. If there is no olive oil, you can heat up 3 tsp. castor oil and 1 p.s. honey. Mix thoroughly, apply on strands, spreading over the entire length. Bind the head with a film and a towel, wait an hour.

Strengthening and healing of oily hair

Castor oil for hair

When the secretion of sebaceous glands is redundant, the hair gets dirty quickly. They have to be washed regularly with an appropriate shampoo. In just a few hours they again acquire a characteristic shine and untidy appearance. They are difficult to lay, strands stick together, do not hold the volume. Her hair looks sleek.

To eliminate greasiness, it is recommended to apply diluted lemon juice, various alcohol compositions to the scalp, without overdrying the skin.

To normalize the production of the hair secret, it is necessary to change the diet by refusing baking , potatoes , sweet . Useful to eat rye bread , fresh fruits and vegetables , seafood .

In the case of sebaceous hair, apply various masks based on castor oil or other vegetable oils with caution, so as not to cause more intensive work of the sebaceous glands.

Castor mask for sebaceous hair

  1. Mix 1 tsp. castor oil, 1 teaspoon cognac, 1 tea. lemon juice. Apply in a warm form on strands and skin, after 15-20 minutes wash off.
  2. If the strands are split, it is useful to prepare another mask, mixing 1 tsp. castor and burdock oil, 1 p.s. lemon juice. Grate the composition in the hair, spreading from the roots to the tips. Cover the head with a film and a towel, after an hour and a half to wash off.
  3. Finely chop the green parsley, 3 tsp. mixed with 1 tsp. castor oil, add 1 tbsp. of vodka. To put on a head of hear, especially in roots. Wrap the head with a film and a towel for half an hour.

Prophylactic masks for normal hair

Castor oil for hair

If the health of the head of hair is fine, it is thick, strong, shiny, easy to comb. Hairstyles save volume and do not require the use of special tools for styling.

To prevent a secretion of secretion causing excessive dryness or greasiness, it is useful to use preventive masks based on castor and other vegetable oils. They eliminate the possible itch between washing your head, do not allow the formation of dandruff.

Masks based on castor oil for normal hair

  1. Mix 1 tsp. alcohol and 1 p.s. Castor oil, rub the composition with a gauze swab into the skin. After 2-3 hours wash your head, to give a shine rinsed head of hair with acidified water, prepared from the calculation of juice of half a lemon for 1 liter of cool water.
  2. Prepare a composition of 1 liter. olive, castor and almond oils.Apply soft rubbing movements in strands and skin. Wrap the head with a film and a towel for a couple of hours. Apply the mask 1-2 times a week for a month. At the end of the procedure, it is also useful to rinse your hair with diluted lemon juice.
  3. tinctures of calendula. The composition is rubbed into the skin.

  4. If hair is greasy , a similar composition is prepared for their strengthening, but in a different proportion. One part of the castor oil is taken up to 10 parts of the pharmacy tincture of calendula.
  5. Hair loss often occurs on the nerves, it is the result not only of heredity, but also of stress, the predominance of negative emotions. To prevent hair from becoming too rare, in particularly stressful periods for prevention, it is worth taking sedatives based on valerian or motherwort .

    Relax and calm down, and deliver hair food helps home head massage using castor oil. Lightly pleasant movements need to rub a slightly warmed composition, especially in those places where deliberation became particularly noticeable.

    Using castor oil to grow eyelashes and eyebrows

    Castor oil for hair

    Eyelashes and eyebrows are necessary not only for emotions and giving the person more expressiveness. But also to protect the eyes from various external influences: a piece of dust flowing down the forehead of sweat.

    It happens that eyelashes or eyebrows begin to grow worse, drop out. The cause may be an unbalanced diet, poor in vitamins, improper care.

    Eyelashes can fall out from the use of substandard cosmetics, eyebrows suffer from inept ticks and improper staining. As you know, for eyebrows you need to use a special dye, and not the one that is used for hair.

    Recipe for eyelashes

    If you increase the length of your eyelashes, you can use normal castor oil. As a rule, for its application, it is possible to adjust the brush remaining from the used carcass.

    In addition, the drugstore sells compositions enriched with vitamins and microelements, which increases their effectiveness. The kit includes a special brush for the eyelashes.

    Castor oil is applied at home to clean eyelashes for half an hour at any time of the day, preferably in the evening. At the end, the residues are removed with a swab.

    If the eyelids are sensitive, an allergy may occur and swelling may develop. Therefore, you should try to apply oil from the tips to the middle of the eyelashes, not allowing its contact with the skin.

    Eyebrow Recipes

    1. The growth of eyebrows increases with daily application of a mixture of 1 tsp. castor and vegetable oils, which is added 2-3 drops of camphor oil.
    2. Another composition: take 1 tsp. castor oil and vegetable oil, add a few drops of vitamin A and E in oil (sold at the pharmacy).

    Lubricate the eyebrows with any of the compounds before going to bed, remove the remnants thoroughly with gauze. In a few months the eyebrows will become thick, silky and healthy shine.

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