Causes of bloating

Causes of bloating


  • Common causes bloating
  • abdomen swells with constipation and flatulence
  • flatulence when changing diet
  • Belly puchit at pollution of the organism, parasites, dysbiosis
  • bloating in gastritis and hemorrhoids
  • Causes of bloating for violations of food digestion
  • bloating in diseases of the bowel
  • Folk remedies for bloating constipation and flatulence
  • Traditional recipes with bloating

many face With an unpleasant phenomenon, when the stomach is puking, a lot of gases form in the intestine, and flatulence appears. Often, an uncomfortable state occurs after a festive feast or the use of certain foods. If the health is ok, the reason for bloating is simple: in the process of digesting poorly combined products, gases have formed, and now they are asking for outside. In more complicated cases, swelling and other symptoms can signal a particular disease.

Common causes of bloating

The following are common causes of why the stomach is swollen in practically healthy people:

  • Education in a significant number of gases is caused by the use of poorly combined products.
  • Fermentation and rumbling in the digestive system provokes excessive consumption of carbonated beverages. When they are taken in small amounts, the gases are naturally removed.
  • The habit of eliminating heartburn with sodas. As is known, soda and acid of gastric juice are antagonists. If you mix a small amount of soda with vinegar, a chemical reaction will occur with the release of carbon dioxide. With the use of soda, the gases that form are bursting the stomach from the inside.
  • Fast impatient eating of food, why in the stomach is air. It is difficult or impossible to get rid of it through a burp.
  • Often the reason why the stomach swells after eating is due to the habit of overeating.
  • Abuse of fatty foods, which requires considerable time for digestion. Fats create a feeling of overflow and heaviness in the stomach, provoking a swelling.

The abdomen is swollen with constipation and flatulence

Causes of bloating

As is known, with constipation bowel movement occurs quite infrequently, with an interval of about 48 hours or longer, up to a week. Fecal masses are very dense, which causes the defecation process to be accompanied by discomfort, painful sensations.

It seems that the emptying is not performed to the end, the stomach and intestines are constantly filled with contents, which causes bloating. There may be pain along the colon. The skin acquires an unhealthy, earthy-gray hue, a rash appears on the face or back.

The main cause of constipation is malnutrition, excessive nervous and mental stress, alcohol.

In the case of flatulence the stomach and intestines swell due to the formation of a significant amount of gases. There are painful sensations caused by the movement of gases along the intestine.

Flatulence is quite common in young children. In this case, the stomach is tense, the behavior is restless. Treatment is performed with activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight up to 3 times a day.

Constipation and flatulence are frequent during pregnancy. To avoid abdominal distention, it is worth limiting or eliminating legumes , peas , cabbage , black bread , as well as grapes , plums , juices from them.

Inflammation of the intestines when changing the diet

Causes of bloating

For a sharp changing the habitual diet (for example, in the case of a full refusal of meat) the body is not able to quickly rearrange itself and therefore reacts with swelling, raspiranie in the stomach and intestines, constipation, liquid stool, other signs.For this reason, the change in diet should be carried out with a certain gradualness.

Another possible reason why the stomach is swollen is considered to be the food allergy caused by the intake of allergen products. It can be citrus ( mandarin , orange , lemon ), peaches , strawberry , sweet, chicken eggs , honey and its derivatives, spices , even meat or fish .

As a rule, an allergic reaction is manifested by changes in the skin, rashes, eczema. Often there are disorders of the digestive system. The stomach starts to hurt, gases are formed, the intestines swell, there is an eructation, vomiting. There may be diarrhea or constipation, as well as intestinal dysbiosis.

Treatment of food allergies should be performed under the supervision of a physician. Improper self-treatment can cause serious aggravation of the disease, life-threatening. It is necessary to exclude from the diet food-allergens. For their detection, it is required to donate blood for analysis, to conduct skin tests.

harmful substances , the defensive forces of the body have to spend a lot of effort to neutralize their negative impact. The result is a rapid onset of fatigue, irritability, frequent ailments and colds, weak resistance to infections.

There is a bad smell from the mouth, bloating. Its cause is the formation of gases in the intestine, the stunting of stool.

The presence of intestinal parasites also promotes swelling of the intestine, increased gas production. Bloating may be intensified by consuming legumes, fresh fruits or vegetables. In addition, the wastes of vital activity of the parasites are in the intestines, contributing to an even greater internal pollution of the body.

Inside healthy people, there may be about 15 kinds of simple microorganisms , of which about 7 species are found in the intestine. For example, lamblia , trichomonads , balantidia , cryptosporidia . Infection occurs through food, water, by domestic means.

If the lamblia damaging the mucous membrane of the gallbladder gets into the body, symptoms of Giardiasis : bulging and bloating, vomiting, stools become liquid or constipation, hurts at the top of the abdomen and in the umbilical region.

If you do not pay attention to these symptoms, such diseases as dyskinesia gallbladder (motor disorders), cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder) can develop.

In the case of dyskinesia bile ducts , chronic cholecystitis , chronic hepatitis cause bloating is considered violation of outflow of bile from the gallbladder. It hurts in the right hypochondrium, irritability is felt. Fatty food causes a loose stool.

The cause of bloating at <amble dysentery is a lesion of the mucosa of the large intestine, accompanied by the release of a significant amount of mucus, pus. Violated the processes of digestion, absorption of nutrients, removal of intestinal waste.

As a rule, puchit, often want to go to the toilet, the chair is liquid. Nauseous, vomits, shivering, weakness is felt. The abdomen swells and hurts.

In case of rotavirus infection (“intestinal flu”) affects the gastrointestinal tract. In the initial period, disorders in the intestine are manifested by rumbling and swelling of the abdomen, pain.Providing in the duodenum and above the small intestine, rotavirus damages the mucous membrane, causing the development of enzymes of intestinal digestion and, consequently, the absorption of nutrients. The temperature rises, tears, diarrhea happens , causing significant dehydration of the body.

As a result of long-term treatment medication therapy decreases barrier function of the intestine , happens dysbacteriosis :

  • If the intestine is dominated staphylococci , fever, chills, The stomach or belly hurts and is bloated, especially on a course of a thick intestine. The chair is frequent and liquid, with mucus, blood and pus.
  • If the dysbacteriosis is caused by the fungi Candida and Aspergilla , it hurts in the navel area, there is a feeling of heaviness and bloating. The chair is also liquid, bloody and foamy, with the allocation of film and lumps. Appetite is absent, tongue crimson, quite often there is a stomatitis.
  • Dysbacteriosis of the intestine caused by one of the pathogenic species Aspergilla не often develops with gastritis with high acidity , and also after prolonged use of antibiotics, especially tetracycline . Symptoms are manifested by nausea, rashes on the mucous membrane, the taste of mold is felt in the mouth.
    This kind of dysbacteriosis is marked by considerable intoxication, because Aspergilla synthesizes enzymes, causing a body of harmful substances in the body. Due to intoxication after eating, a condition similar to intoxication is observed.

After eliminating the dysbacteriosis in the body, there is a deficit of vitamins, especially group B:

  • disturbed sleep (deficit B1);
  • happens stomatitis, hair loss, nail change (B2 deficiency);
  • disrupts the function of hematopoiesis, in difficult cases, the envelope around the nerve fibers of the central or peripheral nervous system is damaged, why limbs become numb, the coordination of movements of various muscles is broken (deficit B12);
  • disturbed absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Bloating in gastritis and hemorrhoids

Causes of bloating

In case of acute form <style gastritis , inflammation of the gastric mucosa, there is a fullness in the stomach, bloating, there is a loose stool or constipation.

Chronic form, divided into gastritis with increased and decreased acidity , is accompanied by abdominal pain, disturbances in the production of gastric juice. The emergence and development of the disease contributes to smoking.

  • In case of increased acidity, the belch is acidic, vomiting, and heartburn.
  • Reduced acidity is characterized by nausea, vomiting, rapid satiety, flatulence. The skin becomes dry, the nails are brittle, and the hair becomes thin.

The cause of bloating may be hemorrhoids . This disease is caused by pathological expansion and tortuosity of the hemorrhoidal veins of the rectum. Pathology develops with stagnation in the pelvis in the case of constipation, a sedentary lifestyle, during pregnancy and physical stress.

Distinguish protruding and hidden hemorrhoids:

  • With protruding hemorrhoids, the head hurts and dies, the limbs become numb, the abdomen tenses and swells, burns in the anus, the stool is liquid, alternating with constipation.
  • Hidden hemorrhoids are manifested by fainting, choking, heart palpitations, pain in the sacrum.

The cones are removed surgically or by folk medicine.

For the prevention of disease it is useful to move enough, prefer hard seats. Do not use spices, spicy, alcohol.

Causes of bloating when digesting food is abnormal

Causes of bloating

In case of gastric dyspepsia , difficulty digestion, after eating in The stomach feels a heaviness, an unpleasant aftertaste and a bad smell from the mouth. In the morning, I feel sick and regurgitated. The stomach rumbles and swells at the top. The cause of aggravation of this type of dyspepsia is considered certain products that cause the activation of these symptoms. Intestinal dyspepsia is associated with insufficient secretory activity of the stomach, pancreas, lack of bile secretion. It is caused by malnutrition, intake of significant amounts of food predominantly protein or carbohydrate nature, intestinal infection, dysbiosis. There is a transfusion and rumbling in the intestines, the stomach is swollen, flatulence and a loose stool are observed.

In the case of intestinal dyspepsia, food is not completely split. Bacteria that find themselves in the small intestine begin to participate in the enzymatic cleavage. As a result, harmful substances are created that cause intoxication. The intestinal mucosa is irritated, the peristalsis is activated.

Dish bloating with intestinal diseases

Causes of bloating

In case of small intestine diseases, the abdomen hurts near the navel or in the middle section. Gases formed in the intestine are bursting from the inside. Often their appearance is associated with the reception of a certain food.

Gases are formed 2-3 hours after eating, when food was in the intestines. Painful sensations are accompanied by bloating, transfusions in the lower parts, as well as flatulence.

There is no constipation in the acute enteritis ,, the stool is liquid. In severe form, food is almost not absorbed, causing the patient to lose weight, hair falls out. Irritability is observed, mood often changes. The stomach or belly is hurted and swollen.

In the chronic form of the disease, the symptoms intensify after the use of cow’s milk.

In the case of the colitis , inflammatory diseases, the removal of water from the feces is violated in the colon, making the stool become liquid. In addition, the inflamed area of ​​the intestine may expand or, conversely, contract as a result of spasm. Passage of fecal matter is difficult, there are pains, bloating and constipation.

Intestinal dyskinesia impaired motor function of the intestine, as a rule, spasm occurs. The lower part of the abdomen swells and hurts, rumbling and transfusion are heard. The cause of the attack can be a tight belt, incorrect posture, abundant food, excessive excitement. Constipation is prevalent, defecation is accompanied by a feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine.

Mesenteric ischemia , the disturbance of blood flow in the intestine, as a rule, affects the elderly. The disease is characterized by a narrowing or clogging of the mesenteric arteries of the small or large intestine, which is often the case with fibrillation .

Arteries narrowed by atherosclerotic formations cause severe pain in intestinal peristalsis. It hurts in the middle and upper abdomen. Painful sensations occur after eating and last for 1-1.5 hours. Often vomiting, swelling of the stomach, there is a loose stool or, conversely, constipation.

Emergency hospitalization is necessary.

<style gluten , The body is dehydrated, can be observed anemia , caries .

The cause of abdominal distension, liquid stool is the use of pasta , floury , confectionery wares, oatmeal or semolina porridge, sausages . It should be a diet of vegetables , fruit , dairy , eggs , rice , boiled meat or fish , corn , honey , coffee , tea .

Folk remedies for bloating with constipation and flatulence

Causes of bloating

For constipation, it is useful to eat crumbly porridges: buckwheat , millet , pearl . It is worth giving up strong tea , coffee , chocolate , thick porridge , white bread , pasta .

It is useful to include in the diet fresh vegetables and fruits , rich in fiber, except for those that have astringent effect: blueberries , cranberries, garnet , quince .

  • In case of severe constipation, eat a salad of iced cabbage and apple , seasoned with cabbage juice every other day. You can eat as much as you like.
    Contraindication to the treatment of cabbage is the presence in the plant of glycosides mustard oil, they can cause the formation of goiter
    . Cabbage should be excluded from the diet in case of pancreatitis . She is not treated with enteritis and colitis , exacerbation gastritis , increased peristalsis , spasms stomach , intestines , biliary tract .
  • From the constipation and bloating helps the juice of raw pumpkin , consumed by 2-3 cups throughout the day.
  • It is possible to cope with the constipation with a glass milk with 1 p.s. honey , taken at night.
  • Slight aloe juice mixed with honey in a ratio of 3 to 1. Take 1hl. on an empty stomach and before bedtime.
    Do not treat aloe with kidney disease , liver , and also the gallbladder if stagnation of bile occurs. Aloe is contraindicated in hemorrhoids , pregnancy , because it causes a rush of blood in the pelvic organs.
  • Oranges are useful for treating constipation.
    Oranges are contraindicated in gastric ulcer and duodenum , gastritis with high acidity , exacerbation of inflammatory bowel disease, in case of allergy .

Dill treats various gastrointestinal diseases, relieve spasms of the stomach and intestines, eliminate fermentation and decay, the formation of gases. The plant stimulates appetite, eliminates bloating, expels helminths, weakens.

Thus, dill helps to cope with flatulence, bloating, improve digestion:

  • Brew 1с.л. fennel seeds a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour. Take equal portions throughout the day.
  • Shredded dill , used as a seasoning for food, eliminates excessive gassing.
  • Grind 1 tsp. seeds of dill in gruel, brew with a glass of boiling water, insist in a thermos for 40 minutes, drain.
    Take 100ml for half an hour before meals.

It should be known that the fennel seeds cause the expansion of blood vessels, which reduces the pressure. Therefore it is not necessary to be treated this way at hypotension .

In case of bloating and flatulence, infusion, prepared from a mixture of chamomile flowers (2 parts), and leaves of peppermint , rhizomes valerian officinalis , flowers calendula officinalis , taken in 1 part.

  • Cook 1 tsp. mix with a glass of boiling water, insist the night in a thermos. To drink a glass of infusion during the day, taking a folk remedy an hour after eating.

Do not take valerian medication with high blood pressure, in this case it breaks sleep. Valerian preparations increase blood clotting, which is especially undesirable in old age.

Folk recipes for abdominal distention

Causes of bloating

Mother-and-stepmother protects the intestinal walls, reduces inflammation, eliminates excessive gas formation, bloating.

  • Brew 2 tablespoons.leaves mother-and-stepmother a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour, strain.
    Accept according to 1.с.л. for half an hour before meals.
  • Brew 1sp. dried leaves psyllium a glass of boiling water, insist 4 hours, strain, add 1 tsp. honey . Keep the composition in a dark cool place for no more than two days.
    Take 1 tsp. directly after eating.
  • Brew 1sp. dried fruit bird cherries a glass of boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes. After 30 minutes add 30 drops of 20% tincture propolis .
    Take 100ml for half an hour before meals.

Remedy for Giardiasis :

  • wash and clean for 12-15g horseradish and garlic , pass through the meat grinder. Pour a glass of vodka , insist 10 days, every day shaking, strain. Take 1 tsp. for half an hour before a meal, washing down with water.

Recipes with cholecystitis :

  • Stir well in equal parts carrot and beet juices, cognac , honey . Store in a cool, dark place.
    Take half a cup for half an hour before a meal
  • Brew 1 tsp. leaves psyllium a glass of boiling water, insist 10-15 minutes, drain.
    Drink for an hour in small sips.

Effectively treat the causes of bloating, stomach and duodenal ulcer cabbage juice or a salad of leaves.

  • Fresh juice take 1-2 tsp. half an hour before a meal, gradually bringing the volume to 1/2 cup.
  • The optimum single portion of fresh cabbage salad is 100 g. Leaves must be thoroughly chewed. When overeating happens heartburn, bloating.

Regular course treatment with cabbage juice for a month helps to get rid of belching, inflammation in the small and large intestines.

St. John’s wort has an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect, so it is used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines.

  • Tea from St. John’s wort . Brew 1с.л. herbs with a glass of boiling water, after 5 minutes drain.
    Take 2-3 glasses a day for several weeks.
  • Hypericum oil . To grate 1с.л. fresh flowers, pour 10s.l. olive oil and place in a container of light glass. Without closing, leave it for 5 days in a warm place to start fermentation. Periodically shake the contents. Then, close the container and set it in the sun to make the contents red (about 1.5 months). Oil drain, store in a dark place.
    Take 1 hour. 2 times a day for easy choleretic action, and also to normalize the activity of the stomach, excited due to nervous shocks.

Prolonged intake of funds based on St. John’s wort causes an exacerbation of gastritis. With a stomach ulcer, pain and spasms of the intestine can occur.

In addition, St. John’s wort increases the susceptibility of the skin to ultraviolet, so after taking infusions do not need to be in the sun.

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