Causes of dizziness

Causes of dizziness


  • Organs responsible for maintaining balance
  • Common causes, sometimes making the head spin
  • Stress can cause a twist before your eyes
  • You can spin around before your eyes from malnutrition
  • Dizziness and smoking
  • Side effects of medications
  • Headache and spinning before the eyes
  • The cause of ear congestion and dizziness may be infection
  • The head is spinning with osteochondrosis
  • If often rotates head
  • Swirling head during pregnancy

Everyone has ever felt dizzy. But if in the childhood it gave a certain pleasure and, as a rule, was not a symptom of this or that disease, in adulthood the causes of dizziness, when the world “floats” somewhere to the side, turn out to be quite serious.

The organs responsible for maintaining equilibrium

The sense of balance is formed by the receptors that determine the correct position of the body in space. They are located in the so-called labyrinth of the inner ear. Their signals are processed by the cerebellum and by the cerebral cortex .

In case of this or that pathology of the work of receptors or other reasons, it begins to seem that the body moves continuously in one direction or another, objects “float” before the eyes. This condition is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and hearing impairment. In the ears it rustles, the heart often beats, sweat appears.

Sometimes a spinning head incorrectly refers to another condition, namely, a violation of the ability to maintain a stable position of the body, a sense of balance. The walk becomes shaky, insecure. In a sitting or lying position, the feeling of falling, swinging of surrounding objects by the patient is not felt.

Common causes, which makes the head dizzy sometimes

Causes of dizziness

As a rule, a nausea and dizziness attack causes a rapid change in the position of the body, especially when it was in a state of immobility for a long time. This happens if you stand up abruptly after a long reading at a table or while lying on a sofa.

Discomfort is often accompanied by a darkening in the eyes, lays the ears, because the heart does not have enough time to give the brain enough blood. In addition, the equilibrium receptors in the inner ear do not have time to react to a rapid change in the position of the body.

In case of excessive sensitivity of the ear maze receptors, even moderate incoming signals can cause a swirling before the eyes. Discomfort is often manifested when descending in the elevator, while traveling by car.

With prolonged riding on the carousel, a long journey by car, there is a mismatch between visual sensations and signals of the receptors maintaining equilibrium. The brain is overwhelmed with unusual information and reacts to the deterioration of well-being: nausea, faintness, weakness, changes in blood pressure indicators. Often the discomfort is accompanied by a headache.

For this reason, it is not necessary to read during the trip even to those who usually do not get sick. Otherwise, after a while there is a severe headache and dizziness.

Unusual visual work at too close a distance, looking at objects or spaces of huge size – mountains, deep gorges – also cause a mismatch of sensations from the receptors of balance and the picture of the world perceived by the organs of vision. This is one of the reasons why the head is spinning on the edge of the abyss.

Some people are spinning when the body is completely immobile. For example, this happens when watching a movie shot by a camera that moves with the main character. Deterioration of well-being can cause corresponding computer games, so-called first-person shooters ( Quake ).

The cause of discomfort is fatigue, overwork, regular lack of sleep.In addition to dizziness, there is often nausea, weakness, lack of strength. In this case, it is necessary to normalize the regime of the day, give more time to rest.

A stressful condition can cause a twist before your eyes

Causes of dizziness

Nausea and spinning in front of your eyes cause stressful situations when there is insufficient or excessive oxygen in the blood. In this case, the brain ceases to react to the events of the surrounding world in the usual way.

Stress is often accompanied by darkness in the eyes, nausea, imbalance, short-term loss of orientation in space. As a rule, after the normalization of the situation, these symptoms soon pass.

Dizziness can occur before the eyes from malnutrition

Causes of dizziness

Irregular, unhealthy or unbalanced food, even with sufficient caloric content, causes dizziness. In the blood there are no important substances necessary for the optimal operation of the brain. First of all, glucose.

It affects the health of the body dramatically losing weight in a short time. This causes a decline in strength, provokes various diseases, the symptom of which is dizziness.

Causes of dizziness and nausea are often associated with various disorders of the digestive system.

Before the eyes it is spinning when the body copes with the effects of poisoning. The head is aching, the hands are shaking, the blood pressure indicators are falling, the indigestion, the digestive upset, the weakness appear.

Poisoning is caused not only by poor-quality nutrition, but also by intestinal infection, a hangover due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

To cope with poisoning, the body consumes a significant amount of liquid. The activity of nerve cells is disturbed because of toxins absorbed into the blood.

When changing the composition of the intestinal microflora, when the optimal ratio of “good” and “bad” microorganisms is disturbed, often floats before your eyes, the stomach swells and hurts, you often want to go to the toilet.

Dizziness and smoking

Causes of dizziness

A harmful habit that causes self-poisoning is a common cause that makes the head spin.

It’s no secret that nicotine breaks the optimal blood supply to the brain. Given that with age, the body “gives up” a little, if you find the first symptoms it makes sense if you do not give up smoking, then at least switch to a lighter sort of tobacco products.

Side effects of drugs

Causes of dizziness

Some medications have side effects and in some cases are the cause of dizziness.

First of all, this is a remedy against the allergy of the first generation Tavegil , Diazolinum , Dimedrol , differing sedative effect. A similar effect on the receptors of maintaining equilibrium is taking some antibiotics, antiseptics, strong soothing.

To avoid negative consequences, read the product description carefully before use.

Headache and spinning before the eyes

Causes of dizziness

Migraine . Painful sensations in the head, mismatch of signals from the receptors of balance and incoming visual information may be a symptom of migraine . This increases susceptibility to light or sounds, consciousness becomes unclear, feverish, no strength, weakness is felt, speech worsens.

Stroke . If there is drowsiness, depressed consciousness, headache, nausea, loss of ability to navigate in space, the cause is often stroke , acute disturbance of cerebral circulation. Urgent medical care is needed.

Vascular atherosclerosis .If cholesterol is deposited on the walls of the arteries, eventually formed plaques can lead to their complete blockage. But even with the preservation of the lumen in the arteries, the cells of the brain lack oxygen. This becomes the reason why the head is spinning. In addition, memory and attention are disturbed, sleep, fatigue is quickly coming.

Trauma of the skull . The result is often edema of the brain, the vessels are damaged. In addition to dizziness, this causes nausea, lethargy, drowsiness.

Tumor brain . Vertigo is manifested by attacks. Often their duration and frequency are related to the size of the tumor. Because of the increase in the puffiness of the brain, the patient experiences the illusion that everything is moving by itself, the sense of balance is disturbed, coordination of movements is impaired, and the sensitivity of certain parts of the body is lost. The arterial pressure to increase or decrease, throws in a fever.

An ear infection and dizziness may be caused by infection

Causes of dizziness

If there is an infection in the labyrinth of the inner ear, the head is spinning for a long time, several days and even weeks. Occurring internal otitis , an inflammatory process in the ear, can manifest as a complication after a flu or cold.

The condition is accompanied by a worsening of hearing, ears are laid, vomiting. Inflammatory process is often accompanied by an increase in temperature.

Head is spinning with osteochondrosis

In case of dystrophic disturbances in articular cartilages, dizziness may occur during the day due to cervical osteochondrosis. The patient feels pain in the neck, shoulders, neck, violated cerebral circulation. When you turn your neck, you hear a characteristic crunch. Feeling weak, drowsy.

Discomfort is less pronounced at rest. Symptoms manifest in the movement. It seems that the ground is getting out of the way, the ability to maintain balance is deteriorating.

If you often get dizzy

  • This can be a symptom of hypotension , low blood pressure, and hypertension , high blood pressure. If the world before your eyes is often dizzy, you should undergo a medical examination.
  • Quite a common cause of discomfort is tachycardia , the heart begins to “fragment.” It is worth turning to cardiologist .
  • Possible sign of multiple sclerosis . The sensitivity of the extremities changes, tingling sensations are felt in them. Vision, speech, some motor functions are broken, hands tremble, attention is worsened.

Swirling head during pregnancy

As you know, this condition is characterized by frequent attacks of nausea, dizziness. For frequent manifestations, the cause may be a lack of iron or a decrease in the glucose concentration in the blood.

The condition is normalized by proper nutrition, the use of vitamin complexes.

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