Causes of dry mouth

Causes of dry mouth


  • Common causes of xerostomia
  • Dry mouth causes medications
  • Causes of dry mouth in various diseases
  • How to eliminate dry mouth in folk remedy

Dryness in the oral cavity appears due to insufficient secretion of the secretion of salivary glands. In medicine, this condition is called xerostomia . This is not a disease, but a symptom of various diseases. The cause of dryness in the mouth is the intake of certain medications, diseases of internal organs. Often with xerostomia from the mouth appears an unpleasant smell.

Common causes of xerostomia

Causes of dry mouth

The function of the salivary glands can be disturbed by excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol.

Another common cause of dry mouth, burning, perspiration or lump in the throat, especially in the mornings – excessively overdried air in the room. Lack of moisture is also manifested by dry skin. The tips of the leaves twist and turn yellow in the houseplants.

Typically, air humidity is lowered in the winter when heating is turned on. A lot of moisture from the air is absorbed by newly manufactured concrete panels, which in the end can also cause a feeling of dryness in the mouth.

Within a day, the body naturally releases up to 500ml of water through the skin. But if the air is over-dried, moisture losses increase.

Air humidity of 40 to 60 percent is considered comfortable and necessary for health. At lower values, air must be moistened artificially.

Dryness in the mouth cause medications

Causes of dry mouth

Some drugs used to treat allergic diseases, at the same time have a sedative effect, help to fall asleep at night. At the same time, with long-lasting effects, they cause dryness in the mouth, headache, drowsiness in the morning.

As a rule, these side effects are caused by first-generation antihistamines:

  • Dimedrol : urinary retention, cause of dry mouth, severe drowsiness;
  • Tavegil : nausea, dry mouth, constipation, headache;
  • Fenkarol : painful digestion, dry mouth.

Antihistamines of the first generation can disrupt concentration of attention, cause skin rashes, tachycardia, low blood pressure.

Some women with depression are prescribed antidepressants – for example, fluoxetine . Antidepressants can also cause side effects: dizziness, blurred vision, sleep disorder, genital area, bladder problems, cause dry mouth.

The reason for the reduction in salivation may be poisoning with certain medications, for example, atropine or ephedrine . When drug poisoning appears strange odor from the mouth.

To neutralize the poisoning, do not drink milk, as many drugs dissolve well in fats. Having become absorbed in the body together with milk, they aggravate poisoning.

It is better to drink a few glasses of water, where to add mute salt or mustard in the form of a powder. A pinkish solution of potassium permanganate is suitable, but it must be filtered so that the crystals do not appear in the stomach.

After receiving fluid, induce vomiting. Repeat the procedure several times. After taking activated charcoal at the rate of one tablet per 10 kg of weight.

Causes of dry mouth in various diseases

Causes of dry mouth

Chronic rhinitis . The prolonged exposure to chemical, thermal, mechanical (dust) irritants can lead to chronic rhinitis, which manifests itself as a permanent runny nose.

The nose constantly lays, especially in the prone position, mucus is released from the nostrils. The sense of smell decreases, the head often hurts, the mouth is dry.

Stomatitis .In mild catarrhal stomatitis it burns the oral mucosa, it becomes red, and there are teeth marks on the swollen inner surface of the cheeks. The mouth feels dry, because of the inflamed mucous it hurts. In hemorrhagic form, small hemorrhages form on the mucosa.

With erosive ulcerative stomatitis bubbles appear that burst, exposing a whitish coating. Dryness in the mouth increases, saliva is almost not produced, lymph nodes are enlarged.

Sjogren’s Syndrome . The disease affects the exocrine glands of the body, which secrete that other product – for example, salivary or lacrimal glands. Often this disease affects women at the age of about 40 years.

Sjogren’s syndrome manifests as a burning sensation in the eyes, eyelids and conjunctiva turn red, and photophobia appears. Salivary glands cease to produce enough secret, which causes dryness in the mouth.

In the beginning, a lack of moisture is detected only when there is intense excitement or conversation, but eventually becomes permanent. Salivary glands are enlarged, it is painful to touch them. The lips are dry, with snaps in the corners, in the language of the crack.

Because of a lack of saliva, stomatitis, caries develops. Lymph nodes in the neck, under the jaw are enlarged. In the throat pershit, there is a constant dry cough, in the nasal cavity dry crusts are formed.

Gastritis . The cause of dryness in the mouth can be acute gastritis. In the stomach it hurts, my head turns, I feel sick, my stool is thin. The tongue is covered with white coating, the mouth lacks moisture or, on the contrary, a copious saliva separation.

Pyelonephritis . In the case of this inflammatory disease, the function of the kidneys is reduced, which causes thirst, dry mouth, increased separation of urine at night. In the mouth an unpleasant aftertaste, especially in the morning. Flatulence, dull pain in the lower back.

Hepatitis . The cause of the inflammation of the liver is this or that virus. There is dry mouth, dull pain in the liver. The appetite is lowered, the chair is upset.

How to eliminate dryness in the mouth folk remedy

Causes of dry mouth

With xerostomium, infuse 45 minutes in 300 ml of boiled water at room temperature 2 tsp. althea roots , drain. Take 1 tsp. from 3 to 6 times a day for a month and a half.

In the case of Sj√∂gren’s syndrome, two-month courses are treated 3 times a year.

To stimulate the nerve endings on the cheeks, as well as the salivary glands, to prevent dry mouth, it is useful to perform the exercise “Licking the tongue”:

  • Slightly open your mouth.
  • To stick out and hide the tongue, move the tongue left and right, and close the front teeth. Each movement is repeated 7-8 times.

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