Causes of dyspnea

Causes of dyspnea


  • Lack of breathing during stress
  • Causes of dyspnea in exercise classes
  • Appearance of dyspnea in hypertension
  • Causes of cardiac dyspnea
  • Dyspnoea with atherosclerosis
  • Causes of pulmonary shortness of breath
  • Causes of shortness of breath in case of anemia

Lack of air is felt when the frequency, depth of inspiration and exhalation are disturbed. If the breath is no longer sufficient for physical exertion, which previously did not cause difficulties, it is worth finding out the cause of dyspnea. Thus, it will be possible to recognize and start treatment of a serious disease on time.

Lack of breathing during stress

In case of dyspnea, the frequency, rhythm and depth of breathing are disturbed, it seems that there is not enough air. Some are prone to panic, they are looking for a reason. Which, however, is natural, since a sufficient and timely supply of oxygen to the tissues is vital. Another thing is that in many situations the lack of breathing is subjective.

The cause of shortness of breath can be stress situation . But even a strong emotional shock, accompanied by the release of adrenaline, can not seriously disrupt the work of the body. With the strongest nervous overexertion, breathing becomes less effective, but still does not stop.

Another thing is that with strong emotions, some literally “forget to breathe” and are taken to swallow the air, why it is in the stomach, and not in the lungs, causes dyspnea. Others tend to inhale as deeply as possible, completely forgetting that the air must also be exhaled.

Sensation of shortness of breath, lack of air is called muscular spasm . All muscles, including larynx and pharynx, are subjected to stress, which causes a sensation of “coma in the throat”, “spiraling breathing”. This condition also does not pose a serious danger, since the body is not capable of suffocating itself.

Dyspnoea may result from poisoning with sleeping pills .

Causes of shortness of breath during physical exercise

Causes of dyspnea

The body needs increased oxygen with significant physical exertion. For example, when you have to quickly climb the stairs to the 5th-7th floor, make time for a public transport stop.

The reason for the dyspnea of ​​athletes is the rise to a height where the oxygen content is reduced, the training in the heat, a significant physical strain, a lack of sports training, an overly tight-fitting sports suit.

The natural excitement before the competition, the stress experienced on the eve, the accumulated fatigue also worsen the breathing. During training, there is not enough air, there is shortness of breath.

The body feels a lack of oxygen, is poisoned by carbon dioxide. Breathing becomes convulsive, the head hurts. In order not to lose consciousness, you should smoothly reduce the load, take a breather or stop the occupation.

Appearance of shortness of breath in hypertensive disease

Causes of dyspnea

In hypertension, blood pressure is constantly increased due to strained muscles in the walls of the arteries. At the beginning of the disease, the head hurts or dizs, rumbles in the ears, vomits, sometimes blood flows from the nose, weakness, sweating, discomfort when changing weather, insomnia, memory deteriorates. With the development of the disease, dyspnea appears, fatigue occurs more quickly.

In the case of hypertension, the load on the heart muscle increases. Over time, it begins to pump blood worse. In the heart muscle supplying the heart muscle, spasms often occur, pains occur in the heart area.

Causes of cardiac dyspnea

Causes of dyspnea

In the case of heart failure, the rate of blood flow in the vessels passing through the lungs slows down. Part of the moisture is in the pulmonary vesicles. As a result, the blood is worse oxygenated, breathing is difficult. The breathing becomes more rapid, the head turns, darkens in the eyes.Weakness is felt, fatigue comes faster, shivering, skin becomes blue, swollen legs.

To distinguish heart dyspnea from other varieties, it is necessary to pay attention to whether breathing is difficult. Another feature – dyspnea appears even with little physical exertion.

In a lying position it is difficult to breathe, so it is worth:

  • to sit half-sitting;
  • breathe from an oxygen pillow;
  • call an ambulance;
  • dissolve the nitroglycerin tablet every 10 minutes.

If the cause of dyspnea is heart failure, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because lack of air does not occur at an early stage of the disorder.

Because of the chronic lack of supply of cardiac muscle with oxygen, its cells die and are replaced by connective tissue, the valves cease to reliably cover the cardiac parts. As a result, the pumping function of the heart worsens, cardiosclerosis развивается develops.

At first, shortness of breath appears only with physical exertion, over time – after eating, at rest, at night. The heart rhythm is broken, the contractions are becoming more frequent.

Before myocardial infarction dizzy and it hurts the head, it becomes difficult to breathe, toshnits, there may be a faint. The pressure drops, dyspnea increases. Sometimes the symptoms of this form of coronary heart disease are similar to hepatic colic, gastric ulcer, acute pancreatitis. The stomach is swollen and swollen, sick, vomits.

In elderly and diabetic patients, myocardial infarction can proceed painlessly.

Dyspnoea with atherosclerosis

Causes of dyspnea

When blood vessels form on the walls of blood vessels, the blood circulation worsens, oxygen is supplied to the organs. The walls of the vessels lose elasticity, the probability of blood clots increases.

Atherosclerotic plaques are formed not only with an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood, but also a metabolic disorder, age-related changes in the tissues of the vessels. These factors create favorable conditions for cholesterol compounds to appear in the vascular wall, forming plaques.

Accumulation of deposits on the walls of blood vessels is facilitated by stresses, regular nervous overstrain, sedentary lifestyle, sweet and fatty foods, smoking, insufficient intake of live vitamins and natural protein.

In the early stages of the disease is almost not felt. Sometimes there is shortness of breath for no reason, dumb limbs. Symptoms become pronounced when the diameter of the vessel is blocked by more than 70%.

Dyspnoea attacks appear in coronary artery atherosclerosis, which is indicated by ECG examination. With partial blockage of the aorta, the supply of blood to the liver, kidneys, and intestines is disrupted.

Causes of pulmonary dyspnea

Causes of dyspnea

Pulmonary forms of air shortage are associated with insufficient elongation, low compliance of the lungs, chest trauma.

In case of insufficient stretchiness of the lungs, the patient at rest does not experience discomfort. But with the slightest physical exertion, the air ceases to suffice, the ventilation limit is reached very quickly.

If the permeability of the bronchi is impaired, it is difficult to breathe even in a state of rest. Additional efforts are required for inspiration and expiration. As a rule, it is more difficult to exhale. Respiratory tracts are clogged with mucus and phlegm.

Attacks of shortness of breath, passing in choking, occur with bronchial or cardiac asthma . It takes effort to exhale. For the diagnosis of asthma, a blood test is performed for the presence of specific changes. The pre-histmic condition develops on the background of bronchitis in acute or chronic form, sinusitis, pneumonia.

As a rule, a shortage of air happens at night. On exhalation, characteristic wheezing is heard. To ease the condition you need to stand up, lean on a chair, table, window sill, until the attack stops and sputum begins to separate.

It is necessary to take strong drugs, appointed individually.

Causes of shortness of breath in case of anemia

Causes of dyspnea

In anemia (anemia), blood levels of hemoglobin are lower.Often, the disease occurs in childhood and develops with impaired absorption in the intestine, frequent infections, with insufficient intake of substances to form hemoglobin. First of all, iron, vitamins, protein.

In case of insufficient intake of vitamins B12 and B9 (folic acid), vitamin-deficiency anemia develops . It becomes the cause of shortness of breath, general weakness, gait disturbance, some reflexes. Heart palpitations are increasing, sometimes the temperature rises, mental disorders occur, the liver is enlarged.

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