Causes of tinnitus

Causes of tinnitus


  • Why is the noise in my ears. Common causes
  • At what ear auricle ringing
  • What diseases cause tinnitus
  • Age causes of tinnitus
  • How to clean your ears. Sulfur plugs
  • How to treat ear noise
  • If the cause of ear noise in atherosclerosis
  • Treatment of hearing by Melissa and Hawthorn
  • Vegetable drops for the ears
  • People’s treatment of the ears

In a number of cases, the brain begins to feel extraneous sounds: whistling, hiss, buzzing, buzzing, ringing, buzzing, clicking, sometimes in time with palpitations. And it is obvious that there are no sounds outside, the reasons for noise in the ears are somewhere inside. Even if there are no painful sensations, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the ringing, which reduces the severity of hearing. According to statistics, an outside noise is felt by about 20% of residents, of them the third is elderly.

What makes the noise in my ears. Common Causes

The causes of noise in the ears are different. Nerve cells of the so-called inner ear receive irritation, which the brain perceives as an extraneous sound of one form or another. Stress or strong emotional stress , especially when the blood is adrenaline , cause ear ringing, hum. Short-term decrease in hearing acuity happens due to fatigue , depression , neurosis . Consciousness becomes unclear, thoughts are confused, but the sense of balance is preserved.

As a rule, enough rest, sleep, adjust the daily routine to prevent the development of pathology. For more serious health problems, appropriate treatment may be required.

External ear ringing, tinnitus appears due to sulfur plug . Home methods of getting rid of the cork in the ear canal are presented in the relevant section of this article.

Short-term reduction in hearing acuity, the appearance of ringing are associated with a habit of listening for a long time. loud music .

Noises in the ears with sudden fluctuations in atmospheric pressure , the cause can also be a rapid change in the indices of blood pressure .

Noise, whistle, squeak in a number of cases appear when the allergy . poisoning , <span style = "text-decoration: underline;".

Dizziness, ear noise can cause <vitamin deficiency B3 and E , trace elements potassium and manganese .

Taking some pharmacological drugs for a long time ( aspirin , chemidine , gentamicin ) also causes noise in the ears.

In what ear diseases does ringing occur?

Causes of tinnitus

Hearing organ diseases often cause noise in the ears. It may be damaged inner ear , as well as the nerves through which the impulse is transmitted to the brain. To be sure to eliminate ear ringing, you need to find out the exact location of the pathology.

Spasm of the posterior ear artery happens due to hypertension , as well as oxygen starvation caused by anemia , low hemoglobin level in the blood.

  • Elevated blood pressure induces aural noise of a pulsating nature. Inflow to the brain of oxygen-enriched blood is reduced, as the arteries turn out to be narrowed. Begins to ring from one or both sides in time with the pulse. Also in the ears can make noise due to spasm of the cerebral vessels .
  • In case of anemia in the ears ringing or making noise, there is weakness, dizziness, before the eyes flashed “midges”.

Hum, ringing in the ears happens in the case of Meniere’s disease , when excess fluid is formed in the cavity of the inner ear. The increased pressure on the cells of the vestibular apparatus breaks the sense of balance. It becomes difficult to stand and sit, dizzy, nauseous, coordination of movements disappears, cold sweat breaks, blood pressure drops.

What diseases cause tinnitus

Causes of tinnitus

Cholesterol plaques inside the cerebral arteries are dangerous stroke and intracranial bleeding caused by irregularities in the swirling of the blood flow create an ear noise.

Causes of extraneous noise in the hearing system can be associated with diseases <style . Income deficiency iodine often causes ringing, dizziness.

Kidney disease can cause noise, stuffiness of the ears. In this case, adrenal medulla disrupted the production of hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline , responsible for increasing blood pressure, more intensive work of the heart muscle, increased blood glucose levels. As you know, adrenaline suppresses the secretion of insulin, necessary to reduce the level of sugar.

Often ear ringing, extraneous rumble is felt at diabetes mellitus .

Typically, occasional extraneous sounds, buzz signal about vessel pathology of the neck or blood vessels of the brain , especially when there is no ear inflammation, there were no injuries to the hearing organs, poisoning.

For example, with osteochondrosis of cervical vertebrae arteries are compressed. The supply of blood to the brain is deteriorating. This becomes the reason why noise in the ears.

The age-related causes of tinnitus

Causes of tinnitus

In elderly age, ringing in the ears may be due to otosclerosis . The bone of the middle ear increases, which in the early stages of the disease causes a lack of response to low frequency sounds. In the later stages, the audibility of high-frequency sounds is lost. Initially, the disease affects one side, then goes to the other.

Often with age <style style

If there is a heart disease the heart stops providing sufficient blood circulation, as a result of which the internal organs and body systems lack oxygen and nutrition, they are deprived of the opportunity to get rid of the formed waste in a timely manner . This condition, characteristic of old age, also becomes the cause of ringing, noise in the ears.

How to clean your ears. Gray plugs

Do not clean the ear canal with a cotton swab, because the sulfur plug is even deeper. For prevention purposes, it is necessary to periodically dig in 3% hydrogen peroxide , half the drop several times on a certain day. As a rule, sulfur pellets soon come out.

To not have to clean your ears, it is worth picking the appropriate drops. For example, “ Remo-Wax “. Applied 2-3 times a month, they soften, moisturize the auditory meatus, remove sulfur. Solution “ A-Cerumen” “clears the auditory passage from earwax, sulfur plugs.

The formation of a sulfur plug becomes a common cause of reduced hearing acuity, especially after a shower or diving underwater. When moistened, it swells and worsens audibility.

The aged sulfur must be softened before disposal. It is suitable heated to + 37С sunflower oil , 3% hydrogen peroxide .It is necessary to be ready that the ability to hear will worsen even more when performing the procedure, since there will be oil or peroxide in the ear canal.

In some cases, remove the sulfur plug by using a moderately hot hot water bottle. It is necessary to lie on it with a stuffy ear. Soon the plug will soften and release the ear canal. Dense sulfur fuses are best removed in a medical facility.

How to treat ear noise

Causes of tinnitus

Correctly diagnose ear disease only doctor-otolaryngologist .

In a number of cases, an X-ray examination of the brain, cervical spine will be required.

Brain vessels can be subjected to dopplerography , ultrasound examination. And also reoencephalography ( REG), which determines the tone and elasticity of the brain vessels by the action of a weak high-frequency current.

препараты To get rid of extraneous sounds, ringing can be prescribed drugs that improve cerebral circulation , as well as neurometabolic stimulants , enhancing the ability to remember and facilitate intellectual activity. Physiotherapy is prescribed.

If the cause of ear noise in atherosclerosis

If the cause of noise or stuffiness of the ears in cerebrovascular atherosclerosis, it is worthwhile to prepare the following composition:

  • Brew 200g ря rowan bark 0.5 liters of boiling water, 2 hours in a water bath, allow to cool. Take 2-3 tablespoons. for half an hour before meals. To be treated by courses for 1 month 2-3 times a year.

In case of atherosclerosis accompanied by headaches and tinnitus, prepare clover infusion :

  • Brew 2 tsp. clover 1.5 cups of boiling water, insist, do not remove the petals. Take 1/2 cup of strained infusion for half an hour before breakfast. Before dinner take the next 1/2 cup. For an hour or two before sleeping, squeeze the petals, strain and drink the last 1/2 cup.
    Treat a decrease in severity of hearing 1-2 months.

Melissa and hawthorn hearing treatment

Causes of tinnitus

Melissa has a sedative effect, helps to get rid of shortness of breath and tachycardia in heart diseases. Benefits in the case of atherosclerosis, dizziness, noise in the head, insomnia. She should not be treated with reduced pressure, and also bradycardia , a rare heart rhythm.

  • Brew 1-2 seconds. Melissa a glass of boiling water, insist an hour, drain. Take half a cup several times a day.

If the hearing organ is obstructed due to increased pressure, take hawthorn infusion .

Vegetable drops for the ears

    пригото To eliminate noise and ringing, prepare drops for the ears : boil beets , rub, get juice. Bury two times a day for 3 drops in the ear canals.
  • Bake in the oven bulb , squeeze out the juice. Bury 3 drops 2 times a day for a week.
  • Finely chopped particles raw potatoes , a small amount honey wrapped in cheesecloth and put in the ear canal at night.
  • The laurel leaf helps to cope with ear noise. Insist 10 g laurel leaf in 60ml sunflower oil , strain. Bury in 3 drops.

People’s treatment of the ears

Causes of tinnitus

The mood of dill helps with noise in the ears. Seeds, stems, leaves finely chop, boil with boiling water, insist for an hour. Take 1/2 cup for half an hour before meals for two months.

Finely chop 2-3 cloves garlic , pour 2 tsp. tinctures of propolis . After 5 days strain. Rubbing behind the auricles several times a day.

In May, collect yellow dandelion flowers , fill it with 2 parts of granulated sugar, mix and tamp. Put in a dark cool place for 2 days. Drain the juice, carefully squeeze the plant mass, strain. Dilute 1 tbsp. syrup in 1/4 cup warm water, take four times a day.

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