Classes with dumbbells at home

Classes with dumbbells at home


  • How to properly engage in dumbbells for a beginner
  • How to train with dumbbells
  • How to eat properly when doing dumbbells
  • How to control athletic achievements
  • Why gradualness is so important increasing the load

занятия Dumbbell exercises are useful for maintaining the physical shape at the proper level. The cost of purchasing this type of sports equipment is small, they do not take up much space. The demountable model allows you to simply dose the load. With the right approach and regular training, special trainers become unnecessary, especially if you set the goal of acquiring health and remarkable physical form, and not achieving the results of the Olympic team. You can do everything – children, adolescents, women, pensioners.

How to properly engage in dumbbells for beginners

At the initial stage, home training should be conducted in a gentle manner and with low weight. It is enough two sessions a week.

Before you start training at home, you need to choose the right weight. Dumbbells should not be either too heavy or too light.

  • The benefits of being too heavy are not very high, as fast fatigue occurs and the risk of injury increases.
  • If the weight is too small, progress in the class will be very slow, and many repetitions will be required.

Beginners are better off choosing a collapsible model, it makes it easy to set the required weight. Begin dumbbells from a small number of exercises, gradually learning new and increasing the number of repetitions.

The optimal mode of training at home should be such that the muscles feel a significant load when doing 10-15 repetitions of each exercise.

If the level of training is low, it is worth starting to practice with a weight of 1kg or more. In any case, enough dumbbells weighing up to 10kg.

How to train with dumbbells

You need to start training after a short warm-up. The warmed muscles become more elastic, which reduces the risk of various kinds of injuries.

When exercising, the weight of the dumbbell is overcome when exhaling. For example, when the arms under load go up, you need to exhale. Inhalation is performed during reverse movement.

For greater efficiency, exercise with dumbbells is useful to combine with anaerobic exercises that require intense inspiration and exhalation. It can be running, fast walking, cycling, aerobics. The alternation of physical activity and breathing exercises effectively burns the fatty layer, making the muscles relief.

In the process of training it is important to regularly increase the intensity of training. The main thing is not to do it too early and for a significant weight. It is enough to raise weight once a month. How much heavier the dumbbells should be, is determined individually, as well as the step of increasing the weight provided by the design of the sports device.

How to eat properly, doing dumbbells This is a building material by which the body will strengthen and increase the amount of muscles.
  • If the main goal is to reduce body weight, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, so that the body quickly consumes the fat accumulated in the tissues.
  • How to control athletic achievements

    It is necessary to make a diary, it is necessary to monitor successes and failures at the end of the month. It is necessary to record in it:

    • exercises performed during the training with the indication of the number of repetitions;
    • data on the state of health.

    Before each exercise it is useful to measure blood pressure. After training, two hours later, you need to re-perform the measurement and put it in the diary.

    After each exercise, you need to measure the heart rate, simply measure the pulse:

    • if in a few minutes the heart rate is the same as immediately after the exercise with dumbbells, this signal to reduce the load;
    • if the pulse is restored to the natural value very quickly, this indicates a low intensity of the sports load, which is of little use.

    Pedantry and scrupulousness will help in case of need to analyze the course of lessons and adjust the load.

    Why is the gradualness of load increase important?

    The main thing in dumbbell lessons is a constant attitude towards the desired result. If you do the best way at home, that is, do not zealously and do not spare yourself, after a certain time, positive changes will be visible: musculature will appear, posture will improve, sleep will become sound, strength will come from somewhere.

    Against excessive increase in weight of dumbbells should be warned against. Benefits from this little, besides there is a risk to throw trainings because of regular overwork.

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