Cleansing the liver

Cleansing the liver


  • Benefits of regular liver cleansing
  • How to cleanse the liver of parasites at home
  • Folk remedies for purifying the liver of parasites
  • Cleansing the liver of parasites with jelly from oats
  • How to peel the liver with olive or vegetable oil, lemon
  • Home cleaning of the liver with herbal remedies
  • The folk way to cleanse the liver after poisoning

The liver is the most important organ, in some cases it is able to push blood through the vessels, replacing the heart. Home cleansing of the liver is performed by folk remedies, they act reasonably efficiently and at the same time carefully. Knowing different ways and methods how to cleanse the liver, do not be lazy and wait for the appearance of symptoms of a particular disease.

Benefits of regular liver cleansing

The main function of the liver is to purify the blood. If there are almost no harmful substances in the blood, the body does not take diseases. Smoothes wrinkles, the skin becomes elastic and smooth, eyes bright and shiny, they lose a yellowish shade. There is energy, she wants to spend on something useful. The character improves, the causes of conflicts disappear.

If you do not purify an important organ, stones can form in it over time. Through poorly purified blood in the body, microbes penetrate more easily. Protective forces are spent on combating them. Most often, there is a breakdown, depression, headaches. The skin becomes unhealthy.

If there are no stones in the gallbladder, copious secretion of bile helps to break down fats in the intestines, strengthen peristalsis, get rid of harmful substances.

Healthy bile – wanting, flowing, necessarily transparent. If you do not clean the liver, the bile becomes thick and viscous. It hosts parasites, they multiply, they poison the body with waste products.

How to clean the liver of parasites at home

Cleansing the liver

Obviously, the reproduction of other living things within the body is highly undesirable. Absence of regular cleansing is manifested by various diseases. The organism is more difficult to cope with the withdrawal of products of alien life activity, it constantly has to counteract microorganisms.

Vital activity of parasites is often manifested by a variety of symptoms. Adverse factors that cause increased tension – regular stress, living in an ecologically unfavorable area – weaken immunity. If you do not periodically cleanse the internal organs, the symptoms of parasite presence become more and more obvious. The pains of internal organs intensify, the manifestations of allergy become more frequent.

To realize the presence of other living beings in the body is extremely unpleasant. With some invisible friends the body managed to establish a symbiosis, mutually beneficial cooperation. From a number of others it is necessary to periodically rid:

  • Amoeba destroy the liver cells, the waste of their vital activity causes necrosis. The tissues around are inflamed, foci of suppuration are formed. The patient loses weight, it is feverish, his right side hurts.
  • Giardia in the liver can cause dystrophy of cells, cause various inflammations.
  • Schistosomes live in the blood vessels of the liver, cause hepatitis or cirrhosis.
  • Adult individuals ascarids cause hepatitis, cholangitis, purulent inflammation.

Folk remedies for liver purification from parasites

Cleansing the liver

Liver is an attractive habitat for various microorganisms. They eat the remains of food, tissues, life juices. Before the medical starvation it is useful in any way to reduce the population of parasites. Invisible friends do not know that the owner decided to do cleaning of the intestines, internal organs. With an excessively long absence of food, they will take up living tissues.

  • It is possible to get rid of many varieties of parasites with a mixture of flax seeds and cloves in a ratio of 10: 1. Raw grind in a coffee grinder, take 3-4 times a day for 1ch.L.for half an hour before a meal, washing down with water.
  • Grinded in equal parts powder ginger and dried lemon crusts , diluted at the rate of 1 h. on a quarter of a glass of water, will help reduce the number of pathogens. Take the formula half an hour before meals.
  • Giardia and other parasites do not like tansy. The evening before 2c.L. Tansy brews half a liter of boiling water, insist the night in a thermos. Take half a cup an hour before meals.
  • Ascarids and pinworms are destroyed wormwood . Brew 1ch.L. herbs with two glasses of boiling water, insist, drain. Take 2 p.s. for half an hour before meals.

Cleansing the liver of parasites with oatmeal

Cleansing the liver

Oatmeal cleanses the liver of parasites, helps to reduce pain in the gallbladder.

  • Pour 1kg of Hercules into a three-liter can, add a glass of kefir, top up the warm boiled water . Mix well, keep three days in a warm place. Drain off the liquid, strain the thicket through the cheesecloth – swollen flakes are not used for treatment.

The prepared ferment prepares the oatmeal jelly:

  • Half a cup of leaven gently pour into 1/2 glasses of boiling water. Stir, bring to a boil.

The product has a diuretic effect, it is used on an empty stomach. You can take food no sooner than two hours later.

How to peel the liver with olive oil or vegetable oil, lemon

A simple way to clean the liver at home – take 1 tsp on an empty stomach on an empty stomach. olive oil so-called “cold” spin (Extra Virgin). The same result can be achieved with flax or cedar oil. The cleaning procedure can be carried out for a long time.

To increase the ejection of bile 1 tsp. vegetable oil mixed with juice halves lemon – sour stimulates the secretion of bile. It is forbidden to replace the juice from the lemon with citric acid, it has a different composition.

Home cleaning of the liver with herbal remedies

Cleansing the liver

The herb collection of dandelion, wormwood, celandine, dog rose, mint, nettle, plantain, yarrow , immortelle.

  • For the preparation of herbal infusion mix in a glass jar on 2-3s.l. each herb. In the thermos in the evening, put 3-4 p.s. mix, brew with two glasses of boiling water, drain in the morning.

Immediately after awakening, drink a glass of cooked infusion. Another glass of warm infusion to drink for the night, just before sleep.

The monthly course will determine which grass is most effective in your case. After insisting not the collection, but the selected grass. To start better with immortelle .

As a result of the reception of herbs, the stool becomes plentiful, the body is rapidly leaving the accumulated harmful substances.

If the discharge is too much, the dose should be reduced. Otherwise, the dose can be increased. Despite the bitterish taste, infusion of herbs can not be sweetened.

In this way, it is recommended to cleanse the liver once or twice a year with monthly courses.

People’s way to cleanse the liver after poisoning

Cleansing the liver

Some people after severe poisoning help the following folk remedy:

  • In 3l fresh milk dissolve kilogram sugar , add 50g fresh yeast . Leave the mixture to wander in a warm place for a week or longer. Mass, similar to cottage cheese, cut with a knife, so that fermentation went more intensively. Ready to filter, store in the refrigerator.

Take small meals 10 minutes before meals. Cleansing baking at home is done in three courses. When the composition is finished, put a new one, taking a break in the treatment.

During the cleaning of the liver, completely give up smoked, salty, spicy food.

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