Complex exercises in the gym for girls – the best simulators for the ideal figure

Complex exercises in the gym for girls - the best simulators for the ideal figure About the beautiful figure dreams all the beautiful half of humanity. And one of the “tools” for correcting their forms is the gym. The main thing is to clearly understand which simulators to look at, which zones need correction, and what is included in the training program.

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The best trainers for women in the gym – how to give preference in training?

The main areas of the female body that need correction are …

  • Hands (no “kissel” should not be).
  • Belly (it should be flat and elastic).
  • Chest (beautiful, raised and elastic, not flabby and spreading over the stomach).
  • And, of course, buttocks – only resilient and strong!

It is in these areas and should focus their attention in order to lose weight and achieve the desired result.

Choose the right simulators!

  • Thrust. The main goal of the work on this inventory is to work out the biceps. Ideal simulator for long and persistent training – with a set of weighting and additional equipment, with the possibility of independent load regulation. The simulator provides effective training for hands – for both at once or for each in turn to enhance the effect.
  • Upper / lower thrust. This tool works for slenderness, strengthening the back muscles and, accordingly, protecting the spine, strengthening the biceps, reducing the risk of injury. The wider the grip – the more intense the training of the muscles of the back.
  • Horizontal bench press. Primary goal: gluteal muscles and quadriceps. The body on this inventory is fixed in a stable position, and the main load falls on the bird with the buttocks. With an increase in the load and flexion of the legs as for “plie”, the internal surface of the thighs is trained.
  • The Smith machine. Here we train triceps and pectoral muscles. Safe and efficient simulator with the ability to independently control the intensity of loads.
  • Bench from the shoulders. A simulator for working with the middle and anterior deltoid muscles. To avoid harm to your ligaments, it is important to properly install the seat.
  • Simulator for the press. A flat belly is an achievable dream. Such a power unit allows twisting on the press (note – with burdening). It is important to remember that weight training significantly increases muscle growth and widens the waist, so it is better for lovely ladies to do without burdening.
  • Inverse glutes. The simulator is designed to work with the gluteal muscles and to gradually compact the priests. Harm does not bring such a tool, and as for the result, it will not be fast (there are more effective simulators for such purposes).
  • Traction top / block wide handle and behind the head. A good inventory for the development of the back muscles. It is important to remember that if there are problems with the flexibility of the shoulder joints, it is better to replace this simulator with another one, in order to avoid pinching in the shoulder / joint.
  • Cardio-trainers. Undoubtedly, they are effective and useful. However, aerobic activity in women should have reasonable limits. The intensity of these training sessions is a maximum of 3 times a week and not more than 40 minutes.

Simulators that do not suit ladies

Unlike women who run to the gym for slimming and slimness, men go to workout for relief and muscle mass. Therefore, the training programs, of course, they have different, and individual simulators, successfully used by men, can give the opposite result to a woman.

What kind of inventory to bypass?

  • Shrugs with dumbbells. Very effective for trapezius muscles simulator, but for men. Beauty forms a woman he does not add.
  • Inclination with load. There is an opinion that such training eliminates “ears” on bergers. In fact, they only contribute to the widening of the waist. And for eliminating the “ears” fit the side bar, bike and the correct diet.

complex exercises at the gym in the hall for women – make up the training program

Women turn to cardio-fitness equipment – a frequent phenomenon. However, it must be remembered that torture of these simulators is meaningless without weight training.

It is the strength training should be a priority, cardio training – to warm up the muscles or to fix the effect.

Complex of exercises for the beauty of forms – how should it be?

First, a day is recommended to conduct training for a maximum of 2 muscle groups. For example:

  1. For the 1st day: on the back and hands.
  2. For the 2nd day: on the hips and buttocks, on the calf muscles.
  3. For the 3rd day: press.

The beginning of the workout (always!) Is a warm-up for 10-15 minutes from cardio exercises, or from key exercises of aerobics.

Video: A set of exercises for young women in the gym

Video: An exercise program in the gym for girls

From what exercise program be?

Exercises for the press:

  • Slopes in the Roman chair. We lay our hands on our breasts “criss-cross”, bend down to half and press our chin tightly to the chest.
  • Rises of legs. We are supported by elbows in a suspended state (note – on the crossbar). The legs slowly bend / unbend 20-25 times.

exercises for the buttocks, thighs and calf muscles:

  • Trainers.
  • Simulator for “retraction / connection”: spin vertically, dilute and connect the hips with the delay position for 3 seconds when connected.
  • Press your feet. We use the simulator-platform. We lift the legs from the center of the platform to the top edge. When lowering the load, keep the waist close to the bench. Scheme: 4 approaches, 30 times).

Exercises for the muscles of the back:

  • Thrust for the head. Scheme: 20 times.
  • The thrust of the lower block. The back is straight, in the sitting position we bend our knees, pull the block to the bottom of the abdomen, not swinging the trunk. Scheme: 3 approaches, 25 times.

The overall training pattern should look like this:

  1. Warm up – 10 minutes.
  2. Training of muscles of a certain group – 50 minutes.
  3. Cardio training – 40 minutes (for example, an exercise bike, a jump rope or a treadmill, hula-hoop).
  4. Stretching – 10 min.

You can also include in the set of exercises:

  • Deadlift. Scheme: 1 time in 2 weeks.
  • Squats with a barbell on the shoulders (note – for the muscles of the legs). Scheme: maximum twice a week.
  • Falls with dumbbells (tighten the legs and round the buttocks). Scheme: 1 time per week.
  • Pressing on uneven bars (ideal for weak hands).
  • Press the rod under different / angles. Suitable for strengthening pectoral muscles. Scheme: 1 time per week.
  • Plank. This universal exercise affects almost all muscle groups. It is recommended to perform it regularly.

Video: Training program for young girls – the first steps on the simulators in the gym

Basic rules of training on the simulators for women

Before you jerk to the gym, should undergo a medical examination . It is important to exclude all diseases with which strength exercises are prohibited.

After the permission of the doctor is obtained, you should decide on the training program . Without the help of a professional coach, you will not manage.

What you need to remember?

  • Training should be regular – 2-3 times a week.
  • Warm up before each workout is mandatory! Important: warm-up at the beginning (for warming up / training the muscles) and stretching at the end of the workout (to restore the muscles) should touch exactly the group of muscles that the load is loaded during the particular workout.
  • You can increase the load only gradually, after a month of constant training.
  • The number of approaches and repetitions depends on the state of the organism, on endurance and, directly, on the goals. Approximate quantity: 1-5 – for the development of strength, 6-12 – for muscle mass, more than 10-12-for the development of endurance.
  • Do not immediately saddle all the simulators in turn – start gradually and with 2-3 simulators. Do not overload the body with maximum weight.
  • Muscle pain after training – this is normal. It must pass as soon as the body gets used to a new way of life and exercise. If the pain does not pass for 3-4 days, then you need to reduce the intensity of the load or contact a specialist.
  • Proper nutrition – 50% success. We eat a little – 5 times a day (before the training we eat 2 hours before it, not later!), We drink 2 liters of water per day (moreover, 1 liter – during the training), we give special attention to protein food in the diet (not less than 60%).
  • If the number of trainings per week is reduced from 3 or 4 to 2, then the entire weekly load should be divided into 2 of these workouts.
  • Do not change the instructor during the first 6 months of training. Different systems can have a lot of contradictions, so for the effectiveness of training is better to listen to the 1st coach.
  • Unsustainable classes are unacceptable! Each training should be subordinated to a specific set of activities, clearly designed for a particular woman, taking into account her needs, abilities and body characteristics.
  • закры After each workout, close the carbohydrate window. Not ready protein shakes, and drinks from natural products, self-cooked.

And a few important points:

  1. In the gym you can not go “for the company”! Attend it in proud solitude, only in this case your attention will be 100% focused on training.
  2. Training should be your good habit. Therefore, the mood is extremely important: choose a comfortable and beautiful form for classes, the best gym, a good coach. Classes should not be hard labor for you.

  3. Lack of results after 2-3 months of classes – not a reason to throw them. Have enough patience, forget about laziness and shyness, cultivate in yourself the fighting qualities of character.
  4. Decide on the goal. Why do you need training: lose weight, build muscle, pull up “contours” or something else. The intensity and type of activities depend on the goal.

Video: Typical errors in the gym

And a little about the mistakes to be avoided:

  • Do not overload the press if your goal is waist correction. The greater the load, the greater the waist in the volume.
  • Do not abuse cardio workouts. The higher the load, the more active is the production of the stress hormone, which, in turn, leads to the destruction of muscle tissue and exhaustion. Recommended maximum: 2-3 times a week for 40 minutes.
  • Do not exclude loads with dumbbells . It is loads with weighting that contribute to the formation of a beautiful tummy and elastic priests.
  • There is no point in overloading the muscles with intense daily training . It is a mistake to think that in this way you will quickly acquire cherished appetizing forms. Remember: the muscles need time to recover! The optimal break is 2-3 days for each muscle group. For example, on Tuesday you load biceps and chest muscles, on Wednesday – load on the legs, on Friday – triceps with shoulders, on Saturday – back. The rest of the time is a rest from class.
  • Before starting to practice, adjust the simulator “by itself”. Lesson should be comfortable, not provoking injury.
  • Choose a comprehensive program , which involves all muscle groups during the week. It is impossible to concentrate only on problem areas – this will lead to an imbalance in proportions.

And do not over-practice! If you move with difficulty, the muscles ache like after a week of repair in the apartment and a fall from the ladder, and with your hands you can not even squeeze your pillow, it’s time to slow down the pace and reduce the intensity of the exercises.

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