Developing whiteboard board for children with their own hands – a master class for making children’s bisybord

Developing whiteboard board for children with their own hands - a master class for making children's bisybord Known today, many parents board “bisybord” was invented in the beginning of the 20th century by the Italian teacher and Dr. Maria Montessori. At that time, only a few elements were present on the board, which, according to the expert, were necessary-laces, a chain with a latch, a switch and a classic socket with a plug.

Nowadays, the items on the “bizybord” have significantly increased, but the basic concept of this learning “toy” has not changed.

content of the article:

  1. What bizibord – parts and materials
  2. Benefits biziborda and age of the child
  3. How do bizibord – master class

What is a bizword – details and materials for making a developing board for girls and boys?

What is a popular board for a bisyboard?

Developing whiteboard board for children with their own hands - a master class for making children's bisybord

First of all, this is the game pad , with which you develop your crumbs.

The panel is a beautifully designed board with educational elements placed on it in various sizes, shapes and fillings. The bizboard can be on the table, fastened to the wall or stand on the floor with a special support.

The basic idea that guided Montessori in creating the board – the development of hand motility and activation of the brain of the baby. With this task, bizybordy cope “with a bang.”

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What elements can be attached to the board?

First of all, the most useful and necessary!

We are looking for the rest on the mezzanine and in the closets …

  1. Latches, door latches and large chains.
  2. Lightning (learn to button and unbutton) and Velcro (as well as large buttons and buttons). Lightning can be designed as a smile of a fairy-tale character.
  3. Lacing (draw on the board of shoes and fix on it a real lace, learn how to tie it yourself – it’s a long and complicated process). You can not draw a boot, but attach one of those that are already small.
  4. Bells, bells and bells from the bike, rattles and flashlights.
  5. “Ambarny” lock with a key (the key can be tied to a strong rope).
  6. Socket with plug.
  7. Conventional switches (light).
  8. “Phone” (circle from a disk phone).
  9. Mini-keyboard and calculator.
  10. Door bell (on batteries).
  11. Mini faucet with valves.
  12. Wooden abacus (you can simply put plastic rings on the base of the eaves or string a few large beads on a strong rope).

And so on.

The main thing – to entice the crumb and encourage him to take certain actions.

You can also do …

  • Holes of different geometric shapes, so that the kid learns to push through them in the appropriate form in the form.
  • The windows with cheerful bright pictures.

Remember that the most important thing when creating a board is security .

Of course, the more items, the more interesting.

But all of them should be securely fixed on the board, taking into account that the karapuz will not only unbutton-button, open, ring and pull, but also try to tear off this or that object.

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Benefits of a bizword – for what age of the child is the developing module intended?

Parents developing the board begin to actively use for 8-9 months, play with her will be interesting and a 5-year-old baby.

Differences in bizybordah for different ages – only in a set of subjects.

  • Undoubtedly, for the smallest karapuzikov is better to choose soft objects – laces and Velcro, rubber “horns”, ribbons and so on.
  • And older children can already please and usually with forbidden plugs, switches and locks.

The earlier a child realizes the principle of the work of each particular subject, the lower the risk that he will play them in their natural form.

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You can borrow a birch bark for a very long time. But remember that leaving a child alone with such a toy should not be! An unreliable part (or loosened up after an active game) may be in the hands, and then in the mouth of the baby. Be careful and fix the parts as tightly and securely as possible.

What is the use of an “intelligent” board?

The modern bizybord, to the creation of which parents (or producers) have come up wisely, solve several tasks at the same time – educational, gaming, teaching and developing.

The purpose of the game with a bizybord is not the game itself, but training through the game. And more precisely – help in the development of the child’s independence.

With the help of the “smart” board there is development …

  • Small and large motor skills.
  • Mindfulness and independence.
  • Thinking.
  • Sensor.
  • Creativity.
  • Logic and memory.
  • Development of speech (note – the development of speech and fine motor skills are closely related).
  • Skills (fasten the button, tie a lace, open the lock, etc.).

Scientists have repeatedly been proven the connection of the speech apparatus and fine motor skills. The influence of the finger movement is significant in the formation and development of the speech functions of the youngster.

The more actively you help the child to develop the work of the hands, fingers, the faster he learns to speak, think, observe, analyze, remember, and so on.

A child of 2-3 years does not talk – when to sound an alarm, and what to do?

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How to make a bizboard for children – a master class in turn-based advice and video

Today, a bizybord can be purchased at a store or through the Internet.

But it’s much more interesting to make it for your karapuza more independently.

Moreover, this will give you confidence in the reliable attachment of parts and, at the same time, save 2000-4000 rubles from the family budget.

  1. We determine the size of the future bizybord taking into account free space in the nursery and with its future place of “dislocation” (portable, fixed on the wall or another option).
  2. Optimum dimensions: about 300 x 300 mm – for the youngest, from 300 x 300 mm and up to 500 x 500 mm (or even up to 1 m / s) – for older children. The most important thing in choosing a size: the kid should easily reach out to each object without leaving his place.
  3. Determine the range of parts, taking into account the age of the crumbs. For a crawling baby enough small bizyborda with 2-3 soft elements. For a two-year-old you can make the stand bigger and more interesting.
  4. The basis of the bizybord. It is recommended to choose a natural board or a thick plywood. Many parents fit even the doors of old bedside tables, the pieces of laminated chipboard and old doors that have been repaired from the repair. For younger children, you can use a foam board to avoid accidental injuries.
  5. You can use self-tapping screws, nails and glue as a means of fixing the elements. Choose a board so thick that your nails and screws do not stick out from the back!
  6. The edges of the board are recommended to be glued with a special sealant , or sanded and double-coated with a safe varnish. The ideal option is to order a workpiece in the building shop, the edges of which will be covered with slats (as on the table tops).
  7. Consider the design of the biz. You can, of course, just fix a dozen elements on the board, and you can approach the process creatively.For example, the door chains should be fixed on the painted houses, the straps (for training braids) to be fixed on the painted head of the cartoon character, the zipper to decorate as a smile of the Cheshire cat or crocodile, and so on.
  8. After marking and creating the main pictures, windows, gluing of bright pictures or fabrics, we proceed to fixing the game elements. We fix them on the conscience – reliably and firmly, checking the risks right there, without getting out of the way. The adhesive is extremely non-toxic.
  9. We carefully check the board for reliability, splinters / hangnails, flimsy parts, protruding from the wrong side of the screw and so on.

Now you can fix your bizybord on the wall or supplement it with a powerful backup so that it does not fall on the baby during the game.

Video: BiziBoard, gaming development booth, with their own hands – part 4

And you have a boy or girl?

In principle, the interests of the carapace at the age of 8-18 months are approximately similar.

And here older children are already drawn to toys, according to their gender.

Parents, of course, know better that they like their children more, but you can rely on numerous reviews of moms and dads about bizybordah “on a gender basis.” “Smart” board for boys.

  • It is known that almost all little boys (from crumbs to adults boys age 40 and above) like to assemble and disassemble, design, something screwed and so on. Therefore bizibord future men may be provided with latches and large bolts, chains and hooks, springs , large nuts (with a spanner on a string), a water tap. There also can be attached “steelyard” (instead of the hook hang a ring), sockets and switches, part of a large designer (that on their basis to gather figures directly on biziborde), telephone drives, mini-wheel of children’s cars, flashlights with batteries, and so on. Subjects can be chosen sea (pirate), automobile, space. For example, a mini-market, an anchor and a compass, cable cars, a steering wheel – for a marine bisyboard; a steering wheel, a speedometer, bolts with wrenches – for the young motorist.
  • “Smart” board for girls. Theme is much easier to choose – from a small princess’s bizybord to a young hostess, needlewoman, stylist, etc. We supply the board with the elements according to the theme. Lacing and zipper, buttons with hooks, scores, locking mechanisms, doll, which you can dress and undress, clothesline with clothespins, safety mirror, mini-pockets with the “little secrets”, bells, fake braids, calculator and mini-scales, brush with combs, a drawing screen, etc.

This is important: what to consider when creating a bisyboard:

  • Choose a safe base! If you decide to paint it, the paint should be non-toxic (like the lacquer, if you cover the edges and the base). Carefully work the entire surface, so that no drifts and burrs remain on the board.
  • Do not use too small objects for the bisyboard. When using keys from locks and other similar parts, make sure that they are as firmly attached to the board as possible.
  • No sharp objects! Everything is piercing and cutting, with sharp corners and the risk of “falling off” – into the box and back to the mezzanine.
  • Nuts, bolts and wrenches (large size!) Can be chosen plastic – they are enough today in all children’s stores.
  • If you decide to fix small doors on the board, be sure to fill something with the space below them. The child will quickly lose interest if there is nothing under the doors. You can draw cartoon characters or make a niche in which the baby can fold his small toys.
  • Having tried the “taste” of a socket with a plug, the karapuz may want to use domestic sockets. Therefore, in advance, take care of its safety and put on all open sockets in the house special stubs. 15 useful acquisitions for child safety
  • If the board is not mounted on the wall, but mounted on the floor, then use the powerful frame , which will ensure the biesbord maximum stability (so that even an adult could not accidentally overturn the board) .

There is no greater joy and delight for the kids than to put the handles to the “forbidden.” All “can not” in the apartment can be transferred to the bizybord and solve the problem for 1 time.

Of course, for all the childhood of one bisyboard you will not be enough, but as you grow up, the baby can change the contents of the “smart” board , according to age and the emerging “Wishlist”.

Did you have any experience creating a bizybord for a child? Share with your readers the secrets of your creativity!

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