Essential oils for hair

Essential oils for hair


  • How to get essential oils
  • Useful properties of essential oils
  • Use of essential oils to strengthen and grow hair
  • Home care for dry hair essential oil
  • Application masks of essential oils for oily hair
  • Strengthening and preventing hair loss with masks with essential oil
  • Stimulating hair growth
  • Essential oil masks for eliminating dandruff
  • Fighting damage and split ends of hair

Healthy essential oils taught to use many thousands of years ago. They are used for hair care, their strengthening, growth, restoration of damages, as an effective remedy against falling out. Also, oils are traditionally used for aromatherapy, massage, in all kinds of masks.

How to get essential oils

Typically, one of the following technologies is used for manufacturing:

  • pressing;
  • direct or steam distillation;
  • maceration;
  • marketing.

Pressing , or by cold pressing, produces citrus oils: lemon , orange , bergamot . The raw material is zest, an outer colored layer. After it is squeezed, a little juice is formed, it is defended, and the oily film is lifted.

Using this technology at home, it’s easy to get a quality orange or lemon oil, extracting it with a crust for garlic. It is necessary to make sure that the surface of the fruit is not covered with a special protective compound, which protects from damage during long transportation. The garlic press must be clean, better fresh.

In the case of distillation the raw material is small wood, leaves, stems of plants. Under the influence of boiling water, where the raw material is placed, or the steam above which the mesh with the raw material is located, volatile substances are released and evaporated. Then the steam condenses in a special gravitational separator, Florentine bottle . The finished product is on the water surface. Sometimes the process has to be repeated, which worsens useful properties. Distillation has been known since the time of Ancient Rome, then this technology was perfected by the Persians.

When maceration on vegetable raw materials are affected by a particular solvent. In the production of quality varieties, alcohol made from wheat is used. The finished product is extracted from the solvent.

To obtain high-quality herbal essences from delicate roses or jasmine flowers, antlerage has been used for a long time. On the glass surface, cleaned pig or beef fat is applied, petals of flowers are put on it. Fat absorbs ethereal compounds, wilted petals are replaced with fresh ones until absorption ceases. The process can last several days and even weeks. The lipstick obtained as a result is dissolved in alcohol and shaken vigorously for 24 hours to separate the finished product, the so-called absolute .

This is an expensive quality substance with a rich aroma, which has remarkable therapeutic properties. To achieve the therapeutic effect of the absolute, much less is required than the product obtained by distillation. But because of the laboriousness of the technology, anflaring produces about 10% of aromatic oils, in other cases distillation is used. As a rule, the absolute is used in the manufacture of modern high-quality cosmetics.

It is believed that the absolute should not be used in aromatherapy, since it can contain the remnants of solvents: acetone , ethanol , hexane .

Useful properties of essential oils

Essential oils for hair

Essential oils have the ability to independently find themselves in the problem area. Therefore, with proper application it is possible to achieve a tangible therapeutic effect: to strengthen hair, to achieve their recovery and growth, to get rid of split ends.

Having a structure similar to hormones, the components of the oils have a positive effect on the mental and physical state of the body, optimize the work of the nervous and endocrine systems, restore the water-salt balance. The body gets rid of toxins, cleanses the intestines and kidneys, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

Used during massage or masks, essential oil due to its low molecular weight, the ability to dissolve in fats, the presence of mobile chemical groups quickly penetrates the skin and hair structure. Active substances also find themselves in the lymphatic and bloodstream, effectively restoring the body.

Use of essential oils to strengthen and grow hair

Essential oils for hair

Hair care products often use burdock, castor, peach, olive oil. But if almost any vegetable oil gets into the scalp, not everyone can be in the structure of the head of hear.

Complex influence is exerted by oils from olives , avocados , so they can and should be applied over the entire length of the hairline. The rest act mainly on the skin, only slightly touching the hair.

When caring for hair, the essential oil is not applied in its pure form. A few drops are added to the base vegetable oil at a rate of 3-5 drops per 1 liter. While washing your head, you can add a few drops to the shampoo portion.

Do not make masks all the time. With a preventive purpose they are applied once a week, with a therapeutic – 2-3 times a week. The result becomes visible after 2-3 weeks. The duration of the procedure is from 40 minutes.

To wash off the mask, do not moisten the head. On oiled hair, apply shampoo, which in this case will require more than usual. Wiping it over the entire length, wash it off. After washing your hair with shampoo again.

Home care for dry hair essential oil

Essential oils for hair

For dry and damaged hair, corn oil , sesame , pumpkin , peach bones , sea-buckthorn , avocado with the addition of essential oil:

  • sandal , which optimizes blood circulation of the scalp;
  • lavender , revitalizing and flavoring;
  • ylang-ylang , which strengthens and makes luxurious hair;
  • jasmine , soothing, indicated in case of dry scalp;
  • geranium , promoting the renewal of cells and the normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • neroli , strengthening and increasing the elasticity of the hairline;
  • juniper , soothing and accelerating the growth of hair.

Essential oil masks make hair elastic, dense and beautiful, eliminate dryness and brittleness.

Applying masks from essential oils for oily hair

Essential oils for hair

If the hair is fat, it quickly becomes greasy and looks sloppy. To normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and soothe the skin, the oil base of masks for oily hair uses pumpkin , almonds , calendula , which adds essential oil:

  • grapefruit , normalizing secretion;
  • ylang-ylang , reducing the fat content of the skin;
  • juniper , applied together with sage and rosemary ;
  • cedar , especially useful in case of increased fat content of the skin and hair;
  • balm , normalizing the secretion, increasing tone and preventing gluing;
  • geranium , normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands and preventing the appearance of greasiness;
  • patchouli , giving the necessary nutrition to fatty hair.

Strengthening and preventing hair loss by masks with essential oil

Essential oils for hair

To make the head of hearing strong, to prevent its loss, it is necessary to influence the roots. The basis is olive , castor , burdock , cedar oil.In the mask it is useful to add honey , cognac , egg yolk , aloe juice , as well as essential oil:

  • tea tree, reinforcing, above all, greasy hair;
  • petigrain , preventing hair loss and restoring follicles;
  • rosemary , also used in the fall. In addition, it restores elasticity, revitalizes the skin, is useful in the care and treatment of thin damaged hair;
  • chamomile , stimulating the growth of the head of hear, nourishing, restoring the strength and shine of ringlets;
  • pine , improving local blood circulation and preventing hair loss;
  • rosemary , prevention of loss, stimulating regeneration and growth, eliminating dandruff on the head;
  • myrrh , strengthens the head of hear, which prevents its loss and deterioration;
  • incense , eliminating hair loss and increasing the elasticity of the hair;
  • juniper , also stopping hair loss;
  • nutmeg nut , preventing loss, increasing strength and growth rate of hair strands;
  • neroli , which has a strengthening effect with damaged hair, and also gives them elasticity;
  • thyme , stopping loss, restoring weakened and damaged hair.

Stimulating hair growth

Essential oils for hair

When preparing masks from essential oils for hair growth, a base of castor , almond , sea-buckthorn oils is used.

  1. Use of essential oil patchouli reduces the amount of dandruff, normalizes the fatness of the hair.
  2. The use of orange , lemon , mandarin renders a fortifying effect. In addition, the lemon lightens a little, and also prevents the formation of split ends.
  3. A mask based on cypress gives an extra volume.
  4. Pink tree remarkably restores the head of hear.
  5. Cedar has a healing effect, gives care to hair, nourishes the scalp.
  6. Increase the speed of hair growth thyme , rosemary , sage , ylang-ylang , bey .
  7. Petitgrain strengthens the head of hear, causes its rapid regrowth.
  8. Fir strengthens immunity, local blood circulation, accelerates the processes of restoration and regeneration of the hairline.

Essential oil masks for eliminating dandruff

Essential oils for hair

For essential dandruff, essential oils are used:

  • geranium ;
  • lemon , grapefruit , orange , tangerine ;
  • tea tree;
  • lavender ;
  • incense ;
  • patchouli ;
  • eucalyptus .

In case of dry scalp, it is best to use lavender or geranium . With oily skin – tea tree , rosemary , grapefruit . The oil base is castor oil , cedar , burdock .

Fighting damage and split ends of hair

Using essential oil thyme prevents hair loss, reminiscent of hair, restores it to a healthy appearance, especially if it has been weakened or damaged by stains and curling.

Effective rosewood , sandal , geranium , orange , lavender .

In the case of split ends, ylang-ylang , chamomile , geranium , sandal , rosewood , mandarin применяются are used.

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