Estonia for the tourist – Tallinn, the sights of Estonia and much more

Estonia for the tourist - Tallinn, the sights of Estonia and much more Once a part of the USSR, and now a member of the EU and NATO, this country still attracts tourists. For the most part – from the former union republics and Russia. Of course, spoiled by Turkey, Russians may think that there is nothing to do in Estonia, but in fact, this country should be visited at least once in life.

And the cold Baltika is friendly!

Article contents:

  1. 7 pluses of rest in Estonia
  2. Attractions and excursions
  3. Where to go in Estonia?

7 fat pluses of rest in Estonia – why do you need to go there?

Why go to Estonia? Everyone who has already been there, for sure can easily answer this question.

What to bring from Estonia – beautiful and profitable shopping, Estonian souvenirs and gifts

Well, and to the attention of those who are only going to – the 7 main reasons to visit this country:

  • First of all, nature. Reserves and islands, the coast of the Baltic Sea, beautiful pine groves and, of course, sandy beaches. In addition, little Estonia is very concerned about the environment, and recreation here is not only enjoyable, but also useful.
  • The sea. Yes, it’s cold, but it certainly attracts both tourists and local residents. Walking along the streets of the new city – it’s fine, but if you can still swim in the sea – it’s wonderful!
  • Attractions. It should be noted that in Estonia there really is something to see. First of all, these are medieval castles, which have been preserved since the time of the famous knights-crusaders. In addition, the tourist will be interested in old churches, mills and other historical monuments. Of particular importance, of course, is given to the city-museum of Tallinn.
  • Low prices. In this country, for a long time already all have switched to the euro, but in comparison with other European countries, in Estonia the price level is much lower. If, of course, do not take into account the individual “traps for tourists.” In a word, this country is a real paradise for shopaholics and simply economical people.
  • Public transport. If you travel independently and without a car, you can easily get to any city in Estonia – the transport component in Estonia is at an excellent level today, and the entire country is covered with bus routes. Moreover, all buses run regularly, are inexpensive, and the trip itself does not take much time.
  • Free Internet – almost everywhere. If necessary, you can connect to it anywhere in the country. If there is no signal, then you need to go to any side of 500 m and find it (Wi-Fi here is even “on the swamps”).
  • Most of the population speaks their native language. That is, in Russian. The rest – even if they do not speak – they understand. Therefore, you will not have language problems.
  • Local cuisine. They are fed here with hearty and simple dishes, but surprisingly tasty and memorable. The most popular drink in the country is beer.
  • Night Estonia. With the sunset the country does not go to sleep – life here beats the key, and even the Finns come here to feel the “degree” of nightlife. Of course, this does not apply to Estonian villages – entertainment should be sought in Tartu and Tallinn.
  • Estonia for the tourist - Tallinn, the sights of Estonia and much more

    But if you have only a day or two to rest, then you need to start from the most important sites and places in the country, including the islands, which can be seen during a sea walk.

    So, what is worth seeing in Estonia – and, of course, take pictures :

    • Bishop’s Castle. It is considered the only one in all the Baltic countries that has preserved its original medieval appearance. This building was built in the 13th century.Today in the castle museum guests of the country can see the exhibition of the Saarema Museum.
    • Tallinn Town Hall. For more than 600 years, this landmark, which was first mentioned in 1322-m year. The town hall was reconstructed a little later – in the 15th century.
    • Lahemaa National Park. The word “lahemaa” in the translation sounds like the land of bays. In this fantastic place, a third of which is covered by the sea, and two-thirds – by forests, the very first Estonian national park was founded – in 1971.
    • Castle in Rakvere. This attraction, which you will find in the north of the country, was built in the beginning of the 13th century by the Danes. The very first repairs were carried out only in 1988.
    • Kadriorg. Construction of this palace and park ensemble began in 1718 by the decree of Tsar Peter I, who, according to legend, laid 3 bricks with his own hands in the castle wall. These famous bricks even left unplastered. Also, this castle is famous for the fact that Peter lived with him for some time.
    • Museum of the Occupation. This building was dedicated to the “occupation regime”, under which Estonia was from 1941 to 1990. This landmark is still considered controversial even in Estonian society. What can we say about tourists from Russia.
    • Tower Thick Margarita. This architectural monument dates back to the 16th century and is one of the most famous symbols of Tallinn. The diameter of this tower is 24 m, and the walls are almost five meters thick. Today the Maritime Museum is located here.
    • A bronze soldier. Initially, this monument, dedicated to the soldiers who died in WWII (about 280,000 Soviet soldiers gave their lives for the liberation of this country), stood in the center of the city, but after serious discussions it was moved to the outskirts.
    • Tallinn. The city itself is a historical monument with a history of more than 800 years. Here, photographic lenses of tourists will find ancient towers and churches, the city wall, numerous cathedrals and temples. What trip should I take in Estonia?

      As for the excursions, you can turn to the professionals for help, or you can go sightseeing yourself.

      And travelers on a private car will be able to visit even the most hidden corners of this country and get aesthetic pleasure.

      Among the most interesting excursions are the following:

      • Northern Estonia. This car-walking route is best to start from the capital and further – to Lake Peipsi and the amazingly cozy city of Haapsalu. The car can be rented directly in Tallinn, but after you look on foot the capital itself (look at it on the car – blasphemy). In the Lower / Upper City you should definitely see the Dome Cathedral and Toompea Castle, the romantic garden of the Danish King and the Town Hall Square, the Rotermann Quarter and of course the Kadriorg Park. On such a walk you will have enough of the 1st day. If there is a desire, you can take a guide and listen to the sinister stories about the city ghosts. Next to you – to the Jagal waterfall 30 minutes from Tallinn (the widest waterfall of the country) and Valaste, to the Viru swamp and the famous Lake Peipus, to the most powerful Estonian waterfall Keila Joa, etc. The final point of Haapsalu will surprise you with its atmosphere and cozy streets . Here you will see the Episcopal Castle and Witch Tower, Padise Monastery (near the city) and the Wooden Train Station, famous for its museum of steam locomotives. On the territory of the monastery you can participate in folk festivals and listen to stories about the romantic ghost of the White Lady.
      • With a guide – to the waterfalls. If the sights are not interesting to you and you are a fan of natural beauty, then you can go with a guide exclusively to the waterfalls.Particularly relevant is such an excursion in winter, when without a tour guide can be dangerous. In winter, waterfalls turn into real caves from ice, but do not lose their beauty.
      • Southern attractions. In this excursion tourists are introduced to the sights of Tartu. This city just rages from holidays and festivals, tourists and haunted stories. Be sure to take a picture at Krivoy’s house and near the monument to Kisses. Babies will surely like the Toy Museum, and men – the Beer Museum and Bath on the raft, which floats along the Emajõgi. Nature lovers will also like the tour, because the southern part of the country is also meteorite craters and a cave with a giant colony of bats.
      • Tartu is the cradle of the Song Festival, as well as the national theater and, oddly enough, parliamentarism. In this excursion you will see the Adavere mill 120 km from the city and the beauty of the South Estonian granary, the Old Town with Town Hall Square and the local Leaning Tower of Pisa. You will get to know one of the oldest and most prestigious European Universities, in a key building you will find a punishment cell for disobedient students. In Vyshgorod, you will find the Angels’ bridge and astronomy, as well as monuments of the city. But in an old coffee house near the University you can eat with local wonderful Brito cakes and delicious aromatic tea. Well, after – the Botanical Garden and (do not miss) Singing Field.

      If the tour is independent, you do not need a guide, and with you – the children, then do not forget to ride with the children on Thomas’s train, look into the zoo and Kalev Spa (about € 47), the Marzipan Museum and, of course, in the park Pokumaarka Trails (about 9 euros), where you can feed the animals, have fun on the obstacle course or in the village of the Vikings, climb the observation tower, ride horses.

      And if you want – try the Viking food and learn more about their weapons.

      Estonia for the tourist - Tallinn, the sights of Estonia and much more

      Where to go in Estonia – Tallinn and not only

      Undoubtedly, Estonia will not be able to compete with the same Turkey or Egypt. And yet it is an extremely interesting and very beautiful country for resting with children or for a vacation that you need to improve and strengthen the body (note – Estonia is a well-known balneal health resort).

      The main thing is to know when to go.

      Summer, it is worth noting, it is very cool here – and winter, on the contrary, is warm. Therefore, the ideal time for a holiday is all the same New Year’s holidays , when you can get to the Christmas markets, drink mulled wine and buy Christmas designer souvenirs.

      But if the cold Baltic does not frighten you, then you can go in the summer.

      Where to go?

      It all depends on what you are looking for from rest …

      • In Pärnu – to a seaside resort that is chosen for first-class hotels with excellent service, beaches and the possibility of a relaxing stay with kids.
      • On the western outskirts of Tallinn , where you will find Rocca al Mare (note – ethnographic museum under the open sky).
      • Kuressaare. Here you can rush lovers of relaxation on the islands. Here you will find everything you need for recreation with children, including warm water in a shallow, rapidly warming bay.
      • Narva-Jõesuu. This modern resort once grew out of the usual fishermen’s village. Here you can relax on the beach or take care of your health. True, in 2 km from the city you can stumble on the beach of nudists, so it is better not to wander with the kids on the outskirts.
      • Laulasmaa. On this “singing land” you will find the long awaited silence, the absence of a crowd of tourists and the closed fully equipped beach.
      • For a spa, go to Haapsalu, Pärnu or Pühajärve (note: curative mud and air soaked in the aroma of needles and iodine). But in search of mineral springs should be sent to Saarema, Värska or Narva-Jõesuu.
      • Do you like mountain skiing? There are such resorts in Estonia! For example, Kutiorg or the surroundings of Otepää, and also (for beginners) Ansomagi and Kuutsemäe.
      • If children want to go to the zoo , it is better to go to Tallinn (it is the only one in the country that is located there). Birds and ungulates can also be seen at Ranna Ranch, and to get acquainted with ostriches – in Laas.
      • If you need a water park для for full happiness, remember – they are all located in the territories of hotels. The most noteworthy are: Tervis Paradise (this one in Pärnu), the Aura in Tartu, and the Aqua in Rakvere, the Kalev spa mentioned above and, of course, Spa Hotell Rüütli, located in Kuressaare.

      Estonia for the tourist - Tallinn, the sights of Estonia and much more

      Where to settle in Estonia?

      In choosing a vacation home, you have several options.

      You can stay …

      • In the Manor (note – estates, castles, farmsteads). That is, in one of the historical monuments, actively used in the hotel and tourist business. For example, on the island of Muhu, at the Villa Ammende in Pärnu or in Sagadi. The prices are quite modest by European standards.
      • In the hotel or guest house. For example, in Malvast for 26 euros / day (rather for students) or at the Hotel Three Sisters for 993 euros (5 * lux).
      • In the motel. Why not? If you are on a car, then finding a place to sleep over is much easier right along the route. For example, in Aksi near Tartu for 19 euro / day or in Konse near Pärnu for 40-60 euros.
      • In a private hotel. That is, on a farm or in a private house. For example, on Vetevan farm for 8 euro / day or on Jaanimäe farm for 18 euros (but with breakfast and amenities).
      • In a holiday home outside the city. For example, in Silla for 10 euros “from the nose” (4 seats) or in Caldu for 390 euros for 12 people (that is, for the whole house).
      • In the hostel. Quite an adequate option for a student (about 10 euros / night).
      • In the campsite. The most budget option. For example, on the territory of the Motel Conse for 11-13 euros, in the territory of Aksi for 7 euros or in another place for 3-20 euros. There you can cook and wash, wash, and check mail.