Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits – what if the armpits are flabby?

Than a woman is younger, the more elastic her skin is. Unfortunately, over time, lifestyle, bad habits, pregnancy and, of course, age make their “black business” – the elasticity of the skin weakens, the smoothness and elasticity disappear. Do not bypass the age side and axillary cavities, which have to hide clothing even in the summer.

Is there any way to bring back the armpits again?

The best exercises for the elasticity of the armpits

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  • The best exercises for elasticity and a beautiful underarm line – pulling the zone of the armpits

    Women, for whom flabby armpits – this is really a problem, usually they immediately look for radical methods for solving it.

    Exercises for slimming your hands – how to get rid of sagging and saggy skin on your hands?

    Although there is a complex of exercises , allowing to correct this age-related “defect”. And it is not necessary to sign up for fitness (especially when there is no time for it) – we do the exercises right at home, without being distracted from anything special.

    The main emphasis is on triceps, biceps and deltoid muscles.

    • Warm up. First we warm up. You can just dance to rhythmic music or (if space allows) to jump on the rope. Then we remember the lessons of physical education and rotate straightened arms back and forth.
    • For the deltoid muscle. From standing position and feet with shoulder width, we lower hands with dumbbells down, then bend them in elbows and bend them to the sides to shoulder level. We perform 10 times 2. Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits - what if the armpits are flabby? Raise the dumbbells to the level of the chest and, without bending arms, we lower them. We perform 10 times. 3. Hands with dumbbells at the seams. Then raise the straight arms to the sides to the level of the armpits and lower them. We perform 10 times.
    • For biceps. 1. From the “standing” position with feet on the width of the shoulders: we lower hands with dumbbells, press the elbows to the waist and completely bend our arms in the elbows. We perform 10 times. Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits - what if the armpits are flabby? 2. First, bend one arm from the dumbbells in the elbow, then the other (in turn). We perform 10 times.
    • For triceps. 1. From the “standing” position with legs on the width of the shoulders: we bend, hands with dumbbells are pressed to the body, bend and unbend them in the elbows, pressing to the waist. We perform 10 times. Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits - what if the armpits are flabby? 2. In the “lying” position on the abdomen: stretching arms with dumbbells along the body, then raise it up. We perform 10 times.
    • Without dumbbells. Squatting, firmly rests our hands in the hard seat of the chair and squeeze 5-8 times. Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits - what if the armpits are flabby?
    • In a meter to the wall, we rest our hands on it (note – at the chest level) and squeeze out, trying to keep our body as straight as possible and “glued” with heels to the floor. Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits - what if the armpits are flabby? Perform in 5-6 receptions.
    • We join hands in front of us as in prayer. Of all we press the palms against each other for 6-8 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat. We perform 30 times. Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits - what if the armpits are flabby?
    • In the “lying” position on the back, bend the knees , raise the dumbbells, then we spread our hands to the sides and lower them to the floor along the body. We perform 20 times. Exercises for the elasticity of the armpits - what if the armpits are flabby?

    In the absence of dumbbells, you can use ordinary plastic bottles of 1.5-2 liters (with water, of course).

    Exercises and women’s secrets from fat in the underarm zone – slimming underarms

    Who would not say that fat deposition and sagging of the skin in the armpits are genetics, do not listen to anyone! Sport 100% refutes this “axiom.”

    The most popular exercises – get rid of fat in the armpits:

    • In the summer, the most important method of correction is swimming! Jogging on the shore of the pond or on the sea! In extreme cases – in the pool (make yourself such a good habit). Swim follows the rabbit – this is the most effective style for the elasticity of underarms. Your rate: thrice a week for 40 minutes. The result can be estimated in a couple of months.
    • Do not like water? No beautiful swimsuit? We go to the simulators! You need an elliptical or rowing machine . The first is more effective, due to the use not only of the axillary muscles, but also of the thighs, buttocks, as well as the foot caviar. Your norm: three times a week for 45 minutes.
    • Pulling on the bar. If you can not catch up more than 0.5 times and hang out with a sausage among the young beautiful athletes with blue eyes while hesitate, ask your dad (husband) to hang the bar at home. With its help, you strengthen the skin of the armpits, and the muscles of the back.
    • Squeezing from the floor. Too labor-intensive and complex, but extremely effective method. At the same time, lift your chest muscles. The palms are placed widely, and the chest needs to touch the floor (the smaller the chest, the more difficult, but the faster the result will come). We carry out whenever possible (as far as the strength, better 12-15 times), but daily for 5 approaches.
    • We shake the “old days”! In this way, you will help improve blood circulation in the right places. We get up straight, we spread our arms out to the sides, and moving forward one shoulder, then the other, we shake our chest. Remember the dance “gipsy”! Hips leave motionless! It is important. Your norm: every morning for 3 minutes.
    • Circle for pilates. It is useful not only for your armpits, but for all other muscles. Therefore, if you have not already bought it – it’s time! Very effective shell, allowing you to quickly return the muscles to their former elasticity. 1. So, get up straight, raise the circle to the level of the chest and forcefully squeeze it with both hands, so that from the circle you have a first oval, and then an ellipse. Squeezing the shell, for 5-6 seconds freeze. Your norm: 15-20 compressions daily. 2. We raise hands with a shell upwards and repeat the same thing, but above our heads. The norm is the same – 15-20 compressions.
    • And again dumbbells. An excellent exercise that allows you to remove the “fat” from your armpits and raise your unimportantly what “size” of the chest. It is better to do this on the simulator, but in his absence just lie down (on a hard sofa) on the bench so that the upper body “hangs” in the air from the crown to the ribs. If you can catch your feet for something – great. If you can not, ask the child to sit on your feet. Next, we raise hands with dumbbells (note – with bottles) to the sides. Then bend the elbows at a level just below the bench and “wipe the wings”, bending and straightening the arms. Your norm: 2 approaches a day for 15-20 times. Extra tools for armpit beauty – against sagging and flabbiness

      To make the exercises even more effective, we use the whole complex!

      Cosmetic methods:

      • Cool shower every day – with the obligatory massaging of the axillae with a stiff sponge (to enhance blood flow). Very useful contrast shower .
      • We use cream and special lotions with lifting effect.
      • 2-3 times a week – scrub for sagging skin.


      • No hard diets! They only weaken the tone of your skin.
      • We introduce fish, any dairy products with low fat content and dietary meat into the diet.
      • Maximum calories per day – 2000-2500, which are stretched by 5-6 times.
      • Evening meal is the easiest. For example, kefir with an apple or orange.
      • The most caloric intake of food is the penultimate.
      • Fast carbohydrates (bun-buns, potatoes, bananas and butter, sugar, etc.) are changed into complex ones. That is, on legumes and broccoli, on brown rice, sour cabbage, etc.

      Radical method:

      • If age does not already imply cardinal changes, even with the full range of methods, surgery remains. For example, lapectomy, when a special solution is introduced into the armpits by the specialist, which helps to break down excess fat at the cellular level. Simultaneously, ultrasound is used to enhance the effect. Well, the end – lymphatic drainage.
      • Another method is brachioplasty, which is sometimes performed in complex with liposuction.

      And do dances .

      Dancing will help you to find not only a good figure, but also optimism, which for some reason always lacks.

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