Facial massage against wrinkles

Facial massage against wrinkles


  • Prevention of wrinkles without facial massage
  • Basic movements at home facial massage
  • How to do facial massage against wrinkles. Technique
  • Forehead massage from wrinkles
  • Facial massage to remove wrinkles around the eyes
  • How to massage the nose
  • Home chin massage, cheeks, near the lips
  • How to finish facial massage against wrinkles
  • Japanese face massage Shiatsu
  • Contra-indications of facial massage against wrinkles

Self-massage of the forehead, cheeks, near the eyes and lips, performed at home, helps to maintain an attractive appearance. Sufficient blood circulation and metabolism increase the tone of the facial muscles, prevent their weakening, strengthen the oval. Facial massage against wrinkles enhances regeneration, removes dead cells, making the skin look healthy, becoming supple and silky. In addition, the mood improves, there is a headache and insomnia.

Prophylaxis of wrinkles without facial massage

If the skin is excessively sensitive or irritated and therefore it is contraindicated, it is useful for facial muscles to tone up, improve blood circulation mimic gymnastics .

The movements are repeated many times, at a fast pace. It is necessary to feel, how the blood flows, as the face becomes fresh, ruddy, becomes more kind, open and young.

  • Concentrate and relax the folds on the forehead.
  • Raise your eyebrows as much as possible, open your eyes wide. Strongly frown, close eyelids.
  • Alternately stretch the left and right cheeks with the air typed into the mouth.
  • Open your mouth wide, then close your lips tightly.
  • Pull the lips forward with the tube, pull back.
  • Wide smile, sticking out your lips.
  • Move the jaw forward-back, left-right.
  • Peeve before the mirror.

Basic movements with a facial massage for the face

Facial massage against wrinkles

  • Stroking . They begin the session.
  • Pressing . Nesilnye pressing on this or that area.
  • kneading . Movement of pressure with simultaneous smoothing, like kneading dough.
  • Tweaks . Stitching and easy sipping.
  • Beating . Performed part of the brush opposite the palm.

If the skin is excessively tender, it should not be rubbed, kneaded, tampered with. The tweezers are used to massage the thick skin to clear the dead cells.

How to do facial massage against wrinkles. Technique

Facial massage against wrinkles

The application of various cosmetics, creams, and wrinkle massage on the face is performed along the so-called massage lines , where the skin is least stretched:

  • middle of the forehead – whiskey;
  • nose – whiskey;
  • corners of the mouth – the auricle;
  • the middle of the chin is the lobes.

It is more convenient to perform a homemade massage procedure sitting.

Clean the skin with cosmetic milk, lotion, apply a nourishing cream in a circular motion. In cosmetic salons, when performing the so-called plastic massage , when the skin is depleted, pigmented or reddened, talc is used instead of the cream.

Sit a little so that the facial muscles relax well. Warm up, strongly rubbing your palms.

Massage movements should be repeated 8-10 times. The session should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Home self-massage of the face can be done every day for 10-14 days.

Cosmetic facial massage against wrinkles is performed in stages: forehead , eye sockets , nose , chin , cheeks , near lips .

Forehead massage from wrinkles

Facial massage against wrinkles

The forehead area is massaged with strokes. The closed pads of the fingers of both hands are placed horizontally above the eyebrows and move to the temples, rising ever higher.

Place the pads vertically above the bridge of the nose. Do not tear off your fingers, knead the forehead skin on and counter-clockwise. Moving to the temples, massage other areas.

Put your palm on your forehead, press the other with your palm.Pushing the skin left-right, up and down 10-15 times, massage the entire area.

It is easy to drum the cushions of fingers from the middle of the forehead to the temples, to wait for pleasant warmth. Then iron the cushions of the index and middle fingers.

Facial massage to remove wrinkles around the eyes

Facial massage against wrinkles

Massage to get rid of “crow’s feet” :

  • Gently grab the skin near the tips of your eyes, rolling between your fingers.
  • Arrange the pads of the fingers on both sides of the wrinkle, wait for the appearance of heat and relaxation.

Other massage movements help to cope with stress, eye fatigue.

Eye and eyebrow massage . Blink an eyebrow with your index finger and thumb, squeeze lightly. Pass the entire length.

How to massage near the eyes . Place index fingers on each side of the bridge of the nose, eyes closed. Alternately pressing, move the pads of fingers from the bridge of the nose under the eye sockets. In the case of edema of the eyelids, the exercise helps to remove excess moisture.

Regularly gently massaging behind the lobes of the ears, it is possible to avoid stagnant phenomena, one of the reasons for the bags under the eyes.

Simultaneous pressing of the pads of fingers to move along the line connecting from each side the outer corner of the eye with the ear of the goat. Repeat along the line connecting the corner of the eye and the top of the auricle.

Massage of the eyelids . Pull the eyebrows back up, blink 15 times, overcoming the resistance for centuries.

Place the pads of the index, middle finger and ring finger on the eyelids. Perform horizontal and vertical movements.

Complete the anti-wrinkle massage on the eyelids clockwise, then backwards.

How to massage the nose

The nose against wrinkles is massaged with the fingertips from the tip to the bridge of the nose. Used stroking, kneading. Movements are rubbing, rectilinear or circular.

Similar movements are performed from the sides, from the wings of the nose.

Home chin, cheek, near the lips

Facial massage against wrinkles

Face massage is used to remove wrinkles in the chin area at home. At first, circular pressure is applied to the small pads of the thumbs. Then, stroke along the massage line from the middle of the chin to the lobes.

With your chin resting on closed wrists, so that the tips of your fingers are near the ear shells, with closed fingers massaged from the side and below the jaw, carefully stretching the surface.

Anti-wrinkle massage on the cheeks begins with light strokes of the pads of the four fingers at the same time. They are replaced by arched strokes, kneading in the direction of the ear shells and neck.

Puffing your cheeks, stroking your cheeks with your pads, spiraling from the corners of your mouth to your temples.

Massage, moving to the corners of the mouth, the area above the upper lip. Perform 3-5 massage movements. Repeat under the lower lip.

How to finish a facial massage against wrinkles

The home massage procedure ends with stroking or tapping with finger pads. Sometimes the face is stroked with open hands, spreading them as if washing, so that the fingers are on the temples, and the wrists are in the neck.

As a rule, after the massage wrinkles are smoothed out, a blush appears, which makes the face a little burnt. The blush should be moderate and soon pass.

Japanese face massage Shiatsu

Popular technique of pressing fingers on certain points of the body allows you to mobilize the internal forces of the body. As a result, the metabolic processes are normalized, the tone of the muscles of the face and skin increases, which helps against wrinkles.

It takes some time to master the technique. I’ll have to study the anatomy of the human body, the location of active points.At the end, in a simple way, you can save yourself from the cold, eliminate fatigue, get rid of toothache, and lower your blood pressure.

In the absence of the necessary knowledge, the therapeutic effect should be provided by a qualified specialist.

Contra-indications of facial massage against wrinkles

Facial massage against wrinkles

Care should be taken in case of oily skin, as massage movements stimulate not only blood circulation, but also the activity of the sebaceous glands.

It is forbidden to perform a massage procedure for rashes, redness, herpes, a large number of convex moles, the presence of flat warts, purulent eruptions, abrasions, cracks, in case of acute inflammatory, allergic or infectious diseases, with caution in hypertensive disease.

In case of doubt, it is worth consulting with a specialist.

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