Facial peeling at home

Facial peeling at home


  • Peeling and its varieties
  • Peeling recipes for normal facial skin
  • Home peeling for oily skin
  • Peeling for fading skin
  • Natural scrubs on based cereals
  • Deep peeling at home
  • How to peel a face with salt
  • Smoothing and peeling the face with oat flakes
  • Scrub of cottage cheese and salt
  • Honey-salt scrub
  • Carrots and oatmeal peeling
  • Cleansing the coffee grounds and salt
  • Cucumber and salt

Word peeling pr emanated from the English “to peel”, which translates as “strongly scrape”, “oshkurivat”. Mechanical peeling, performed at home, exfoliates and cleanses the skin, but has a shallow effect. A stronger, more pronounced rejuvenating effect to the face skin gives a chemical version of the cosmetic procedure. As a rule, it requires professional knowledge or special equipment, so it is performed in clinics.

Peeling and its varieties

Facial peeling at home

The cleansing procedure removes the dead cells from the skin. In cosmetology practice, mechanical , laser , chemical varieties that have a superficial, medial or deep effect on the skin of the face are used.

As a rule, mechanical peeling is used at home. It affects the upper or middle layers of the epidermis, removes dead cells from the skin, improves complexion, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, tightens and tones.

To cope with age-related changes, it requires deep peeling . It is carried out by the action of chemicals (acid), special equipment (laser), therefore this kind of purification procedure, as a rule, is performed in cosmetic hospitals.

The use of a mechanical face peeling (scrub) at home is based on the addition of various abrasive substances (ground nuts, salt, cereals, etc.) to cosmetics. Solid particles scrape the cornified scales from the skin, massage its surface.

In case of normal skin, it is enough to apply a scrub once a week. For oily skin, more resistant to mechanical effects, the peeling procedure is performed after 3 days. Dry skin requires gentle care, so the scrub is applied once every 10 days.

Peeling is prohibited if the face has cracks or inflammation.

Peeling recipes for normal facial skin

Facial peeling at home

Recipe 1 . Mix 2 tablespoons. crushed in a coffee grinder almonds , 2с.л. oatmeal , 10ml milk cream , 2ml tea tree oil .

Recipe 2 . Mix 50 g of citrus zest (outer colored layer) and 60 ml yoghurt .

Recipe 3 . Stir 1 s.l. of fresh crushed into a mash strawberries , 1 p.s. cosmetic clay , 1 tsp. sour cream .

Apply the composition prepared according to any of the recipes, massage movements for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water, apply a nourishing cream.

Home peeling for oily skin

Facial peeling at home

<recipe with coffee . Mix 60g of coffee grounds , 100ml vegetable oil .

Recipe with honey . To mix 1с.л. grinded in a coffee grinder oat bran , 2с.л. liquid honey , 20ml lemon juice . Recipe with chicken egg .

Recipe with chicken egg . Stir egg yolk , 1 ч.л. carefully crushed egg shell , 1с.л. sour cream .

Perform a home face peeling with any compound, apply with massage movements, after 20 minutes rinse with warm water, apply a cream.

Peeling for the fading skin of the face

Facial peeling at home

  1. Smolder in the coffee grinder dried lemon zest , 1 ч.л. zest mix with 1 tsp. oat flakes , add 1с.л. sour cream or vegetable oil , egg yolk .
  2. Egg yolk carefully grind with sour cream, add flakes, zest, sour cream or butter, mix thoroughly.

Apply the composition to the skin of the face, rubbing it on the massage lines, leave the layer for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash off the mask with a warm, then with cold water.

  1. Unpack the skin, apply a mask from the mixture honey , egg yolk and olive oil , all components are taken in equal parts.
  2. Put a damp cloth on your face, gently warm it with a hairdryer. After 15-20 minutes, rinse the mask with hot water using a sponge.
  3. Beat glass of soap foam , add 1 / 4h. L. soda .

Constantly adding a foam formulation, massage the 10-minute face with the exception of the areas around the eyes. At the end, wash off the foam with warm water, apply the cream. For three days, rub your face with a lotion of marigold or chamomile.

Natural cereal-based scrubs

Facial peeling at home

These compounds are applied for a delicate, but at the same time, rather deep cleansing of the face. Unlike cosmetic products containing chemical components, they do not irritate the most sensitive skin.

Useful substances contained in cereals, loosen the surface layer, help remove dead cells, stimulate the processes of cellular renewal.

When doing a home peeling, the cereal-based formulations are applied by massaging movements on the face skin. After their use, the skin becomes more susceptible to the action of nutritious creams or masks.

з Cereals based on cereals are applied 2 times a week in case of dry or normal skin, and 3-4 times if the skin is oily.

Recipe 1 . Rastoloch 1с.л. wheat grains , 1с.л. kidney birch , mix thoroughly with 50 ml rustic sour cream .

Apply a scrub clean skin massaging movements, the duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with warm water.

Recipe 2 . Rastoloch 1с.л. oat grains and 1с.л. psyllium seeds , add 40g fat cottage cheese .

Apply the composition with massage movements, avoiding contact with the eyes. After the procedure, rinse the scrub with warm water.

Recipe 3 . Rastoloch 1с.л. germinated grains wheat , 1с.л. seed onion , add 40ml ryazhenki 3.5% fat, mix thoroughly.

Apply the scrub, massage the face for a few seconds, leave the mixture for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Deep peeling at home

Facial peeling at home

To look younger, you need to work on deeper layers of your facial skin. This cosmetic procedure allows you to smooth out large wrinkles, restore the elasticity of the skin, eliminate capillary asterisks, pigmentation disorders.

Under the influence of chemicals calcium chloride , phenol , salicylic acid , propylene glycol – the upper layers of the skin are burned down to the papillary layer in order to achieve the formation of new young cells in which there is enough moisture and which do not form wrinkles.

This kind of peeling has a significant anti-aging effect, but it is not recommended for self-administration at home due to the risk of infection through the skin without stratum corneum. Therefore, deep skin cleansing is best done in a special clinic.

How to peel a face with salt

Facial peeling at home

It is useful to use sea salt for skin cleansing. For peeling of oily skin, it is mixed with honey, for dry skin – with olive oil, gently massage the face for several minutes.

Another recipe: mix a pinch of shallow sea salt with a little neutral soap, massage the movements for a few minutes rub the gruel, avoiding contact with the eyes, then rinse with cool water.

For flushing, you can use a cool infusion chamomile , sage , mint . At the end, apply a nourishing cream.

Soap scrub cleans pores from dirt, the skin begins to breathe better. To enhance the cosmetic effect, you should first hold your face above the steam.

Smoothing and cleansing the face with oat flakes

Facial peeling at home

The combination of crushed oatmeal and salt cleans perfectly, gives the skin a smooth, healthy natural shade:

  • Grind in a coffee grinder or blender 2-3 c .l. oat flakes , 2 tbsp. shallow sea salt , a little milk or low-fat cream to get a creamy consistency.

Get the peeling face, rub it with massaging movements. Afterwards, rinse with warm water.

Scrub of cottage cheese and salt

Facial peeling at home

Face peeling with this compound is suitable for problematic skin, makes it clean, at home restores natural color:

  • Mix 1 tsp. ground rice , 2 p.s. low-fat curd , 1/2 tsp. salt , 1 / 2hl. olive oil .

Apply the composition in a warm form with massage movements. Then rinse with warm water, apply moisturizer.

Honey-salt scrub

Facial peeling at home

Honey can be used for any type of skin, in combination with salt it refreshes the complexion, gives the skin smoothness:

  • Mix 1 tsp. honey and 1 ч.л. shallow salt .

Gently rub, massage, afterwards wash off with warm water.

Carrot and oatmeal cleansing

Facial peeling at home

The composition allows you to get rid of the dead cells, give the face a radiant look:

  • Clear carrots medium size, get juice. Grind in a coffee grinder 1с.л. oatmeal flakes , add 1 tbsp. sea ​​ salt .

Mix thoroughly, apply to wet skin, massage. Wash off with warm water, apply moisturizer.

Cleansing the coffee grounds and salt

Facial peeling at home

To purify and tone up the skin, the following composition is prepared:

  • Liquid coffee grounds mix with 1/2 tsp. salt , add a few drops of oil pine nuts .

Stir thoroughly, gently rub into the skin of the face. At the end of peeling, rinse with warm water.

Cucumber and salt

Facial peeling at home

  • Grate cucumber on a fine grater, add 1 p.s. grinded in a coffee grinder oat flakes , 1. ч.л. sea ​​salt , insist 20 minutes.

Wipe the mixture for 5 minutes, rinse with cool water.

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