Fiber for weight loss

Fiber for weight loss


  • What is fiber
  • Soluble dietary fiber and weight loss
  • Insoluble fiber to reduce body weight
  • What foods contain fiber
  • Norms and rules for taking food fibers with slimming
  • How to lose weight with wheat, rye and oat bran
  • Weight loss recipes rich in fiber
  • Contra-indications

Fiber, soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, are useful for losing weight. They are not affected by the enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to the rapid removal of waste. In addition, plant fibers set up the digestive system, normalizes metabolic processes. Significantly increasing in volume under the influence of moisture, they fill the stomach, create a feeling of satiety, help to reduce weight.

What is Fiber

As you know, carbohydrates accumulate energy, serve as a food for brain cells. The following varieties of carbohydrates:

  • cellulose , contained in plant tissues,
  • pectin substances , they are rich in fruits,
  • lignin , part of the tissues of woody plants

not digested by the body, but necessary for optimal work of the gastrointestinal tract, cleansing of the intestinal walls, its rapid emptying. This type of indigestible carbohydrates is called fiber or ballast substances.

Fiber helps to normalize body weight, since it retains moisture in the solid secretions of the body, which facilitates water metabolism in case of obesity, contributes to the formation of fecal masses, their rapid removal, as well as the evacuation of cholesterol released from the bile. A useful substance helps normalize metabolic processes, one of the causes of obesity and excess weight, reduces the risk of gallstones formation. It is proved that 50 g of fiber binds 50 g of cholesterol.

K digestible carbohydrates include fructose , glucose , sucrose , maltose , lactose , starch . The fructose and glucose are best absorbed by the body.

The consumption of plant foods containing fiber by modern residents has significantly decreased. At the same time, the share of products rich in animal fats has increased significantly, which is why many have to look for one way or another to lose weight.

Shortage in the diet of foods rich in fiber causes accumulation in the intestine of harmful substances that adversely affect the mucosa for a long time and contribute to the development of disorders of the health of the digestive system, the appearance of excess weight, the formation of tumors of various nature.

Fiber is necessary not only to lose weight, but also to prevent chronic constipation. According to statistics, about half of the adult population of developed Western countries and Russia suffers from this disease.

Soluble dietary fiber and weight loss

Fiber for weight loss

Soluble fiber is pectin substances contained in fruits, vegetables, some varieties of algae. In the plant they provide elasticity and elasticity of tissues, increase resistance to drought, promote long-term storage.

Pectins dissolve in water, but initially swell, collecting all the harmful from the walls of the intestine. Diet with the use of water-soluble fiber slows the absorption of glucose, reduces its level in the blood.

When ingested in the large intestine, pectins are cleaved by microflora, contributing to maintaining the required level of acidity in the body. In addition, in an acidic environment, pathogenic microorganisms are more efficiently destroyed.

If you normalize the activity of internal microflora, using a soluble variety of fibers, you can cope with flatulence.

Soluble fiber is especially useful in losing weight, because it prolongs the digestion of food. It is carried out more gradually, the stomach remains filled longer, the time interval till the next meal increases.

Insoluble fiber to reduce body weight

Fiber for weight loss

Every day the body processes and evacuates through the organs of the excretory system, primarily the intestine, a lot of harmful substances. They are inside the body with food, water, air, absorbed through the skin.

To get rid of faeces more efficiently, nature has a special kind of bast, sponges for the intestine – water-insoluble vegetable fibers. Getting into the body with food, they effectively detain various harmful substances.

In addition, when passing through the intestine, the cellulose swells, significantly increasing the amount of mass withdrawn when losing or following a diet, stimulates peristalsis, and makes regular defecation.

Food containing a sufficient amount of bran is excreted from the body for a maximum of a day or two. If they are absent in the intestine, the processes of putrefaction, fermentation are activated, the amount of pathogenic microflora that produces a mass of toxins increases. Microorganisms on the walls of the intestine, the mass of harmful substances contribute to the formation of ulcers. In addition, harmful substances are in the blood, causing deterioration in health, metabolism, the formation of excess mass.

To lose weight, you must regularly include foods containing soluble and insoluble fiber.

Normalization of physiological processes in the large intestine increases the defenses of the body, strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of overeating when following a weight loss program, because the stomach is quickly filled with swollen food fibers.

What foods contain fiber

Fiber for weight loss

Often, the same product includes soluble and insoluble fiber. For example, the peel of apples contains insoluble, and pulp soluble fibers. The situation is similar for beans, flax seeds. Below is the content of dietary fiber in 100g of this or that food:

  • Among the leafy vegetables plant fibers are particularly rich cabbage white (2,8 g), color ( 1.8g), and also green onion (2,1g).
  • Among vegetables the highest fiber content in pumpkin (1.9 g), fresh tomatoes (1.4 g), eggplant (2.2 g ), cucumber (1.2 g), zucchini (0,8 g). The mass of plant fibers in pea (8.0 g) and bean (7.6 g).
  • To lose weight, it is worth including in the diet <style and other products containing fiber: raspberry (7,4 g), black currant (4, 2g), gooseberries (2.9 g), hazelnuts (7.7 g).
  • Fibers contain fruits and dried fruits : apples (2,6 g), pears (2,2 g), plums (1,9 g ), grapes (1,8 g), apricots (1,8 g), dried dried apricots (10,1 g), figs (18,5 g), raisins (6,8 g), prunes (9.2g).
  • Oatmeal grains (7.0 g), millet (4.7 g), pearl barley (3.0 g) and buckwheat (3,7 g) cereals also help to eliminate the deficiency of indigestible carbohydrates, reduce body weight.
  • Mass of dietary fiber in rye bread (7,0 g). It is inferior to rye-wheat (2.0 g) and protein-bran (4.0 g) bread.

The rules and regulations for the intake of dietary fiber when losing weight

Fiber for weight loss

It is believed that every day women need to eat up to 300-400g, men up to 350-500g of carbohydrates. These values ​​need to be adjusted downward with a reduced intensity of physical labor, in old age.

In terms of fiber to maintain optimal body weight every day, it is sufficient to consume 30 g of dietary fiber.

In an effort to quickly lose weight, do not follow the mono-diet, using one or two types of foods that contain fiber. The diet should remain diverse, but with the mandatory inclusion of greenery, fruits, vegetables and cereals. It is much more useful to consume a whole vegetable or fruit than to cook puree or juice from it.

Specialists recommend to make a diet and include fiber in the diet for weight loss, adhering to the following proportions:

  • quarter of food should be vegetables and leafy greens in the form of salads;
  • quarter fresh fruit;
  • quarter green vegetables or root crops cooked;
  • a tenth of carbohydrates: bread, cereals, sugar;
  • a tenth of a protein: sour-milk products, milk, nuts;
  • The twentieth part – animal and vegetable fats.

Even without adhering to a certain diet for weight loss, do not be zealous and immediately begin to take the recommended 30 grams of fiber. Increase the proportion of plant fibers should be gradually, accustoming the intestinal microflora to a change in diet. Otherwise, it may start to swell, a heaviness appears in the abdomen, a stool is broken. We need to be patient and reach the recommended level within a month or two.

If you eat fiber, you need to get enough fluids during the day so that there is no constipation. Do not drink directly after eating fruit, this causes increased gas formation.

How to lose weight with wheat, rye and oat bran

Fiber for weight loss

The ground product is boiled with boiling water, after half an hour the water is drained and the steamed sediment is eaten or added to different dishes – for example, cutlets.

Granulated bran is made even easier. They just pour kefir, milk, add to the first dish. Often when made into the composition include cranberries, sea kale, vitamins, which makes the product more useful.

Ground or granulated bran should be asked at grocery stores or a pharmacy.

The intake of dietary fiber is best to start gradually, brewing them for 1 hour. three times a day. Within a couple of weeks bring the dose to 3 tsp. Every two months to take a break, two weeks of eating fruits, vegetables, cereals.

  • It’s easiest to start losing weight with wheat bran . Their fiber is the most mild, contains a minimum of calories. The product is consumed for breakfast or before each meal during the day.
  • Rye bran is also useful, easy to digest, like those who prefer rye bread. They are taken before meals, added to the prepared meals.
  • Help to lose weight oat bran . They have the coarsest structure, effectively cleaning the deposits accumulated on the walls of the intestine. But if you have not previously used store bran, start better with a wheat or rye variety.

Recipes for weight loss by foods rich in fiber

Fiber for weight loss

Flax seeds . The composition of the seed coat includes insoluble dietary fibers. The presence of soluble fiber allows you to use a useful product in programs to reduce body weight.

  • Cook 1 tsp. seeds 1/2 liters of boiling water, cook for 2 hours on low heat, closing the dishes with a lid. Take 1/2 cup a day for an hour before eating a week and a half. Then take a week and a half break.
  • Grind the seeds and add them to 1/2 cup kefir. Take every day for three weeks. In the first week 1-5 l of flax seeds are added to kefir, in the second week 2 hl, in the third week 3 hl.

Parsley . The plant contains not only food fibers, but also a lot of vitamins, phytoncids, which inhibit the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestine.

за To eliminate excess weight, brew 2 hours.l fresh green with a glass of boiling water. To drink during the day. Fiber and useful substances help to cope with obesity, overweight.

Carrots . A popular vegetable contains fiber and pectins that stimulate the digestive system, helping to evacuate various harmful substances.

Carrots and carrot juice are contraindicated in gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, diarrhea, severe diabetes, liver diseases, decreased thyroid function.


You should not lose weight and eat foods that contain fiber, during exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, diarrhea.

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