First aid for burns

First aid for burns


  • Degree burns
  • What to do when burned with boiling water. First aid
  • Pharmacy first aid for burns
  • Home remedies for burns
  • Traditional means for treating burns

Breaking with boiling water, steam, hot water, hot kitchen utensils is a fairly common household trauma. Almost every day you have to cook or warm up food, make tea or coffee. In a fifth of cases, children suffer. On the table, an electric kettle begins to boil. The child pulls the cord, the teapot capsizes. What to do, what should be first aid for burning with boiling water? Quick, timely action helps avoid prolonged treatment.

Degree of burn

  • The first degree is characterized by reddening of the skin, sometimes there is edema, small blisters. This happens if you stay in the Sun for too long.
  • If of the second degree пора is affected, rather large blisters with transparent contents are formed.
  • At third degree the skin is dead, the high temperature penetrates into the muscular and neural tissues. Blisters with turbid contents are formed. As a rule, a skin transplant is required.
  • If lesion of the fourth degree диагности is diagnosed, the skin is charred, the thermal effect reaches the bones.

As a rule, at home, first-degree and second-degree burns are allowed. In other cases it is necessary to deliver the patient as quickly as possible to a specialized burn center, traumatological or resuscitation department of the hospital.

When treating first or second degree burns, it is necessary to correctly estimate the area of ​​the lesion. The approximate value is not difficult to determine with the help of the palm, its area is approximately one percent of the area of ​​the skin. If the size of the lesion is from the palm or more, it is necessary to consult a doctor, especially if the skin peels off.

If the lesion area is 10-15% of the skin, burn disease is diagnosed. It is necessary to provide first aid, be sure to call an ambulance even in the case of the first or second degree of defeat.

If there is swelling in a day or two, redness has increased, the temperature has increased, to prevent further infection, it is also necessary to consult a doctor.

What to do with a boiling water boiling. First aid

First aid for burns

  • As soon as possible, remove wet hot clothes, as water is still burning. Especially quickly it is necessary to act if the fabric is synthetic. Clothing should be removed carefully, so that the blisters formed do not burst. It is also forbidden to pierce blisters to prevent infection in the wound. It is worth sacrificing clothes and cutting it with scissors until it sticks to the skin.
  • Place the calcined place under cold water or in a container with cold water. Cool will relieve the pain and slow the spread of the burn. To reduce puffiness, keep the burned area up. When providing first aid for cooling, cold-soaked sheets or towels are suitable.
  • After 15-20 minutes, the damaged area should be dried, covered with a tight sterile bandage.

The defeat of the first degree can be wiped with cologne, vodka. Do not use iodine or zelenok. If you have to see a doctor, it will be more difficult to determine the degree of thermal damage.

Do not lubricate the burned area with oil, grease, since greasy film prevents heat removal.

Pharmacy first aid for burns

First aid for burns

First aid for burning with boiling water of I or II degree – grease Panthenol , Olazole , ointment Solcoseryl :

  • Panthenol is used to treat various injuries of the skin – thermal burns, including sunburn, as well as abrasions, cracks.
  • Olazol anesthetizes, slows down the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, improves and accelerates healing.
  • For the treatment of burns, a gel or ointment Solcoseryl is used.It is used to help after the defeat of boiling water, and also if it happened to “burn” in the sun.

The most convenient means for burns in aerosol packaging.

Ask a pharmacy for anti-burn gel wipes . They cool, anesthetize and localize damage, destroy microbes, are easily removed when replaced.

For analgesia, the victim can be given Analgin .

In the provision of first aid, it is forbidden to glue the affected area with an adhesive plaster, then it painfully peel off.

If the skin has peeled off, treat the lesion with a non-alcoholic antiseptic solution, cover the wound with a sterile bandage or gel napkin.

Home remedies for burns

First aid for burns

The first aid for burning with boiling water is rattan moist potato . Place the gruel on the affected area, secure with a bandage. Replace when the mass warms up.

Thermal damage is treated with potato starch . Burn the burned area with a thick layer, cover with cotton and do not tightly bandage.

The first aid for burning with boiling water turns out to be a fresh sheet of cabbage , it is attached to the affected area. As a rule, after a few minutes the pain sensations disappear or significantly decrease, after half an hour they completely pass. Cabbage leaf is also effective for bruises and sprains.

In the treatment of burns, helps. Cut off the cuticle from the leaf, apply for 12 hours. Or chop the sheet into a slurry, apply to the affected area, fixing with a sterile bandage.

Traditional means of treating burns

First aid for burns

To have a thermal wound matured as soon as possible, did not leave a trace on the skin, timely correct treatment is required.

Treatment of burns with propolis and St. John’s wort

Cool in a freezer 20g propolis , rub, pour a glass of medical alcohol . Infuse for 10 days, stirring every day, after the end drain.

Pour a couple of glasses of unrefined sunflower oil four tablespoons of flowers St. John’s Wort a hole, leave in the sun for 14 days, stirring once a day. Mix with a tincture of propolis.

Put the product on gauze, secure with a bandage. Change the bandage every 4 hours.

Treatment with onions

Finely chop the bulb , mix with 20 blossoming flowers dandelion , pour a glass of unrefined sunflower oil . Boil over low heat for twenty minutes, drain. Keep ointment from burns in a dark cool place.

Lubricate the wound as often as possible.

Treatment with potassium permanganate

For the treatment of burns, potassium permanganate and pure water используется are used. Manganese slowly dissolve in water, achieving a pale pink color.

Apply a gauze dressing to the area affected by boiling water, periodically moisten it with a prepared solution. Marl to be replaced once a day.

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