Fish oil for weight loss

Fish oil for weight loss


  • Does the composition of fish oil help to lose weight?
  • Psychological factors of losing weight with cod liver oil
  • What are good capsules
  • How many capsules take during the day
  • How to drink fish oil to lose weight
  • Contraindications

The desire to get rid of extra pounds pushes some to apply a variety of diets and techniques . Including exotic, like the artificial swallowing of intestinal parasites and their subsequent destruction. Others, in order to lose weight, prefer to use fish oil.

Does the composition of fish oil help to lose weight?

It is very strange that a product with a calorie content of 900 kcal is chosen for weight reduction. For comparison, the calorie content of the beef tenderloin is 220 kcal, the chicken breast fillet 110 kcal per 100 g. In addition, 100 mg of fish oil contains 30 mg of vitamin A, vitamin D, and 22 g of saturated fatty acids.

Vitamin A deficiency is associated with reduced visual acuity, night blindness. Its sufficient supply maintains the health of the skin, hair, mucous membranes, it stimulates the regeneration of tissues after burns.

Vitamin D promotes the delivery of calcium and phosphorus to cells, soothes the nervous system.

The unsaturated fatty acids strengthen the arteries, making their walls more elastic, clean them from the inside of the “bad” cholesterol deposits, which serves to prevent coronary heart disease , manifested by angina pectoris and myocardial infarction .

Sufficient blood supply to the heart muscle facilitates its work, which is especially important in case of excess body weight, at which the heart functions with increased load. Normalized blood pressure.

Due to sufficient intake of unsaturated fats, prostaglandins , groups of nutrients are produced in the body. They are produced mainly by the prostate gland, in smaller amounts by other tissues of the body.

The fat obtained from fish contains arachidonic acid , the precursor of prostaglandins . It forms prostacyclin and thrombixane from it. Prostacyclin increases blood coagulability, promotes the release of adrenaline, increases the tone of blood vessels, increases the level of glucose in the blood.

  • Thrombioxan suppresses these processes.
  • Their optimal interaction allows for optimal control in the body.

    Prostaglandins make spermatozoa more mobile, facilitate egg movement through the fallopian tube. In case of an overabundance, premature birth may occur, the deficit causes a malfunctioning and weakening of the generic functions.

    The off-the-shelf product maintains the generation of nerve cells at a proper level, which increases the ability to learn, improves memory, the flow of thought processes, and also affects the brain departments that determine the diet. In the case of predominance in the diet of some saturated fats, the processes of creating new nerve cells are violated.

    Useful property for losing weight fish oil is its ability to eliminate the harmful effects of harmful substances. It’s no secret that not all waste products of food are successfully removed from the body. Part remains on the walls of the intestine, part is deposited in fat and other tissues. Timely neutralizing harmful substances with the help of omega-3 fatty acids contained in the useful product, it is possible to prevent them from entering adipose tissue, further increasing its volume.

    Psychological factors of losing weight with the help of fish oil

    Fish oil for weight loss

    The product reduces the manifestations of stress, makes the nerves stronger, and the attitude towards others more calm and benevolent.

    Some women eat a lot of sweetness to eliminate stress and early relaxation. It really helps! But the body weight from such “therapy” is rapidly increasing, I want to lose weight.

    If you take fat in the recommended dosage, the stress will become easier to tolerate and therefore you will not have to eat much sweet.

    Than capsules are good

    Fish oil for weight loss

    As a rule, a healthy product is made from cod liver, it is mined in Norway and the USA. In the USSR in 1970-80 due to increased pollution of the seas it was forbidden to produce for children. Although for a while the ban was canceled.

    It looks like sunflower oil. But he has a much stronger pronounced characteristic smell and unpleasant taste, which often causes vomiting.

    Modern children drink it without the disgusted grimaces that accompanied their parents’ reception when they were small. Unpleasant taste and characteristic odor is completely absent, since the remedy is made in gelatin capsules that dissolve in the stomach. Unpleasant rare eructations after taking – that’s all the discomfort.

    How many capsules are taken during the day

    The recommended dosage is indicated in the instructions for the drug. It can be individual, it depends a lot on the dosage form, age, contraindications.

    Usually, one-time intake is 1-2 capsules, they are taken after meals and are washed down with a small amount of warm water.

    The capsule should be swallowed immediately so that the gelatinous shell does not swell, which will make it sticky and will make it difficult to swallow.

    Prophylaxis or treatment lasts 1-2 months, after which it is necessary to give a general blood test.

    The product is useful to periodically take to prevent catarrhal and other diseases, to obtain the necessary amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, to improve the overall health of the body.

    How to drink fish oil to lose weight

    Fish oil for weight loss

    Animal tests have shown that taking omega-3 fatty acids causes an acceleration in weight loss, promotes weight loss.

    A similar study involving volunteers who regularly engage in exercise and adhere to a certain diet has produced conflicting results.

    The subjects were divided into two groups. In one group, each participant daily took 5 capsules of Omega-3, in the other group the subjects received a “pacifier”. The condition of the test was a mandatory aerobic load, on average, half an hour a day, as well as exercises for flexibility.

    This is a moderate-intensity physical load that allows you to burn fat and does not build up additional muscle mass, which is important when losing weight.

    During exercise, the heart rate should be 60% .. 90% of the maximum age. The age limit is determined if we subtract from 220 age. For example, for a 20-year-old athlete, the limiting values ​​of the pulse during anaerobic training are 200 beats per minute, during the lesson they should be within 120-180 beats per minute.

    In practice, such a load means that during the training you can talk, without having to catch air. If breathing remains practically the same, the intensity of the load is insufficient.

    The results of weight loss in both groups were similar, the weight decreased by the same number of kilograms.

    Nevertheless, the health benefits of using fish oil allow you to recommend it to use in weight loss programs, because the product improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, normalizes metabolic processes, causing weight to decrease steadily.

    If you consume the product in significant doses and do not exercise, the liver will get an extra load, it’s difficult to say anything definite about weight loss.


    Fish oil for weight loss

    Cod liver oil should be used with caution:

    • if there are abnormalities in the thyroid gland, it is better to consult the endocrinologist first;
    • in the presence of stones in the gallbladder, in the kidneys and urinary tract;
    • during pregnancy and during the period of feeding;
    • in case of liver disease;
    • in chronic renal failure;
    • with thyrotoxicosis;
    • in the case of hypervitaminosis D;
    • in the case of the elderly;
    • with organic heart lesions;
    • in case of peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum.

    The product may cause an allergic reaction.

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