Frequent and strong heartbeat, what should I do?

Frequent and strong heartbeat, what should I do?


  • What causes frequent and severe heart beat
  • What diseases cause frequent and violent heartbeat
  • How to avoid frequent heartbeat
  • Preventing a strong heartbeat

When heart “part”, the cause can be both physiological causes, and this or that pathology. As you know, the pulse “jumps” during intense physical work or physical exercises. The heart begins to work more intensely when emotions overflow. And as a result of the action of certain substances, drugs: coffee, strong tea, tsitramon. As a rule, after the elimination of physiological causes, the work of the heart is normalized.

Frequent and strong heartbeat happens

In some cases, frequent heartbeats are due to infection. In this case, the heart stops working properly and begins to pump blood more intensively, because the blood is a lot of toxins, the temperature rises. In some cases, diseases that are of an infectious nature – for example, diphtheria, measles – give complications to the heart.

The rhythm of the heart can be disturbed as a result of a violation of the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. With these disorders, patients often react painfully to weather changes, sweat, irritate over trifles, complain of a headache.

It is better to show the cardiologist.

Frequent palpitations can occur if:

  • acute heart failure;
  • infectious disease
  • myocardium;
  • tachycardia.

For the diagnosis, the pulse will be checked, the rhythm, strength and pace of the heart will be measured. If necessary, a daily electrocardiogram is made, ultrasound and X-ray studies, echocardiography are performed. Only by results of the conducted researches it is possible to draw conclusions about the disease and prescribe treatment.

In a number of cases, it is worthwhile to see a doctor-psychotherapist. Because frequent heartbeats can be caused by psychogenic causes. The common fear of the average person becoming “insane” often repels from this visit. Although the truth is that mental distress and insanity – things are different. And with timely treatment, mental disorders that can cause tachycardia are completely cured.

Thus, when one has to be nervous, as a result of which the pulse jumps or the heart starts to work incorrectly, the matter may not be at all in the pathology of the cardiovascular system. Typically, in this case, the cardiologist prescribes treatment to just eliminate the symptoms of tachycardia. But its true cause can be quite different and result from various anxious states. Often they are provoked by stress, regular overload of the nervous system, toxic lesions.

Avoiding frequent heartbeats

Frequent and strong heartbeat, what should I do?

The heart rate is usually from 60 to 80 beats per minute. If the heart is reduced more intensively, a tachycardia is diagnosed.

In order for the heart to work more stable and not “partial”, it is recommended to limit or completely stop the use of beverages containing caffeine (black and green tea, coffee). If possible, quit smoking. Sufferers from overweight should stop taking medications that cause heart palpitations.

To eliminate frequent heartbeats, it is recommended to hold your breath on inhalation.

With a medical method, a special device is used to normalize the rhythm of heartbeats, which sends special impulses to the heart. Many people live with such a device and feel great.

Prophylaxis of strong frequent heartbeat

Frequent and strong heartbeat, what should I do?

For the prevention and treatment of frequent heart beat, to strengthen blood vessels and improve heart function, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes and various preventive measures. Drug treatment is prescribed only after an accurate diagnosis.

For the prevention and treatment of tachycardia you can drink herbal infusions.

For example, you can brew a tablespoon of marigold with a glass of boiling water. After the herb is infused for two hours, the infusion should be filtered and taken half a cup half an hour before meals.

In order to cope with frequent heartbeats, you can prepare a composition of valerian, peppermint and triple-leaf watch. It is necessary for one part of the roots of valerian and peppermint to mix with two parts of a three-leaf watch. Then, a tablespoon of the resulting mixture brew with a glass of boiling water, insist for an hour. Then strain the infusion and take half the glass two times a day for half an hour before meals.

For the prevention of tachycardia helps infusion of yarrow, lemon balm and valerian. Take three parts of the yarrow, two parts of lemon balm and two parts of the root of valerian. Herbs are mixed, then one tablespoon of the mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water. After the grass is infused, it is necessary to strain the broth. Take half a cup once a day.

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