Funny games, contests for the New Year’s corporate party about the 2017 Firecracker

New Year is a Christmas tree, Bengal lights, a festive table, fun and joy. To create a bright, lively and warm atmosphere of celebration, and not to turn a corporate holiday into an ordinary booze, you need to prepare in advance and come up with New Year’s contests for the corporate.

Before deciding on the games for the New Year’s corporate, consider the characteristics and composition of the team: the number of women, men and their age.
Funny games, contests for the New Year's corporate party about the 2017 Firecracker

The content of the article:

  • Games, contests at the table
  • Games, contests in the hall

Games and contests at the table on New Year’s corporate

In the early evening , after congratulating the management, you need to entertain guests simple feast competition . For example, the presenter asks simple questions, and who gets more answers – gets a prize.

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Funny games, contests for the New Year's corporate party about the 2017 Firecracker

Table competition for New Year’s corporate

Example questions for a drinking competition:

  • The phenomenon of nature, which without sprinkling of sand can cause the New Year’s case of people (Ice ).
  • Casting from ice (Skating rink).
  • The time of life of the Snow Maiden (Winter).
  • Winter sculpture made of natural material (Snowman).

Game at the table “Guess the phrase”

The host reads the phrase in which each word is an antonym of the encrypted phrase. For example, “in the forest the Christmas tree lay”, the correct phrase: “in the field there was a birch tree”; “He does not want to die on Piccadilly” – “she would like to live in Manhattan”.

Contests for the hall that can be held at the New Year’s corporation 2017

Competitions and games in the hall are best spent after the solemn part at the table is completed , and the transition to a merry celebration has come.

“Gift Bag”

  • The moderator announces: “Father Christmas is coming to us now. He brought us gifts. And to his gifts, each of you will add something of your own. ”
  • Santa Claus goes in, where he first congratulates all those present on the coming 2014 and says: “When I was going to see you on a holiday, I took a bag of gifts with me, and in it: a fir cone, a candy ..”.
  • Subsequent participants should add one more subject to the words of Father Frost. For example, “Gathering to us for a holiday, Father Frost took a bag of gifts with him. And in it: spruce cone, candy, mandarin, “etc. The game continues until one of the contestants can not list all the items.

“Flying Snowflake”

You can use a feather or a small piece of cotton wool as a flying snowflake. It is necessary that the “flying snowflake” can fly from the slightest blows. The essence of the contest is to keep a snowflake in the air with the help of a blow, and touching hands is prohibited. At whom the snowflake will fall, that leaves. The remaining last two contestants receive prizes.


The host gathers from the contestants one of their personal things, and they, in turn, write on the leaves are not very difficult tasks. Then, confiscated things are put in one bag, and in the other – leaves with tasks. Everything is mixed. Then each of the contestants comes up and pulls out of the pouches one thing and a task. Whose thing is pulled, he performs the task.

“Who is faster”

Two teams of 2-3 people take part. Teams are given a glass, larger than the average, filled with juice or mineral water. And also each contestant receives two straws, which must first be combined into one long tube. The task of each team: as soon as possible to empty the glass with the help of a long straw. The fastest team wins.


  • Guests are divided into teams. By the way, this can also be done unusually. For example, to offer to unite in creative collectives of namesake. Victors, Marines, Boris and Tatiana let them create an ideological unity.
  • Then they bring in the hall black boxes, in which lie champagne or ice cream, or something else. The task of each team is to advertise within 2-3 minutes what is in the black box. The best creative team is a prize.
  • You can pre-intrigue the audience by announcing that now that people of all ages will be advertised, it is of different colors and contains fats, proteins, but most importantly, it brings joy!

The coming year 2017 is the year of the Fire Cock, so you can make fun games and contests on New Year’s Eve with an emphasis on the symbol of the year:

“Song of Birds”

  • Prepare several well-known songs about birds of course, mainly – about chickens, rooster and chicken).
  • The song turns on. In the middle of the verse the song is turned off, and participants are asked to finish the verse to the end. Successfully coped with the task, receives a valuable prize – a souvenir in the form of a trinket or a magnet on the refrigerator with a picture of a cockerel.

“Catch a cockerel”

Choose one leading (blindfolded to him), the rest – cockerels, chickens and chickens. The chairs are arranged in the hall.

At the command of the males and hens begin to tease the host, who tries to catch them. Chickens and cockerels jump on chairs – so, on a chair they become out of the game, it’s defense.

Caught cockerel changes with lead roles.

The luckiest leader gets the right prize (notepad, flashlight, packing of batteries, etc.).
Funny games, contests for the New Year's corporate party about the 2017 Firecracker
If you responsibly approach the holiday scenario, carefully consider New Year’s contests and games in the Rooster Year , then the New Year’s meeting in the team of employees will be held creatively and fun atmosphere .

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